Good Essay About A Leadership Plan For At Dunn’s Ski Emporium And The Deli Business

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Leadership in business context refers to the process directing employees to carry out a number of connected business activities of an organization by influencing them to achieve the organization’s goals. This report is an outline of a leadership plan for Dunn’s Ski Emporium and the Deli as a startup business. A leadership plan is a step by step strategy that outlines the role of leadership in the operations of an organization. According to Aparna Joshi (2009), leadership plans help outline the vision and mission of an organization as well as the ways in which the leadership or management if an organization can aid in achieving those.
The paper will address Dunn's role as a relationship builder of his business organization. It also aims at creating an effective, visionary plan for his need to address the potential threats to workforce harmony in the business workplace. Proper leadership is a vital factor for any business organization to thrive and fend off competition from other similar businesses. The findings of the report are that Dunn's business is ailing from poor leadership that lacks vision, proper personnel-leadership relationship and lack of someone to act as a change agent and architect.

Background and History of the Problem

This paper represents a continuation of the saga of Joseph Dunn's leadership at Dunn's Ski Emporium and the Deli. The business seems to be embroiled in a leadership crisis due to lack of proper visionary plans. The business also needs a change agent who may act as architecture of change to help drive the business to the next level. Dunn needs to build his leadership relationship with his employees. Through effective and well-built leadership, Dunn will be able to empower his managers and workforce to implement his vision for the company.


The Role of Dunn as a Leader
In the contemporary competitive business world, effective leadership is an indispensable tool for any organization to realize its organizational objectives, goals and vision statements. The most important roles that a business leader plays in any organization are motivation, empowerment, team player and promotion of communication with and among the workforce. According to Charan, Drotter and Noel (2011), an effective business organization’s leader needs to inspire and motivate, plan, have a clear business vision and develop proper employee relations.

Business Leader’s Motivational Role

A good and successful leader and manger should be able to inspire the confidence and the urge to produce results among those whom they lead. First and foremost, a business leader needs to develop a personal commitment and zeal in their day to day business management role to act as a good example the personnel to emulate. This motivation may also be in the form of incentives, benefits, compensation and rewards to employees to encourage or increase their level of productivity and enhance their job satisfaction. The long-term results of these activities are not only increased sales, but also attract more professional staff into the business to help it realize its business goals and missions.

Dunn’s Empowerment Role as Leader

It is a fact that empowered employees make great workforce while a subdued and less empowered human resource creates a less vibrant and effective employees. Empowerment connotes giving the workforce the ability to express and put their potential towards the achievement of the business goals. A business that carries out training and education for its personnel through inductions and workshops enables their employees to expand their experience and competence in the proper execution of their roles in the business organization. Moreover, empowerment also entails giving the employees the incentive, autonomy, freedom and discretion to make their own decisions regarding the business in their respective line of operations. Furthermore, employees’ capacity to take actions or make decisions regarding the business on their own without unnecessary interference from the management should be promoted as a way of empowering the workforce. According to an excellent leader, is the one who inspires the potential in employees to enhance their efficiency besides meeting their needs and concerns in an effort to achieve the common business goals and targets of the organization.

Promotion of Communication

The importance of effective communication to the realization of a business’s goals cannot be underestimated. Without communication, it would be difficult and impossible for business leaders and managers to control and direct the course of events in the business. It is through proper communication channels that a leader can relay important information about the organization’s visions, missions, and objectives more effectively to its human resource. A business leader such as Dunn is required to maintain proper communication within the business to relay to the workforce the business strategies that the organization wishes to pursue (Podsiadlowski, Gröschke, Kogler, Springer and Zee, 2013). Through this, the employees will be in a position to understand and interpret what is required of them.

Addressing Cultural Diversity within the Organization

Managing diversity in an organization involves the implementation of practices and systems within the business firm that seek to minimize the implications of diversity due to cultural differences while at the same time maximizing the potential benefits of cultural diversity.
According to Schauber (2001), an effective organizational leadership is one that integrates diverse views, belief systems, and values. He further notes that a business organization’s leadership should make efforts to accommodate and incorporate people with varying social, cultural and economic backgrounds and with different skills or abilities. The organization should, therefore, strive to be culturally and socially inclusive rather than exclusive. This should be reflected in the business's mission, values, vision, norms, and policies.
Hence, in an effort to find a solution to the challenge of cultural diversity within the organization that may cause friction among employees and thus lead to business failure, Dunn should do several things. First, the business management should carry out a rigorous examination of its current procedures and practices to avoid a situation whereby these policies apply indiscriminately and indifferently to different groups of people within the organization. Furthermore, the business should ensure equality and fairness in terms of accessibility to promotions. Moreover, the organization needs to recognize and acknowledge the cultural differences that exist among the employees and noting the implications it has on the business. Additionally, the business should revise its recruitment strategies to ensure that cultural diversity is taken into consideration in the process.

Areas in the Original Plan that need Change

Innovation and Creativity
These form important aspects of leadership of an organization, particularly in the contemporary competitive business environment where businesses are competing for resources and markets. This is one of the aspects of leadership that seemingly lacks in Dunn’s business. Innovativeness will enable him to devise ways of effectively communicating with his workforce.

Strategic Planning

Planning forms an important aspect in the success of any business organization as it gives it a direction for growth and development. Business leadership that focusses more on business planning is likely to experience fewer leadership challenges since employees will be able to interpret what is expected of them easily and act accordingly towards the achievement of its goals.

Application of New Technology

The adoption of improved technology in designing its products and structure of the business organization is important in ensuring that it stays ahead of competitors in terms of quality of its services. Application of advanced technology also changes the overall structural image of the organization that enables employees to comfortably execute their roles. This creates confidence of the workforce on the top business leadership.

Identify Leadership Gaps and Loopholes

The problem of leadership in Dunn’s business may be attributed to lack of proper leadership channels that recognize and acknowledge the important role that the workforce plays in the success of the organization. Employers or human resource form the most essential tool that businesses possess to achieve its success. It is, therefore, important that the gaps that exist in the personnel management of the business organization are identified and sealed to enhance the relationship between the mangers and the workforce.

Evaluation of employee potentiality and performance

This procedure will enable the business to attract and retain employees besides maintaining a proper rapport and relationship with them. This evaluation is useful as it enables the organization to identify personnel who need to be promoted and rewarded accordingly. Under this head, Dunn's business may also carry out staff development programs aimed at making the decision-making process more employee-centered.
Dunn as leader of the business may use John’s knowledge of Deli business to his advantage by ensuring that he puts in place business strategies that will enable him transform the organization to the next level. He can also apply this knowledge as a source of information on how best to handle leadership challenges in the business. Moreover, as Podsiadlowski et al. (2013) observe, every leader should be an agent of change in times of transformation as is the case with Dunn’s case as the business is currently undergoing leadership transformation and change. Furthermore, there is a need for the business leader to focus on long-term goals rather than short-term goals.

Conclusions and Recommendations

As has been shown in the report, a leadership plan is of utmost significance for a business in its transformative stages as it enables the business to focus on its missions and vision. It acts as a framework that directs the leadership change process of the organization. Moreover, through the leadership plan, the business managers are in a better position to identify those areas that need to be rectified with regard to relations with the business workforce. It is, therefore, recommended that Dunn’s business should adopt the proper business leadership plan to help drive the change process that will ensure that the leadership is more employees oriented.


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