Good Essay About Concept Paper: Why I Want To Be A Starfleet Officer

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The Television Series “Star Trek” has embedded itself in the very fabric of myself in the recent years, and therefore, I have decided to write a piece in order to explain the reasons behind the choice of being a Starfleet Officer. The first psychological motive is too obvious because I want to be an explorer. Then, I am a culturally excited person, and I will have the opportunity to visit different locations with various cultural and social realities. Thirdly, I want to live a life in a humanitarian perspective, and I need to help others, and the usage of transporter would have a certain charm as well.
The organizational culture of the Starfleet would offer me to have relaxed and liberal inter-gender relations, and I have witnessed that females do not react badly towards romantic proposals, and I know that women have engaged in romantic affairs with members of alien races throughout the series, and therefore, I have a broader sexual landscape at my disposal.
With the passage of time, I am experiencing boredom from dual standards of ethics, and people are consistently hindering my personal development to say the least, and I have found intellectual refuge in the realm of Star Trek, and the world created by Gene Rodenberry is the one I want and need to live my life in peace (Marsalek, 45).
Actually, I am attracted to a fictional phenomenon because it offers me a different perspective towards life. The economics of the future is different than the past because the organizational resources are working towards the betterment of themselves and the rest of humanity as well. The conceptual framework of self-interest and economic rationality are no longer applicable in the world of 24th century. The sophisticated machinery of the modern world shown in the movie would not have been possible, if the officers do not have the energy and willingness to engage in the projects those can better the lives of the humans. In this way, one can argue that people put stoppages in the journey of development because they have personal and private agendas to fulfill, but they do not have the required character to work for the realization of the greater good in their lives.
However, the mindset of the Starfleet as an organization when engages in terms of seeking new life and civilizations then, I sense the unanimity of the purpose, and therefore, I desperately need to be the part of such extremely esteemed body. Everyone has the right to apply to Starfleet regardless of their gender, racial and social identity, and the most beautiful aspect of the Star Trek packs itself within the representation of Earth as a unified entity that considers each of the citizen equal to others, and therefore, a production is a conjoined depiction of a world that operates in order to bring the factor of harmonizing to the chaotic order.
The character of Zafram Cochrane inaugurated the era of peace after converting the wasteful atomic warhead into a spacecraft that was launched after the closing of World War III, and the humanity was vulnerable, and the technical scientist had the residual energy to provide a vision of exploration that would take countless lives in order to be fulfilled. We can create visionary structure of the paradise on Earth that we mistakenly seek in the heavens, and we do not entertain the fact that the globe under humanity’s administrative control is having an inherent ability to be a heaven if we manage it according to the guidance of humanistic values instead of corporate ones.
The resources of Earth belong to all humans without any discrimination, and the businesses have purchased the factors of production, and the industrialists are selling them dear in order to create wealth, but the philosophy of Star Trek takes the mindset of humanity to the next level, and the concerned officers are practitioners of love, but they do not perform the task specifically, they act with affection towards everyone generically. The notion of enmity has caused considerable amount of bloodshed in the history of humanity, and therefore, the Starfleet’s officers receive training regarding the need to consider everyone as a friend until proven otherwise.
The element of forgiveness is yet another highlight of the series that keeps the crew together in thick and thin of their journey through space. The literature of leadership dictates that the organizational managers have to empower the employees in order to offer enjoyability to them while they engage professionally. The Starfleet’s major command and control operates through the layer of captains, and they have the commitment towards making travel enjoyable and meaningful as well.
The driving force behind the behaviors of people living in the 24th century is the need to gain more knowledge and information, and they are enjoying meeting new people without facing great personal costs as we who dwell in the 21st century have to, and the conceptual reality presented by Gene crafted a world where people are selfless, loving and considerate. They do not judge others, and focus on the positives of others and those of themselves as well.
I will gladly report that the humans do have the potential to grow out of economic concerns, and they will actually do something great in their lives. The Star Trek compels its viewers to evaluate their humanity at a behavioral level, and looking like crown of creation is just not enough, and therefore, one has to prove him or herself as humans on the scale of humanity that compresses practice of love both physically and psychologically as well.
The featured artwork does promote humanism, and the pretext of sex is the most attractive part of the project because the characters engage in intensive socializing experience rather than jumping on each other in order to hit the spot. Lovemaking is an outcome of mental understanding and valuing that two or more person collectively feel towards each other, but the film has depicted the changing nature of the word love.
The movie has challenged the sex roles in the community as well, and the personal competency is the only means through that one can get a promotion, and the organizational culture of the 21st century is moving towards a direction where there will be no glass ceiling, and the abovementioned movie created the ultimate outcome of the efforts those we are putting in order to make this world a better place, and the global citizenship is the next social stop of the world, but the movie has demonstrated the world order where Earth has learned to apply the obscure notion of unified governance.

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