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The Shawshank Redemption is a brilliant drama film directed by Frank Darabont. It is a perfect film adaptation of the book by Stephen King (IMDb, n.d.). The film is very good, it deserves admiration. Let me explain the reasons why I consider this film a masterpiece.
The first reason is a marvelous actors’ work. Morgan Freeman (Red) is simply outstanding and incomparable; not every actor could play a prisoner who has nothing to lose in such a convincing way. His emotionless face shows that in this prison there is nothing surprising, nothing to admire, and even sometimes, nothing to live for. Even Andy’s escape did not surprise him. Tim Robbins (Andy) played equally great. His role was not easy, but he coped with it perfectly well. After all, in his position, for example when he was carrying out the land, it was necessary to be quiet so as not to stand out in order not to be detected. He also did great in demonstrating passion for his work and for his hobby. The other characters are secondary and they are perceived on the background of Freeman’s and Robbin’s play, but still they demonstrate a good actors’ work which is worth appraisal. Let us take James Whitmore (Brooks Hatlen) as an example. He played perfectly his role of an old man who does not want to get out of the prison, because there is no one who is waiting for him, no one who needs him outside the prison. He showed the suffering of his hero very truthfully and provoked many thoughts and emotions in the viewers.
Another reason is the high level of the operators’ work and direction. The script is simply genial − Tim played a role of a man who was smart enough to develop such a campaign, or even a fraud. But to play such a role, it was necessary to write it first; and here it is necessary to give appraisal to Stephen King (who wrote the book), and to the screenwriter of the film. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Regarding the operators’ work, it is necessary to note that Shawshank was shot from such positions that the views are breathtaking. And from absolutely every perspective it looks eerily and majestic; I suppose it was the main challenge and the operators coped with it perfectly. And this entire terrifying splendor on the background of the grey sky is combined with magnificent, breathtaking music. I must admit that I usually pay attention to the music component in the last turn, but in this film it is so beautiful that it would be a huge mistake not to notice it. In the film, there are many quotes which stick to the memory and can be later used in life because they are well-known to broad public. “Get busy living or get busy dying” (Bio Staff, 2014) is one of the quotes from the film that makes me think over it even now.
The third reason lies in the story of the film itself and in the message it conveys. “The Shawshank Redemption” is not just a movie about a man who got in prison and defeated all of his enemies, it is actually a real-life film in which the main character can either win or lose. This film makes us reflect about our life, about our actions, about what we personally would do if we got into prison: would we give up on the first day, or would we continue to fight; whether we would be able to keep the faith and hope, as well as the thirst for life and love for freedom after spending decades in prison. After watching the film one involuntarily asks himself a question: how many of such prisoners are in jail for something they did not commit, but because they simply appeared to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But nevertheless the film teaches us that there is always hope; it is necessary not to give up in any circumstances because there is always a way out, even out of Shawshank.
Thus, the film “The Shawshank Redemption” proves that there is no limit to the genius. It is one of the best films about the price of freedom and human life that we sometimes do not cherish and scatter it so thoughtlessly.


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