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The group agreed with my opinion that occasionally, students prefer vocational work to education as most families’ values hindering their concentration to education. Social and economic differences play a big role in promoting and enhancing education. In addition, the group concurred that cultural and language differences cause’ the establishment of co-ethnic networks that promotes social mobility. Even though ethnic networks are blamed for poor education systems, the group approved my thought that, those students who value ethnic affiliation and education are experiencing social mobility as well as success in academics. In addition, the group granted my opinion that there exist a complex and integral relationship between class and race in the United States communities such as wealthier Koreans and Poor Asians. In addition, the group agrees that low socioeconomic status result into alignment and polarization of people in rich and poor, success and failure, and black and white. However, the group differed with my opinion that student relationship with their teachers plays a huge role in the upbringing and attainment of better education. The group concurred with my take that, the performance of students in schools is affected by many factors ranging from peer influence, socioeconomic backgrounds, and parental bringing. Culture and language should be validated to ensure the education system is integrated to accommodate all races, ethnicity, class, religions and languages. Both black, white and Latino American should be integrated to comprehend excellent academic performance and assimilation of culture. An investigation into the relationship between culture and language greatly outlines the authentication of the two. It was done on twenty students of college ten male and ten females were interviewed. The students were both from different ethnical background, races and who had different languages. It is recognized that the difference between the culture and languages teachers and students is identified as the main obstacles to education systems and excellence of the student in the United States. Most of the cultures are chauvinistic about their perspective of education by that hindering communication between the teachers and the students. For example, Mexican culture is considered unnecessary for school that is all Mexican. In Seguin for example changing the culture of the school is a process that requires perseverance and patience. There must be trust and mutual respect for the occurrence of the change. In addition, people’s culture finds a reflection in their languages since they value other things hence authenticating the relationship between culture and language. Culture is more synonymous with civilization for this reason it’s opposed to the historical simulation to barbarism. Anthropologists use culture in the social sciences to educate and learn about the past and to bring the historical association of language and culture. People tend to learn about culture and view the world by how they speak and what their language tells about them. For this reason, there exist a correlation between culture and languages. At UC San Diego, there exist several student organizations registered with them. The organizations are broadly categorized from academics, educational, health professional, cultural, martial arts, social, cooperatives, spiritual, service, political and many others. Taking, for example, the Black Student Union that is composed of black student from Africa, America, and around the world. The mission of this union is to ensure that black and African American community are uplifted, inspired and enlightened in the institution through social, academic and cultural programming. The main aim of the Union is to ensure that there exist successful black leaders. The organization is important to the students as it enable black students in the following ways. First it provides advice to the student in the planning and arrangement of professional events, setting goals, problem-solving, strategic planning and chances that present for individual growth and development. In addition, it provides and enables student access a wide range of facilities for meetings and other educational events. In addition, it provides funding for university events and all relevant activities, and it also encourages fundraising for the organization and other students. Lastly, these organizations help in the provision of tools and materials for publicity of activities and events that are of help and importance to students. However, many students join these organizations for the following reasons. Through these grouping, they can meet other students who share similar interest and thus help create and build their career and hobbies thus promoting their network. Second, they can improve their social and leadership skills as they meet people with different cultures and from different countries. They learn and incorporate different languages and culture across the world. In addition, students can get professional experience through joining these groups as it makes them feel their careers. Students can obtain management and organization skills as well since they understand the organizational tasks that they perform. In addition, it enables the student create friendship and promote fun. Students get the opportunity to meet other people and build a lasting friendship. Through organization activities, students can have fun. For this reason, students from different religion, ethnicity, race, gender and language come together in this organization promoting assimilation and socioeconomic understanding. Students can share and differ in their culture and religion but still live amongst themselves.

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