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Macro Polo is an author well known for bringing out fictional characters that are real to some extent, despite the fact that his articles are full of exaggeration and hyperbole. Mike Edward, who is considered to follow the footsteps of Polo, has greatly changed what Polo had set in the fictional world as well as reveals the “intents” of Polo. Polo explained his adventure all over the world and wrote his articles based on his travel, experience and what he saw. Many Europeans describe his works as “mere dreams that are fabulous”. Arguably, during his time, Polo was never taken seriously as compared to later centuries, where people could and can easily relate and develop stories relating to Polo’s art. Edward is an example of authors who bring out the Adventures of Polo, explain in detail and relate it to facts.
In the early 10th to 12th century, it can be argued that art had its form of expression as well as its way. Polo used animals, expressed love and likeness of something through material wealth full of metaphor. This aspect is what brought contradictions, however, when related to today’s features; Polo can be said to have truly explored the world and placed t=it in his context. Thus, this paper seek to analyze Polo’s adventure. What he actually explained in his works in comparison to today’s real-life experiences, as well as proof that his stories are not “just a mere tale”.
According to Edward, Cipangu was one of the aspects that Polo introduced to Europeans in his book, “The Description of the World” (Polo 1908). It was in 1293, which he explained his experience in Venice after having an experience with an Asian Odyssey. Also, he explained the abundance of gold in the region as well as red pearls, in an effort to explain the Cipangu report. Some argued the handwriting Polo used was not Columbus. However, it redirected to Cipangu that was sought in the Caribbean Island during the 1492 voyage. Arguably, Polo wrote stories of states rich in cultures, some true while others remain controversial to date. Example is Polo’s work about China, which he failed to mention the food, chopsticks, tea and the food culture that is associated with China.
Edward argues that the fellow Italians of Polo did not have “much faith” in his works and considered his books as merely fairy tale. To an extent, Polo’s works were considered as “Il Milione” to simply mean fairytale (Mike 88). On the contrary, Edward argues that Polo was the reason for installing some cultures in Italy such as the ice cream and pasta. However, Italians would support this aspect whereas other people would argue that it is the western culture influence.
For the cultures Polo described in his books, one thing that remains constant is the love for nature and geographical settings of these regions. While following the trucks of Polo using his book through Central Asia and Central China, geographical features that he explains are a proof that links it to what is known in today’s Central Asia and Central China. His experience was one of a kind and from history it is clear that he never referred to any books to explain such geographical concepts. The regions were given names such as Cipangu, Zanzibar, Java and that today Sri-Lanka, which he named Ceylon. Arguably, in as much as he left important content out concerning the region. Still, he managed to get right some of the contents such as; Badhakshan region found in Afghanistan characterized with lapis lazuli and rubies.
Polo failed in explaining Chinese culture, but he never failed to explain the Hindu culture when he visited India. He explains India as one of the countries that fascinate him, whereas he referred to Catai as one of the kingdoms he loved. Catai is the today’s China, which he also added to be having the best PR (Public Relation) persons. Kubai clan was another example, which explained the activities in Beijing and another proof that his experience and exploration of the world was real. In addition, he documented the regions he visited in terms of spices and silk, described the people in accordance with their appearance and culture as well as explained trade condition of these places such as the Venice.


Notably, Polo kept a record of every place he visited, as well as wrote his adventure depending on these stories. As much as some states, cultures and regions have changed today; geographical concepts remain constant which serves as proof. Despite the fact that he could use dogs or animals to explain a concept. Still, his message is original as well as he explained and explored the world and explained it for people to have an idea of what the world is made off. Thus, in a personal point of view, I would say that Polo’s work was based on true stories. Despite that he used several features to explain his perception, what he had seen and the incidents he experienced for the World to have a better understanding of the World.

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