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Being a super power, America is one of the nations that fights wars based on a moral obligation expected from it. As a nation, America has tremendous powers that it uses to influence just within the world. In order to argue out this paper in a holistic manner it is important to consider what a just war would entail. A just war is based on two principles. Primarily a just war entails a moral stand on an issue affecting either the citizens of a given nation or the world as a whole. In addition a just war is not wagged as a manner of revenge, but is waged to counter a wrong that if unchecked world hurt the good in the world. By doing this, the wars redress the infliction suffered by victims due to unreasoned armed attacks. Judging by these principles, one can be able to argue out the point that America goes to war due to a moral obligation. National interest is considered as being the fundamental in shaping foreign policies on war (Henretta, Eric, Rebecca, and Robert, 2015).
As a nation, America’s national interest is to protect and serve its people and protect the sovereignty of democracy and humanity. Based on this, the foreign policies on war thus dictate that the country helps other sovereign countries in preserving their freedom and dignity. It is important to keep in mind that national interests have changed with time depending on the objectives and interest at the time. For instance, prior to 9/11 bombing on the United States, the Americas policies dictated that the country protects its citizens from harm without interfering with other nations. After the 9/11 attacks in America, the country’s foreign policies changed from sitting back to waging a war on terrorism. Thus, the war in Iraq is not a war against Iraq as a country, but instead a war on the terrorist groups found in Iraq.
The war was based on a moral stand due to the infliction terrorist had on the country at the time. However, in a deeper perspective, terrorism is an ill that affects not only America but also the whole world. By actively participating on the war on terror, America was able to bring down some of the most feared people who were linked to terrorism. In addition, America was able to single handedly bring down Osama bin Laden, a key figure in the world of terror. This goes to show how, America fights wars based on moral reasoning and approach (Henretta, Eric, Rebecca, and Robert, 2015).
In addition another example that can be shown to defend the fact that America fights based on a moral reasoning is, the ongoing war in Syria. Facts show that there are almost three million refugees in Syria at the moment. America joined the war in Syria to try to rescue foreign hostages who were being held by Syria’s terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL). In this case, one can state that America’s participation in the ongoing Syria war is to amend a wrong inflicted upon citizens of the country. It is important to note that America foreign policies are aimed at protecting the citizens of the country. It is a fundamental right for all citizens to feel safe and protected. This is within the constitution of America. Based on this one can state that the war on Syria is based on moral outlook and not a war based on personal economic self-interest (Henretta, Eric, Rebecca, and Robert, 2015).
One of the most crucial points that one should note is; war is only considered just if it the chances of success are high while engaging in the war. This means that a war has to be able to morally, and ethically justify the deaths and suffering suffered by the solders and other victims. For instance, during the First World War, Japan attack on America’s Pearl Harbor, resulted to an Americas attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These attacks can be justified as being morally correct since America wanted to atone for the crimes that had been committed against their country while at the same time making sure that the deaths and injuries that had been attained were justified. Prior to the attack America had no intensions of bombing japan, however, japans attack had to be morally justified, hence, the bombing. Considering this, one can state that the America actions were morally and ethically justified taking into account its foreign policy at the time.
It is important to note that the attack on America prompted the entry of America to the Second World War. This goes to show that America had no intension of joining the war, although it had aided its allies with weaponry and food. In view of the three examples stated afore, one can conclude that America does not fight or engage in wars that are amid to enhance its economic advantage. One can also state that America fights wars due to the foreign policy that are based on a moral approach. The country economic advantage only helps in achieving success and plays a part in justifying the deaths and injuries attained during the war. In addition, it is important to note that war according to the country’s foreign policy is considered as being the last option after all channels of a peaceful understanding have been exhausted (Henretta, Eric, Rebecca, and Robert, 2015).

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