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Ibn e Sina in his “treatise on love” describes different forms of love and commenting on unrequited love, Ibn Sina accepts that unrequited love is delightful only in the event that it is shared between the two souls and the mates are separated by destiny. In such a form of unrequited love, appears the model of Greek love called agape. It's lovely in the light of the fact that it is not related to animalistic desires; rather it is spiritual and emotional in its composition. According to Ibn Sina, minds and bodies are interlinked so does the faculty of love and sexual desire. This develops Ibn e Sina’s notion of treatment of unrequited love, since mind and bodies are connected, hence, the love-sickness, that is a form of mental illness, can be cured through physical means. As in the story of the Persian sovereign who fell sick with sickness nobody could diagnose. Ibn-e-Sina diagnosed his ailment as love and proposed physical union in the form of marriage as a cure for the princess’s sickness.
Ibn e Sina’s conception of unrequited love, in the treatise of love, closely resembles with the Greek notion of love that is beyond sexual desire. In "Symposium" Plato called it agape. Ibn e Sina’s unrequited love is a form of agape that is a genuine love that sees past the external surface and acknowledges the beneficiary for whom they are, paying little mind to their defects, weaknesses or deficiencies. This sort of adoration is about sacrifice and in addition, giving and expecting nothing in exchange. In the movie, “In the Mood for Love” type of love between the Chow Mo-wan (man) and Su Li-Zhen (woman) is also a form of mutual unrequited love. (In the Mood for Love (2000)) There love is not derived by the animal pleasure rather it is more of higher facility affection. In the light of Ibn-e-Sina’s treatise of love, it can be said that though Chow does feel physical attraction for Su his baser instinct remain in check due to the faculty of reason. Their selfless relation can be explained as a form of agape, but it more resembles the type of love called Storge.

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