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Should parents lie to their kids about Santa Claus?

Christmas is one of the most favorite and long-awaited holidays in a year. With the emergence of a kid in the family, expectation of a holiday become brighter and more interesting. Parents look forward to the time when they are able to dress up their child and shower him with gifts. Some people consider that it is necessary to treat children as adults. That is their reasoning for telling their kid from very early age that all the stories that talk about magic and incredible, funky looking creatures are just a myth. Parents believe that if a child sincerely believes in the nonexistent hero, the disappointed is surely coming as soon as the child finds out the truth. Nowadays, lots of parents consider it a huge stress for a kid. Others simply take a neutral position and consider that the older child gets, the easier it is for him to accept facts. The best option that is supported by most psychologists is that the parents definitely should tell tales about Santa Claus to their children because it is important for kids to believe in miracles, be on the same page with their peers, it is a way to make child behave, and last but not least, it is just fun.
First of all, it is important to believe in miracles. Of course, all parents want their children be happy and satisfied more often and Christmas is a perfect season for parents to create a miracle. Since the early childhood children are told about kind Santa Claus who grants all desires and leaves gifts under a Christmas tree. By the time child starts doubting and the truth starts to come in, thoughts of not existence of this fantastic hero appear. However, parents 'stories support a childlike faith in a fairy tale. When a kid becomes an adult, it is so extremely crucial to still believe in magic. Also it is necessary to note that the fairy tale about Santa Claus is a kind story. Santa Claus brings gifts to children. Besides, a child can write Santa a letter with a request of what exactly he would like to get, and then, when it is finally Christmas morning, find so wanted gift under a Christmas tree. All of this helps a child to believe in a miracle, anticipate that something special is going to happen. By finding a gift from fantastic Papa Claus, the child starts believing in existence of magic. As the child trusts in it for several years, the probability of a fulfillment of a miracle gets deeply into sub consciousness. Later, when a child understands that Santa Claus is just simply a fairy tale, the mechanism of belief in a miracle is already completely created and, sometimes, helps with difficult life situations when, except belief in a miracle, anything else doesn't remain. Absence of this belief sometimes pushes people to terrible and irreversible acts. The belief in a miracle helps a person to endure the difficult vital moments and to go further.
One more reason why children should believe in Father Christmas is the fact that other kids believe in his existence. If, for example, another kid in class talks about the amazing gifts he got from Santa, those children who were not told about Santa Claus would feel left out and less special. It will be difficult for parents to explain why so occurs. Parents' justification that Santa is a myth will not correct a situation, but only will convince the kid that for some reason he is ignored by the magical St. Nick. However, if a child strongly believes in non-existence of Santa, he can ruin a very special moment for other children who do. It would create an extremely awkward situation if a kid who disbelieves in Christmas miracles tried to explain to his peer that his parents just made up all the amazing stories about Santa.
Thirdly, Santa’s visit with a gift can serve as an educational moment for some children. With some imagination involved, it is possible to tell a child what he has to do in order to get that one wanted present for Christmas. However, one shouldn't speculate with it and a kid should be reminded that Santa does not bring gifts to disobedient children. Knowing that Santa only brings presents to those who obey their parents can be a good opportunity for parents to teach a kid how to behave well. Also, if a kid does not want, for example, to master a skill like reading, the approach that Santa Claus would definitely want this child to be able to read can be a huge push for a kid.
Last but not least, the expectation of a holiday magic is simply fun! With the approach of winter, children start waiting for Christmas holidays. They write letters to Santa, dream of that one awaited gift, of Santa's coming down the chimney, and, finally of getting their Christmas suits ready. Christmas morning is a very special family time, when kids cannot wait to share with their parents how wonderful Santa Claus is.
So why take away this joyful feeling and fun from children too early? It is important to let this miracle last for them as long as possible. Moreover, this is what lets a child develop excellent imagination and gain creative skills. When a child grows up to make his own decisions, it is crucial to believe that something extra – ordinary can happen and turn one’s lide upside down. Believing
The obvious conclusion to be drawn, taking every issue into consideration, parents should definitely keep on telling kids about the true existence of Santa Claus, because it is crucial to believe in magic, be on the same page with other peers, who know Santa is real, and most importantly enjoy the holly jolly season!

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