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America is one of the most prosperous and developed countries of the world. Life in America is anybody’s dream. People from around the world try their luck everyday of their life to make it in the land of opportunity. People who are American citizen have the added advantage to prosper in their lives than others. Every day, so many foreigners come to America to settle down, or earn money. Many of them succeeds, many of them fails. But this country is impartial to everyone. I also was one of these people; trying my best to go to America and try my luck.
When I graduated from India, as an engineer, I was trying to get a job in the I.T. industry for quite a while. But, as a fresher, it was very difficult to make it in the industry. Since the childhood, American culture and movie industry had a very deep impression on my mind. I was almost addicted to watch every American movie, plays, serial, and shows. I learned speaking fluent English by constantly watching the American entertainment programs and films. Since then, I was fascinated by the American culture. A sense of respect and belongingness gathered inside me to go to America and live the life.
Even after my graduation, I would dream about having an American cheese burger, going to the Yankee stadium, go to Niagara Falls, live in Manhattan, watch the super ball, and many more. All these small dreams were a part of my life. So, when I was struggling with a job in India, I decided to try my luck in America. I searched for the job opportunities in American companies. As the luck would have it, I got a job in an I.T. firm in Chicago, Illinois. I was very much excited. This became my one shot at the American dream.
Without a moment’s hesitation, I packed my bags and just left. I couldn’t control my heart from pumping rigorously while I was flying over the American land. I reached to Chicago, I joined my work. I was very happy with the work culture, professionalism and friendliness of the common working class American people. They are modest and caring. They don’t have any partial feeling for an outsider. As long as I was friendly with them, they were all welcoming me with open hearts. I made some very good friends quickly. We enjoyed all the American ways of life together. It was going on very well. According to business insider, the American people’s lifestyle is filled with more leisure than other countries, (BLACKSTONE, SAMUEL. (2010, Sep 3).
According to Taw Harold’s article, the person who is hard working and patient, America becomes a fruitful place for him. Story of Taw Harold is somewhat similar with mine. We both truly respect America for what she has given to us. (Taw, Harold.. (2005, Nov. 14)
I realized that whatever I had seen so far in the movies about the American culture was just a small fraction of it. Actually, American culture and people have a lot more to offer. When I spent more time in this country, it became more evident. The sense of freedom and the depth of emotional values of American people are beyond one’s imagination.
I had some wonderful time with American people. My colleagues became my family. I enjoyed and celebrated all the American festivals. I saw the pride of American people in the national occasions like Fourth of July. The sense of patriotism that the American have for their country, and the sense of respect for the founding father of this country is beautiful.
While walking down the road in Chicago, I would feel the enhanced emotions in all my senses. I could taste everything better, I could see everything clearer, I could touch everything with more belongingness, and I could hear everything with clarity. My personality just transformed. This was my experience in America as an outside, but within no time I actually became an American in its true sense.


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