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The case presented of the complaint about the Pontiac presents a very important factor to be considered in Engineering Design. The Engineering language in design greatly differs with the common man’s language. From the customer’s complaint, there was a great disconnect between the superstitious nature of the complaint and the technical failure that was discovered after investigation. This story depicts how Engineering Design and Technical solutions can be achieved by systematic investigations and careful evaluation. As a result, an Engineer ought to have critical thinking, technical, diagnostic and analysis skills in order to come up with solutions to existing problems. Another emergent issue from the case is the importance of feedback. In the world of Engineering Design, feedback forms a core segment of Research and Development. Looking at the case presented, the solution realized will help General Motor’s Pontiac Division to address similar complaints from its clients as well as to design better functioning Pontiac models. The complaint looked far-fetched but with careful examination, the exact issue was identified.
Customers are very important stakeholders to a business enterprise. Customers’ feedback ought not to be ignored at any point if the organization is to thrive. From customers’ feedback many organizations have been able to come up with innovative designs. Usability reports always present to the organizations things that might have escaped quality checks. As a matter of fact, most competitive organizations have excellent mechanisms to receive and act on customers’ complaints. The second important reason for addressing the needs is the economic benefit that comes with happy customers. To be precise, happy clients are more likely to refer another potential customer to the company that cares. If complaints are ignored, the customers are likely to discourage others against the organization and as a result of negative campaign many businesses have collapsed.
As an engineer, I would have proceeded in a similar manner in diagnosing the problem. I would have taken a scientific approach to solving the problem. The approach involves making observations, testing certain hypotheses and carrying out further iteration till the exact problem is identified before coming up with proposed solutions and recommendations. The approach would involve investigations as to why the car won’t start as opposed to the ice-cream brand. I would carefully examine the ignition system from the start switch to the engine and combustion system against the parameters and make recommendations based on established facts. From the story, there are two key things that I have learnt. First, is the important role played by taking into account customers’ feedback and complaints however unbelievable they may seem. The next learning is the set of skills a technical or design engineer ought to have including excellent diagnostic skills, attention to detail, quick thinking and problem solving skills. The story also shows the great difference between the viewpoint of an engineer and the common users. Whereas the user was complaining about an ice-cream brand as the reason for the failure, the engineer established by scientific facts that the problem was more technical than superstition. The engineer needs to have a different perspective when it comes to problem solving. After reading or getting the complaints, he needs to exercise independence of thought based on verifiable facts that can be evaluated and confirmed. From the case presented, the problem was vapor lock and not the ice-cream and secondly the control parameter was time. Engineers need to use existing symptoms to get to the actual problem. Controlled-parameter testing is recommended in technical solution design.

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