Good Essay On Dominant Cultural Values AND Understanding Of Human Experience AND Human Nature

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Values and Ideas of Post-Modernism

Currently, the issue of postmodern times has become like a cliché as many people are fond of speaking about it. What is not clear is what this statement means. Some have argued that a postmodern time is called so because of the cultural values and ideas that are inherent. It has had a lot of influence on the popular culture and even replaced it altogether. This can be seen in the influence that it has all around. From the way people dress, behave, do business and eat and even the language that they speak. This essay reflects on the values and ideas of post-modernism

Postmodernism is ideally a very critical trend in terms of culture human behavior. It reveals several cultural constructs that we might think as the truth by opening up a variety of discussions that should be studied. These cultures touched on issues such as women, homosexuals, politics, and technology among others. Apart from these, postmodernism has been used to describe a host of music and cultures that could be seen during that time. It is also marked by the revival of several historical events that took place. By 1925, it was used to describe new forms of art and music. It was described as a new form of literature that influenced the world. In 1949, it was defined as movement that was not satisfied with modern culture in world at that time. This led to things such as post-modern architecture. It also led to the re-evaluation of all the modern systems and cultures such as love, marriage and even the popular culture (Rice, 182).
Salvi (112) explains that, this culture had an influence in areas such as architecture. In architecture, artists came up with new forms of buildings that were not the same as the modern ones. The architects of that time were more focused on the idea of perfection in their work. Postmodernism architecture was one of the most esthetic movements to occur during that time. It challenged the modern culture in totality. Apart from the architecture it also had a lot of influence on urban planning. It was a movement that was trying to bring back urban living since the modern culture had eroded it. During post-modernism, the role of planners reflected the best professionals who believed that they could do it in the best way. It became one of the best methods through which capitalism could be managed. Moreover, the literature of postmodernism was inaugurated in the United States. There are several works that were used to predict postmodernism such as in constructing postmodernism. Postmodernism also reflected in areas such as the classical music, and even graphic design. These artists were in the beginning referred to as graphic designers. Their work was created without any set of adherence or rules or order. They also did not pay any attention to traditional conventions that were in place.

What was each period reacting against in formulating their values?

Postmodernism theory was largely a reaction to the philosophical tendencies of modernism and ways of life and values that were taking place during the modern period. This was a period during the scientific revolution in 16th and 17th century. The viewpoints and theories that are associated with postmodernism can be described as a straightforward denial of the general beliefs of what was known by many people. These viewpoints were taken for granted during that period to the extent that nothing was going to take place. For instance, they believed that there is no absolute reality in ideas, in fact, they dismissed the idea saying that such a reality is just a conceptual construct happening. They also denied the explanations and ideas of scientists and historians as not true. They further argued that reason and logic are not valid hence should not be applied fully. According to them, these are valid only within established intellectual traditions that they are used in. Furthermore, they also rejected philosophical foundationalism. This means that there is no foundation in which knowledge is built (Rice, 182).

Significant historical events, discoveries, innovations, or ideas impacted the cultural understanding in each period

According to Salvi (113), some of the key events that took place during this period include the birth of capitalism. This occurred in 1973 after the world was plunged into recession. According to historians, the buildings were not that beautiful neither were the furniture more comfortable but, there were no set rules used for designing them. Secondly, during this time, the postmodern condition was published. Moreover, there was a lot of political intervention in feminism, environmentalism, and local politics. It is also believed that art was also colonized by the commerce. Artists started working specifically to earn some profits from their works; this took place in 1984. Postmodernism also marked the end of history in humankind because large-scale wars over fundamental issues were no longer there as all prior conditions had been satisfied. Besides, it is during the time that there have been inventions such as the mobile phones, iPods, and other sophisticated gadgets. Finally, the pop-up culture went into the mainstream during this time (Lyotard, 178)

Two works of literature from each period reflect the cultural values, understanding, and philosophy of each period.

In the book archeology of knowledge, discipline and punish, Michel asserted that rational judgment and social practice were often inseparable. Although he was deeply involved in several political causes, he maintained his relationship with members of the far left. He tried to reject concepts such as those of freedom among many more claiming that this did not exist at all. In line with such positive tenets, he decided to support arguments that have been brought forward by postmodernists claiming that nothing is the truth. He was known for several beliefs such as; language was a very great oppression to the human kind. This meant that language behaved in a nonsensical manner such that it threatened to undermine the distribution of power backing of the society. This was against the writings that were supporting the distribution and celebration of human cultures and values (Salvi, 113).
In the crying of lot 49, there is a blend of cultural segments. He does this by writing about different levels of the society. It expounds on the idea of a fragmented society that brought about a lot of problems of social integration in the world. It also relates to the sexual liberation as can be seen in the book. This could be witnessed when oedipal had a sexual relationship with a man that she barely knows. This was just out of a sense of enjoyment and boredom but not because of marriage. This was such a casual affair but what is clear is the fact that there is an inability to sustain the relationship in this. Since it is a way of lessening boredom it is one of the ways where the social values of the time were highly degraded since a woman’s body cannot just be used for sex. She plays the role of cultural conditioning in a patriarchal society that did not accept the culture of sexual gratification.

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