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IntroductionMost adults portray kindergarten as a relaxed opportunity to learn the formal reading and math skills needed for first reading. Due to the higher demands required by the public policy, kids begin to enroll themselves in kindergarten for arduous academic programs. Several factors determine the level of school readiness among children. Parents are concerned with the maturity age of their children to succeed in today's kindergartens. These concerns have slowed the admission for the kids in order to guarantee a higher level of readiness. The paper will address the factors that have an effect on the development of kindergarten children.Readiness to learn It is defined as the child fulfillment of a certain set of emotional, interactive and intellectual skills needed to study, work and function effectively in school. I can be achieved by eliminating the kid's anticipations and convey such expectations to schools and families. School readiness seems a burden to children to meet the hopes of the learning institutions. Kids have a diverse needs and want, and it is the responsibility of adults to provide backup essential to prepare them for higher levels of learning they will face in elementary schools.Developmental Capability
It can be measured across the physical, cognitive, social, linguistic and emotional reasonings.The cognitive skills of the kindergarten children can be measured by accessing the desire of the kids towards learning. The emotional thinking is measured by the desire to feel appreciated and potential to express their feelings with words. The degree of linguistic thinking can be accessed by using language as a tool for conveying imaginations, arguments, and predictions. The physical masculinity of the children can be measured by the frequency of eating food daily. The socializing skills can be accessed through the ability of the children to give the difference between virtues and vices. These factors of children' daily lives affect their preparation for school learning. The teachers should be able to offer opportunities to these kids to explore their potential abilities in the stated areas.Age
Many nations chose a certain age to create uniformity in school enrollment practices. If a child reaches a certain age that the minimum age limits, a child may begin academic programs in schools. However, the minimum age limit among the nations is different. Moreover, age is not a crucial determinant of how a child will achieve in the learning institution. However, the dogmas in all the nations guarantee justice to every child. The fact that some other kids begin their education in kindergarten and have not attained the minimum age limit ensures no harm in the long run.Culture
Learning opportunities assist a child to explore the cultural knowledge throughout a given period. It is crucial to have flexibility in plans for children, and there is transparency to change in relation to kids' emerging interests and interactions with the society. Furthermore, teachers should introduce concepts that increase, the kid understands of culture. Recording children about diversity is crucial to creating social relations among kids. Teachers can give more awareness of culture to children through grabbing attention to the cultural practices and the reason they are treasured.Reading Level
The reading levels use several assessment techniques to determine how effectively the child reads and equivalent her to books that are difficult for her to make improvement. Books are grouped into the intensity of difficulties and based on skills. There are three leveled reading systems that have been implemented in schools. Guided reading levels, developmental reading assessment, and Lexile measures are the three frequent leveled reading tactics. On the guided reading level, the kid will sit face-to-face with the teacher and read from a benchmark book. On the developmental reading assessment, the child will read a reference book to the teacher and then retell the tale. The Lexile measure involves taking the standardized reading examination that converts into a Lexile measure.Gender Equality
The children should be offered books on the curriculum that highlight the gender roles to reduce gender disparities among kids. Messages that reinforce gender stereotypes can discourage children from particular topics and limit their ability to reach their full potential. Activities like using modern role models can help reduce the gender stereotypes and teach the children the diverse range of potentially available opportunities. The teachers should give assignments to children in same gender group to enable each gender to have more say. Teachers have a significant role to fight gender equality by giving the children female and male toys to demoralize gender stereotypesHealth status.
Proper nutrition facilitates the improvement of a person's body both physically and emotionally. Poor awareness of proper nutrition can expose the child to obese and other effects. It is believed that proper nutrition will improve the kid's thinking capacity hence giving him or her boost to reason well. The amount of time dedicated to healthy eating practices can increase the development of a child. To conclude it is crucial for parents to consider these factors kit would make a significant impact on the children hence guaranteeing a bright future.

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