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The Coping Strategies Applied to Manage Family Stress

Families have a certain degree of cohesion within themselves that is created out of love and affection that each member of the unit has for others, and when stressful situation pressurize the family from all sides then, the emotional bondage tends to suffer with the passage of time (Bronfenbrenner, 735). However, the nursing staff can impress the families to hold their structures together. The leaders are suggested to meet the basic needs of each individual in the family during the time of stress so that his or her familial commitment remains strong (Friedman, Bowden and Elaine, 100), and the medical professionals have to educate the family that their survival lies within the ability to enhance their unity.
The objective behind the development and acceptance of Family Inventory of Life Event Scale was to assist the psychologists in terms of devising treatments in the light of recent changes in the history of the patients (Friedman, Bowden and Elaine, 12). The death of the partner represents the most painful experience one can go through because it creates sexual difficulties and loneliness that can lead to severe depression (Bossard, 298). The presence of depression can in turn cause the growth of suicidal tendencies.
The trend of individualism is significantly growing in all parts of the world, and therefore, familial systems are changing notably under the influence of abovementioned social and cultural regime (Helmbold, 633). The family social support program has to inform the members of the home that their survival is directly linked with their ability to collaborate with each other (Friedman, Bowden and Elaine, 68), and everyone has to generate some kind of economic output in order to aid the unit regarding maintenance of its effective survival in the long term perspective.
The proactive coping strategy that involves developing of competencies and new behaviors that facilitate managing of external unconstructive situation is the best one because it allows the family to plan the response to an upcoming development well in time. However, the reactive approach in this regard represents a dysfunctional manner of coping with family stressors due to its lack of ability to give the unit the power to take charge of the situation (Friedman, Bowden and Elaine, 100), and therefore, the families have to resort to damage control in most of the cases (Fisher and Montalto, 10). Finally, the family breaks down, as it no longer has the capability to support the well-being of the members.


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