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Poor time management is the lack of utilization of available life skills, techniques, and tools with the aim of accomplishing the set targets and objectives for a project. Poor time management is a problem in an organization especially when it is not controlled or handled properly. It helps in regulating routines and tasks in the groups. For every successful individual in the society, time is of the essence. Time management leads to the excellence of the company or individuals when it is well planned and utilized. It is a problem that every person or organization is facing. Poor time management would cause companies to fail in achieving their target and goals.
The fact that poor time management has been a menace for the realization of success; it has prompted the establishment of necessary measures to curb it. According to recent research, it is evident that 65% of the successful institutions or individual have set place appropriate strategic plans to solve poor time management problem. Poor time management is associated with small and poor productivity of individuals and organizations. In other time, people waste most of their time working on unproductive activities. Poor time management is considered as a factor that arising due to lack of priority and poor job planning. The suitable way to solve the problem is through a well established time schedule. The initiative of creating a working schedule within any job set up that would facilitate working efficiency of an individual or the entire workforce.


Poor time management negatively affects the duty performance of an individual because he or she would not be in a better to complete a given task within the stipulated time frame. In addition, lack of a work schedule would lead to confusion on how to conduct allocated duties. The given solution for the problem would be effective because it would eradicate or rather reduce the time wasting activities. In an organization, poor time management occurs in an event where there is laxity in the management systems. For instance, when the decision-making bodies lack to given immediate cause of action for an emerging issue. It implies that the entire management hierarchy would be in wrangle or conflict due to misunderstanding as a result of poor time management (Saeed Taslimi, Sherafat, & Ershadifar, 2014).
Time management contributes to achieving one's goals. Many people are convinced that they are good time managers. Symptoms of a poor time manager involve procrastination. Many individuals constantly misunderstand the fundamental principle of managing time. In time management, effectiveness is more important than efficiency. Efficiency is doing most of the personal tasks, but effectiveness is the process of doing tasks in the correct manner with the given timeframe. Poor time management can be caused by ignorance and failure to adhere to simple factors of life. The poor time managers would always fail to meet their dateline both on their schedule and at the workplace. People are forced to work extra time to complete their tasks. The individuals who are poor time managers would move from one crisis to another which leads to stress and demoralization (Bevins & Smet, 2013).
Recent research shows that time management is categorized as a primary challenge for most of the organization and entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is a fundamental aspect for the management to enable the organization to be in the top position in the market share. The organization break through into the market would depend on how well it manages its time as compared to its competition that is a social need. For an individual to adequately manage his or her time, it is crucial for him or her to know her or himself. It implies that having full knowledge of what you’re capable or best at would assist in tie management. For instance, some people have the capacity to performance tremendous especially in the morning whereas other is good at the afternoon. Therefore, the idea of knowing yourself would enable a person to plan adequately for his or her work. In other term, some people of are more energetic in particular situations. Proper planning is the key factor for time management. It allows a person to schedule more time for tasks that demands brainpower and energy (Boniwell, Osin, & Sircova, 2014).
Poor Time Management is a diversified terminology that requires one to understand it’s dynamic for him or her to get an appropriate solution. Both individual and organization has the mandate of setting up their priorities in order to ensure there a smooth flow of event or activities. The first initiative is to identify or recognize an individual potential or ability to perform a particular task. The second step is to pinpoint the most significant activity and what should be given the priority. It implies that an individual has to come up with a strategic plan that allows him or her to separate important or urgent task from the less urgent one. It would facilitate the utilization of available time due to fewer breakdowns in between given tasks. People would be of sound mind would perform their duties because of the smooth flow of the events and conducive working environment. Setting up of priority task enhances proper time management thus advocating for the establishment of an efficient management system.
The technology advancement plays a significant role in time management. Proper installation or incorporation of necessary tools would reduce the bulkiness of duties thus streamlining on time management. In a managerial perspective, time management goes hand in hand with the technology advancement. It thus implies that harnessing technology would facilitate smooth operation across all administrative hierarchy hence leading to the high yield for an organization and entrepreneurs. It is a secondary need for an entrepreneur to record high profits that projected therefore time management would articulate success in a business.
Poor time management arises where an individual is subjected to perform a number of tasks with a limit time frame. For one to successfully conduct the given task within the stipulated time, he or she has to set in place drastic measures that would assist to ease the pressure of the work. Delegation of duties serves as a vital tool for time management. An individual is prone to delegate his or her duties if she or he would not be in a better position to complete it on time. Delegating tasks helps in managing time in that people would join hence taking less time as compared to the time that could have been taken by a single individual (Yanping & Soman, 2014).
Poor time management demand one to seek for a long term solution. One of the way to eliminating the poor time management is by first identifying the problem and getting a suitable solution. During the process, a person has to state the activities or situations leading to poor time management. It means that a person requires coming up with shortcuts or template that would help in saving time. They include the use of the technological tool that would perform work faster. For instance, people working online may be required to strategies on how to cut down on interacting on irrelevant pages. The online platform is abundant of activities that are time-consuming or destructs a person from the initial task. It requires that perform some other duties offline to reduce chances of getting destructed online (Bevins & Smet, 2013).


In conclusion, poor time management is a result of lack of priority in job allocation. It is crucial to take into considering the urgency or a job and the demand in term of brainpower and energy. Time management calls in for incorporation of a number of factors into the management system of organization or group. Time management includes delegation of duties and harnessing the emergence of technology in day to day activities. Self-assessments help with time management in that it identifies a person capacity to work on a large task within a limited timeframe. Therefore, it offers room for strategic planning as to which work requires urgent attention. Planning goes hand in hand with the time management which in turn led to the success of an entrepreneur and organizations. The poor time individual lack to achieve their objective or to meet their dateline on their schedule and at the workplace. In turn, they get themselves working overtime or rather doing work extra time to complete their tasks. In most situations, they would move from one crisis to another which leads to stress and demoralization.


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