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This report is addressed to the Director of Route Planning and Marketing” for Purdue Airlines. This is small airlines, yet nimble, and can be compared in some respects with other airlines like JetBlue, Frontier, Spirit, etc. Purdue Airliner is not as big as JetBlue perhaps but possesses potential to become as efficient as one of the other giants. The object of this paper is to analyze the air fares and propose the report to the Director. Specifically, his report focuses on the detailed route analysis of the Airline Flight DFW-SAT.
The information in this report is related to the selected flight route, taking into account the various aircrafts being used in the route, the flight’s frequency, the total availability of seats per flight, and the average flight time, per day. The analysis part focuses on the percent of flights flown by regional partners aside from this Airline itself, the seat distribution, and discrepancies in flight scheduling, among other things.

Data Analysis

Results of the data show that the Business Class takers in this route are very low. It appears from the data that there is just one ticket sold in this sector (DFW – SAT). The result is depicted below:
Hence it is clear that the rates have to be adjusted or some promotions have to be devised to improve upon this class of the passengers.
Although the Airline flight route DFW-SAT is the dominating route, with all the flight control dependent on the company Airline, with an unchanged seat distribution for both MD-80 and MD-83 and a satisfactory scheduling performance, but there are no business takers under this sector.
Other surprising results are that First class, which is relatively costlier has more takers in this category. There are totally 5 bookings in the category. The results are shown below:
It is generally observed that First class tickets are preferred to those who are either VVIPs or celebrities. They do not mix the pleasure trip with the business and take their tickets as per theor own convenience. Business class travelers are those who may mix their work related or business trip with pleasure. However, they do not have choice and sometimes they want to buy the tickets in the very short notice.
This is also brought to the notice of the Director that Business trips are not planned, whereas the First class passengers usually plan their trips. Hence the price, facilities and hospitality may be carefully offered in the new changes, if agreed.
It appears that the hospitality provided by the Airliner is generally good, as is indicated by the higher number of First class bookings as compared to the Business Class. However, the flexibility in booking need to be improved and more offers may be extended to the business class candidates in order to attract them. Business class selectors also tend to have more destination in their itinerary in quick succession. They may also like to return back early once their object is completed. So there has to be remarkable flexibility to be offered as there is fair degree of uncertainty in this class travel.
All in all, this report finds that the prospects of Airline, particularly the DFW-SAT route, are more positive than negative thanks to its above-par performance, at least in this route. The positive aspects are many more takers for the other classes like, economy/discounted, even full and Premium. This is certainly a positive sign which shows that the Airliner is preferred amongs many sections. The below chart attempts to prove this point:

The combined scenario can been seen the below graph at a glance:

Airline is dominating the DFW-SAT route because it is the only major airline operating in this route, apart from UA.
However, it is also true that presence of UA is lesser as compared to AA, except in the Economy segment, where the presence of UA us higher.
0 percent of the airlines’ marketed flights are flown by regional partners. All flights from this route are marketed and operated by AA & UA

Recommendations to the Director

1. Airline is doing well so no more changes are required for the economy class. Any changes anticipated may not be used at the moment as this may upset the equilibrium.
2. Business class tends to bring in the most revenue as the airliner can accommodate the uncertainties, with the extra cost.
3. Highest preferences and hospitality continues to be extended for the growth of the First Class Passengers.
4. First Class Passengers contribute to the planned trips in advance so the Airliner knows well in advance about such travel. More ways should be brought in to improve the VVIP experience.
5. More flexibility needs to be granted to the Business class passengers, to increase their prospects.
6. Schemes should be launched to promote the frequent economy class travelers to upgrade to business class at a nominal price. This will save some seats from the business category to be perished as there are not many takers.
7. Experience of Business class passengers need to be improved with extra care and hospitality.
8. Improve the network connectivity further if possible.

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