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General purpose: to persuadeSpecific purpose: to persuade people stop tobacco use due to adverse effect on human healthThesis: Tobacco use has several health problems associated with it. Such include the ability to raise one’s blood pressure, increase the likelihood of one’s blood clotting and make it hard for one to exercise as well as robs one their good cholesterol.In addition, tobacco use especially cigarettes smoking increases one's risk for coronary heart diseases as well as significantly increasing their overall risk of their cardiovascular system.

How tobacco use affects the human body

The use of tobacco and its associated products is a direct risk factor for autoimmune diseases due to its impact on the immune system that the body uses in self-defense and brain damage.

Smoking has a compromising effect on the functioning of the overall body immune system.

This which puts smokers at a greater risk of getting different respiratory diseases.
Smoking leads to the development of many autoimmune diseases
The diseases include Cohn’s disease, as well as rheumatic arthritis.
Smoking is also responsible for periodic flare-ups of both signs and symptoms of other autoimmune diseases and condition.
Smoking doubles one's risk of developing rheumatic arthritis
studies have linked smoking to increased incidence of type two diabetes

Close to 30% of smoker having a 40% chance of developing the condition compared to none smokers.

In addition, use of tobacco products especially smoking damages the brain
This is due to its addictive nature that makes one feel comfortable and relaxed once smoking.
However, it has the potential to make one anxious, moody, depressed as well as nervous.
Another well know effect of the use of tobacco products is the adverse effect that smoking or use of other tobacco products has on both the heart and blood vessels of the body and respiratory system.

Medical studies have indicated that tobacco has different chemicals that harm both the blood cells

It also increases the individual’s risk for the bulging of blood vessel under a condition referred to as aneurysms,
The condition can lead to the bursting of the blood vessels and possibly death.
Smoking also affects the smooth functioning of the heart
This has been associated with increased risk for Atherosclerosis.
This is a disease under which tobacco use leads to a buildup of a waxy substance in the form of a coat over the arteries.
Let us now look at how the use of tobacco products does affect both lungs as well as the respiratory system.

Smoking causes scars to the lungs those impacts negatively on the individual's breathing.

This later leads to the development of chronic or obstructive pulmonary diseases that eventually may lead to shortness of breath, chest tightness among other symptoms.

It may also leads to chronic bronchitis or a swelling of the bronchial tube linings.

This leads to a limitation of the amount of air that flows through to or from the lungs.
In addition, smoking in particular can lead to Emphysema
This is condition under which the walls between the air sacs in the lungs lose their ability to stretch and shrink back

It occasions the destruction of the lung tissue thus making it hard for an individual to breath.

Tobacco smoking has negative effects on personal hygiene and social relationships and public health
How do you feel when a smoker enters a bus, just after smoking? I believe many feel bad
The smell of the smoke may affect some people in crowed places and lead to coughs or sneezing
Those allergic to the smell may avoid being close to the smoker , avoid a handshake or even a hug
How would you feel when your friends avoid you because of poor hygiene and smell?
The feeling is disgusting and may cause mental anguish and depression
Tobacco use also stains the mouth and teeth , with diverse health effects
It gives one a bad breath, ruins their taste buds in addition to causing a bleeding gum,
It may as well cause the cancer of the mouth and throat.
It also affects the muscles by reducing the flow of both oxygen and blood to them thereby causing them to hurt more during physical activity.

In addition, it causes one to have dry, yellow skin as well as wrinkles.

In conclusion, tobacco use is a serious health problem that has the potential to harm almost all the body organs. As a result, it a leading cause of death in the US.
Smoking is enormously harmful to human health, and there is no concept of safe smoking. This means that replacing of one's cigarette with a pipe or cigar is not a way of escaping the risks associated with smoking.
The only way to avoid the risks associated with smoking is simply to quit smoking.


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