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Published: 2020/12/10

Response to Post No.1

For a while there, I thought that the post agrees that the court system is achieving the ‘to do justice’ purpose. The example’s relevance to the question is a little bit puzzling. Later on, I realized that its opinion is actually in agreement with mine – that is that the court system is actually just achieving the purpose of ‘appeared to have done justice’ (Haley & Bohm 2014, p. 269). It is evident that even Ted Rubin, the juvenile court judge who crafted the ten purposes of the court system, did not really believed that the courts are achieving the ‘to do justice’ purpose when he stated that justice is dependent on the interest and viewpoint of a party. Justice should be universal. I would also like to add that with the emergence of the plea bargain system that is now dominating the court system, the ‘to do justice’ seems even getting farther from being achieved. As Haley and Bohm stated (2014, p. 272), prosecutors have now emerged as very powerful figures in the court system with unrevieawable discretion offering plea bargain. With plea bargaining, justice is not the main goal, but expediency is.

Response to Post No. 2

This post seems to be also in agreement that the ‘to do justice’ purpose of the courts is something that is difficult to achieve. For me, the nature of doing justice is in itself a difficult task for courts because as human beings, no one can see through a person’s soul and courts rely only on what they can see and hear. Moreover, I also agree that ‘justice’ is primarily a matter that hinges on the actors concerned, such as the prosecutor, the jury, the defense lawyer and the judge. I am also in agreement in the post’s choice of “to provide a forum where disputes between people can be resolved justify and peaceful” (Haley and Bohm 2014, p. 270) as the easiest purpose to achieve by reason of the traditional nature of the courts’ functions. Just merely existing as such is already an affirmation of that role and function.


Haley, K. & Bohm, R. (2014). Introduction to Criminal Justice (8th ed.). Boston: McGraw Hill.

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