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Published: 2020/12/10

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There are different leadership styles that can be used in resolving the current problem facing the prison, especially the inmates. Each and every individual leadership style will make use of different approaches in trying to resolve the problem at hand.
Secondly, the democratic leadership approach can be used in resolving the food problem facing the prison. The democratic style involves a leader engaging all the employees in finding a solution to a given problem (Woods, 2010). Thus, the prison warden in this case will form a team of different employees who will be mandated with finding the root cause of the prisoners being given chicken which is not cooked thoroughly. The team will investigate the problem and then brainstorm so as to get the best solution that can be used to resolve the crisis facing the prison. The team member will be expected to give alternative courses of action that can be taken in resolving the crisis facing the prison kitchen department.
After analyzing the various solutions available, the team will make recommendations on the way forward for the prison. Then, the prison warden based on the solutions given, will decide on which one to implement. For instance, after consultations with the team, the best way forward for the prison would be to increase the number of hours allocated to inmate who are involved in the cooking process, so that they can have adequate time to undertake the cooking. In this case, using the democratic leadership approach it is critical to determine what could be the root cause of the problem by engaging the prisoners as well as other prison stakeholders and use their ideas to resolve the current food crisis within the prison.
Another leadership that can be used in addressing the problem being faced by the prison is laissez-faire style. This style asserts that there is no existence of real leadership and anyone has the freedom to do as he feels appropriate (Brennen, 2002). Using this approach, the inmates and other prison stakeholders will be at liberty to do whatever that they think is right in addressing the current crisis. Therefore, there will be no leadership figure which will be engaged in providing direction on the best course of action that should be undertaken by the organization in resolving the problem. For instance, if the prisoners feel that the best solution to their problem is to go on riot, then under this leadership approach they will be allowed to do so.
The three leadership approaches give different outcomes that may have either positive or negative impact on the current crisis facing the prison. Therefore, the best way that the problem at hand can be addressed is for the prison leadership to engage the inmates and other prison stakeholders so that they can arrive at the best course of action that can be in the best interest of all the parties involved.


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