Good Example Of Can Money Buy Happiness? Critical Thinking

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Some people possess surprising ability to attract all the good things in their lives, while others do not have such a gift. Society calls the first group “the lucky ones”. People used to think that luck does not depend on a person, he or she either is lucky or not. Luck also has wide range of meanings because it equals to being happy for one man but it may symbolize money and wealth for another. People may be happy when they want it. This does not depend on any other factors except personal desire to do everything to make the world a better place because we live in it. Moreover, it is commonly known truth that money never equals to happiness. One can earn billions but lose his or her sole and never be happy making unhappy people around.
Many people would say that luck is favorable concurrence of events. Sometimes you may get lucky, sometimes you may not. The key role here plays Her Majesty Fortune. This point of view is justified by many examples of people who previously had never bought lottery tickets but when they decided to buy they got lucky strike. Here comes conclusion that luck is a relative concept and every person may consider any event in his or her life to be example of luck. Reading “The Rocking-Horse Winner” by D. H. Lawrence you start thinking of what it means to be lucky from the very first page. Mother who seems not to share any feeling of love to her children cares only about money. She creates such a depressive environment in the house that it indeed becomes to scream and shout “there must be more money!” She considers her husband to be absolutely unlucky and sincerely believes that he is the reason of her being unlucky too. Children, especially the elder boy, can not understand why their family is literally torn apart because of continuous necessity of more money though they have elaborate presents on Christmas and other expensive things. They are interested in the nature of luck and can not understand what could make their family happier – just being lucky or simple making money. Little Paul, at first does not equal luck and money. He is taught that luck is a thing that causes people to have money.
On the other hand, it is believed that people may get lucky if they work hard on achieving what they want in life. It comes to those who sets aim and goes to it without hesitation. That is why in order to attract your luck and not to prevent oneself from getting lucky, one should do whatever it takes to reach his or her chief aim. But indeed what makes people happy? Their family, their work and possibility to development. That is why the process of achieving a goal already means happiness and attracts luck. It is also worth being taken into account that people often believe that sometimes some major events or conditions may provoke a person to attract luck in his or her life. Others believe that some tokens and symbols may bring luck to them. I think this is just psychological motives because people are used to think materially, so connecting their luck with one particular thing makes it easier to explain how they have attracted it. Turning back to pages of the story, we understand that little boy becomes obsessed with an idea that his need to be lucky means his need to make money just to put an end to this continuous hell at home. And he manages to get rich. His passion to ride a toy horse becomes his way to luck and proves his uniqueness. Little boy sincerely believes that his toy has direct connection to his ability to foresee the winner. Even when he gets older, he still insists on keeping his horse in the bedroom. Knowing what horse to bid on comes from nowhere but it really works. Paul's intention to bring money at home for his mother to feel happier seems to be achieved.
However, where huge money comes always there is a room for greediness. Having received money from a distant relative who has been made up by her son and Uncle Oscar, mother not only feels unsatisfied but craving for more. She is not happy with getting small amounts every year on her birthday, she wants everything and at once. Her conduct upsets her little boy, he has no intention to reveal where this money comes from. The sounds at the house become unbearable for the child. This influences boy too much and he loses his ability to foresee that makes the boy sick. He starts riding his rocking horse in such a manner that literally proves that the poor boy has become mad. His mother who never felt especial maternal feelings to her children finally opens her heart to her little boy, it dawned on her that her children are her happiness but it is too late already. She is left “eighty-odd thousand to the good, and a poor devil of a son to the bad.” She has a lot of money but this neither has made her happy or lucky.

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