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Attention: Giant, mysterious stones don’t just appear out of thin air and perfectly arrange themselves to align with the sun during the midsummer sunrise. The science around the building of Stonehenge is incredibly amazing to know and be able to share with others who have not had the opportunity to visit the prehistoric monument and learn about it firsthand.
Preview: Salisbury, England is where the 13 to 30 ft. and up to 25 ton boulders stand and lay in accordance to the sun. When this phenomena was believed to be built, about 4,000 years ago, some think it was used to tell time and direction. How the stones got to the site without modern-day machinery to carry and lift such large objects is still theorized about today.
Credibility: Based on the archaeologists’ analysis of evidence found within the site, Stonehenge used to be an ancient burial site since archaeologists found human remains buried under the monument.


One of the mystifying markers within the site is the Heel Stone. The heel stone is located North East of the sarsen circle. During the summer solstice, one would view the sunrise by the heel stone. The alignment of the heel stone and the summer solstice is one of the mystical characteristics of the Stonehenge.
The origin the heel stone is interesting because it is mostly based on folklore and legend. Based on the Arthurian legend, the stones around the Stonehenge including the heel stone originated from Ireland. Uther Pendragon wanted to obtain the rock because it had healing properties. To transport the rocks, Merlin used skill and enchantment to break the rock. The stones from the rock were the ones sent and erected at Stonehenge.
The Stonehenge was restored various times. The site had been the subject of several studies in the past, prompting archaeologists and other scientists to excavate the field. Heavy activity within the site led to its deterioration. For this reason, several restoration projects were conducted throughout the years.
Conclusion: Aside from the aesthetic quality of the Stonehenge, another factor that makes it an interesting site is its history and origin. Although archaeologists say that it was not meant to align with the summer solstice, it is mystifying to know that the sun aligns with the heel stone. The legend behind the Stonehenge also makes it an interesting site to visit and explore.

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