Good Example Of Essay On Exxonmobil And Climate Change Denial Campaign

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Most people rely on the research conducted by the scientists when explaining a state of nature. However, there are some individuals who have come out in the open to challenge the facts presented. The scientists associate the climate changes denial with the fossil fuels. However, the different human activities result to global warming, which in turn destroys the ozone layer. The destruction of the ozone layer predisposes the living things to many challenges and diseases, for instance, the skin cancer due to the direct rays of the sun. Nonetheless, different groups have differed on the forces behind the global warming. For instance, the ExxonMobil aims at misinforming the people through their statements that people do not contribute to global warming (Jon & Eikeland 126). For this reason, the company funds other organizations in order to undermine the climatic changes. Thesis statement: an analysis of the ExxonMobil Company clearly depicts how much conflicting ideas people have concerning the effects of the human activities to the environment and the climatic changes.
Emission of gases to the environment has several effects on the living organisms. People should not buy the ExxonMobil company ideas that human activities do not cause global warming. ExxonMobil Company embarked on a climate change denial campaign, where the campaigners aimed at convincing the people that the climatic changes do not necessarily emanate from the human beings activities. However, it is essential to note that the gases emitted by the cars and the manufacturing companies interfere with the air percentages thereby leading to the imbalance of the gases. In addition, the gases cause air pollution thereby leading the respiratory diseases to the citizenry thereby affecting the living organisms’ health (John, Norgaard, & Schlosberg 147). People are aware that air pollution affects the health of the living things. Therefore, they should reduce the pollution rates to increase their life span.
The discharges of the harmful gases erode the ozone layer, which protects the living organisms from the direct rays of the sun (Zoeteman 91). Therefore, when the gases get into the atmosphere, they pose a great danger to the people because they lead to global warming, which from that point forward leads to skin cancer. For this reason, people should avoid polluting the environment by recycling the gases or directing the gases elsewhere. Alternatively, the governments and the relevant bodies should impose heavy fines on the individuals and the manufacturing companies that release the gases to the atmosphere. The fines would deter and discourage the potential environment polluters.
Treatment of cancer is expensive, and it requires massive expenses. Therefore, it causes the financial constraints to the skin cancer patients. In addition, diseases cause emotional turmoil to both the patients and the relatives. In the long run, cancer leads to death especially to the patients who cannot afford to cater for the medical expenses. Deaths reduce the population levels in a country. Therefore, people should take care to avoid the ExxonMobil from using them to embark on campaigns that misinform the people. In addition, people should observe the ethical values, which do not allow any misinformation from the malicious information (Jon & Eikeland 224). People should observe the social responsibilities because it promotes social cohesion. On the hand, healthy individuals lead to an upsurge in the production rate thereby improving the living standards. Improved living standards result in a reduction in the crime rates because people earn the purchasing power hence the ability to meet the basic needs and wants.
The global warming also causes the acidic rain, which adversely affects the environment. The formation of the rain results from the global warming that springs from the human activities. The acidic rains corrode the substances that come into contact with it. The corrosion leads to the destruction of the first layer that protects the living things from harm. Therefore, it exposes them to more harm when exposed to the bacteria. As a result, it, Therefore, everyone should take the responsibility of conserving the environment because it needs combined efforts from all the living things (Douglas 283). However, most people could argue that they can shield themselves from the rain, but some forget that the acidic rains also find its way to the water bodies. Therefore, the rains end up causing death in the aquatic lives. People also consume the waters thereby leading to the effect on the health of the consumers. On the other hand, the acidic rains cause the corrosion of the iron sheets of the people’s houses. As a result, it results to an unplanned added expense to the individuals due to the replacement of the iron sheets.
People should not live in denial concerning the climatic changes. The denial causes confusion among the citizenry due to a lot of conflicting information that leads to global warming. Nonetheless, people should bear in mind that the effects of global warming lead to negative effects on their lives. Consequently, people could look for other alternatives to the fuels that do not emit many chemicals to the environment (John, Norgaard, & Schlosberg 219). For the industries, the owners could improvise more complex machines that help in the recycling of the gases thereby minimizing the chances of the releases. Alternatively, the manufacturing industries should find a way of using machines to purify the gases before the release to the air. Purification circumvents the formation of the ozone layer.
The uses of the less purified fuels also affect the vehicles and the machines. Consequently, they interfere with the durability levels of the machines. The reduced durability requires frequent replacement and repairs, which result in the financial constraints to the owners. For this reason, the massive use of the fuels and the negative effects on the equipment is an adequate conviction that human activities distress the global warming (Douglas 106). It is practical, and the people who own the cars, and other machines are enough and physical evidence that proves beyond the reasonable doubt on the effects of the emissions from the fuels.
The human activities surpass the other factors that lead to global warming hence the climatic changes. Additionally, the massive effects cause more harm to individuals. The drawbacks on the uses of the fuels are more than the benefits derived from the consumption of the fuels. Therefore, the petroleum companies should sell to the consumers purified fuels in order to conserve the environment because it reduces the pollution levels (Zoeteman 168). Alternatively, the government could also highly price the fuels to discourage people from purchasing it. Therefore, the high prices hedge many consumers from accessing the fuel thereby looking for other energy alternatives.
In summation, people should increase awareness of the human activities that result in the climatic changes. It is because, it helps to reduce the misinformation propagated by the ExxonMobil Company. The citizenry could also unite to demand the halt of the campaigns by the organizations that mislead the people.

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