What Are Your Core Competencies In Your Performance? Research Proposal Example

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Internationalization Paper

Business environment depends on the policies that an organization implements. As such, effective policy statement is fundamental towards successful outcomes due to the management or leadership framework. The incorporation of plausible policies in the international environment pertaining to human resource management is bound to enhance the performance of an organization. Thus, this paper will evaluate internationalization as per the case questions in regards to International standards organization (ISO)

Description of the organization, including size (number of employees), age (year of founding), and sector

The international standardization organization (ISO) is a fundamental organization that focuses on ensuring and developing international standards. International standards set focus on ensuring that organizations conform to quality management, environment analysis, conformity to the country codes and so forth (Giovannini 2008). The implementation of the standards among the different organizations result into an equalized environment in regards to performance and revenue yield. Thus, the international standardization organization operates in the policy and standard sector with a main focus on monitoring the operations of organizations.

Internationalization strategy

The most advisable approach or strategy for ISO is the incorporation of the foreign direct investment. As a standard based organization, in their operational mandate, it is highly advisable that the organization implements the foreign direct investment strategy. Foreign direct investment approach denotes that the company can evaluate extensively the operational standards of the various organizations that operate in the given economic environments (Myers 2012). Focusing on an intensive investment into the economic environments catapults the performance prospects of the organizations.
If you intend to do interviews, please include a list of questions which you would ask senior management in your organization in order to establish the internationalization strategy of the firm (you can use these later for your actual paper research). If you do not or cannot include interviews, just skip this part.
When conducting an interview, social bias is an aspect to ponder in ensuring reliability and validity of the data. Hence, in the conduct of the interview, further questions will be meted out to the interviewees to assist in establishing the truth (Myers 2012). On the other hand, the quantitative analysis of the sample questions will greatly rely on the assumptions made previously. As such, the inculcation of the assumptions will ensure reliability in the quantitative analysis of the respondents. Thus, the questions that will be issued for the interview include:

What are your market venture approaches?
Is South America and Asia a viable economic environment?
Describe which countries will be included.
The three countries that will be inclusive in the internationalization approach should denote Brazil, china and Australia. Brazil and china exude emerging economies that have been on the upward trend. The upward trend in regards to performance and revenue yield has been as a result of diverse economic environment aspects that have shifted to a more manageable mandate. Internal environment of the aforesaid nations denotes a plausible environment in which an organization such as ISO can venture into (Coolican 2009). On the other hand, Australia has been on the steadfast path towards encouraging other countries to invest into the vibrant economy. As such, the leadership in the aforesaid country has implemented diverse incentives that are bound to encourage individuals and organizations to make market venture.

Describe whether the focus will be HR or ER, and what this will include.

In the internationalization approaches of the organization, the main focus for the organization is on HR. admittedly, the operational focus on HR will entail an evaluation of:

Type of economic systems:

Economic system is of concern to any organizational human resource strategy. The different economic systems, market, mixed and planned economies have varied impact on the human resource strategy. In the market economy, there is independence in operations across the business, hence in the human resource strategy; worker motivation is usually minimal due to no influence by the government. Pay is usually minimal due to low impact of the labor unions on the human resource strategy. However, in the mixed economy, the national regulations have an important impact on the human resource strategy. Thus, proper remuneration needs to be set up to conform to the regulations set. On the other hand, a planned economy, the government has total control on the organizational performance and human resource strategy. Remuneration, employment policies and so forth are regulated hence influencing the human resource strategy. Therefore as a human resource strategy, the economic system is an aspect to ponder in determining their operational objectives and goals.

Strategic planning mandate

The focus of strategic planning is on the establishment of current situation through examination of what needs to be done to accomplish the diverse goals and objectives set. Operations management plays a profound role in ensuring that an organization accomplishes the strategies set. Hence, the low level management are charged with the role of ensuring that the daily activities within the firm are executed extensively. The low tier managers lead employees and motivates them properly towards accomplishing the set goals and objectives (Coolican 2009). Through motivation of employees and leading them, the low level managers mobilize resources towards accomplishment of set goals. On the other hand, strategic plans are aimed towards the vision and objectives of the organization to ensure that employees perform towards achieving the goals in the organization. Strategic planning sustains that an organization manages to realize its holistic potential and sustain a plausible integration of operational decisions into the strategic planning process. Thus, the intertwined focus on goals and objectives evidenced between strategic planning and operations management forms the formidable basis of the prevailing link between the two functions at WH Smith.

Based on the above points, describe the objectives of the paper.

Based on the above examination of the imperative evaluation of the important aspect for evaluation in the internationalization approach, the main objectives of the paper include:

Describe the most appropriate strategies for operation in the international market

Ascertain the disparities in operational mandate in the international market
Comprehend the dynamics in the international environment

Internationalization in regards to human resource management entails the implementation of diverse strategic approaches and theories. Accordingly, from the evaluation of the paper description, there are different theoretical approaches that an organization can incorporate towards plausible performance in the international market (Shachaf 2007). Foreign direct investment, incorporation of exports and licensing are the three fundamental approaches that the organization can incorporate in the international market. Hence, through an examination of the three approaches, an organization can venture successfully in the international market. The three aforementioned theories will be pivotal towards an analysis of human resource management and internationalization.
Finally, describe what difficulties you think you might face in writing the paper and what resources are available to help you overcome them
Undertaking of a research pertaining to internationalization entails the incorporation of diverse strategies and operational policies. However, from the analysis of the above paper, it is evident that the main difficulty that I will face in writing the paper is accessibility to information or data. Understanding the international environment entails an in-depth evaluation of data pertaining to the local scenes in which an organization would prefer to invest or venture into (Shachaf 2007). Thus, from the evaluation of the above research, it is evident that plausible data mining entails the incorporation of intensive research from both the primary and secondary sources. Thus, the most plausible approach towards data or information acquisition should entail liaising with the librarians pertaining to accessibility to both hard and soft copy information. Ensuring accessibility to information is fundamental for plausible outcomes and sustenance of a more reliable analysis of the international market.


Performance prospects of an organization depend on plausible policy statement. From the above evaluation of ISO, it is fundamental that the organization implements fundamental approaches and policies. Investing into foreign direct investment is bound to catapult its internationalization approach.


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