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The term, “Gender equality” refers to equal position and opportunity for both men and women. There are many societies in different parts of the world where women are treated in dissimilar ways. Women in these societies are raising their voices against variety of discriminations and restrictions in respect of their work, freedom and treatment by men. However, gender equality is not only women’s concern and it cannot be achieved without involvement of men. Both genders should come forward to remove all the obstacles that deprive women of rights and create gender inequality. This paper proposes a discussion on role and involvement of men in bringing gender equality.
Gender equality is certainly related to equal rights and opportunities of both men and women, but it cannot be achieved in our society without effective participation of men. It is an established fact that women have the same efficiency like men, and there is no ground why women should be treated differently from men. A lot has been done by the society, governments and the United Nations in this regard, and now it is time to call all men to join their hands to promote rights of women (European Commission).
The involvement of men in promoting gender equality is essential as they occupy majority of top positions in different areas and play major role in decision making. Emma Watson in her speech presented at United Nation highlighted the requirement of involvement of men in bringing gender equality. Watson said that gender equality is not possible if men will not raise their voice against discrimination and violence taking place against women. Watson said that majority of top positions in our society are occupied by the men. Around 95 percent fortune 500 companies have male CEOs; whereas, 40 percent agricultural workforce are women (Porter). In such situation it is important that men raise their voices in favour of women in order to bring gender equality.
The role of women in our society is continuously evolving. In contemporary society women are performing all jobs professional as well as personals. Foster and Kiira (2012) say that women are responsible to do all housekeeping tasks irrespective of the fact that they are earning equally to their male counterparts and proving bread to their families. The authors say that education on gender equality and modern mindsets of people have failed in bringing equality in our society. It is important to educate and encourage men to extend their hand in bringing gender equality (Foster and Kiira).
Men can play a major role in gender equality by performing all tasks equally irrespective of type and nature of the tasks. At home men should help their women in doing household tasks such as laundry, food preparation, and cleaning; especially when woman is also working. Foster and Kiira say that equality is not about the work but about the mind set of people. The attitude of men towards housekeeping tasks is almost same across all societies, and there is need to change that attitude.
Gender based discrimination is clearly visible in corporate as very few women hold top executive positions in big companies. According to data only 3 percent fortune 500 companies have female CEO (Porter). Smith, Caputi, and Crittenden (2012) in their article analyzed the impact of gender on career success and prevalence of glass ceiling in corporate world. The authors found that women are not considered for top positions in corporate because of their gender even when they are performing better than their male counterparts. The authors say that women even after discrimination perform well and do not speak up about the discrimination (Smith, Caputi, and Crittenden).
The demand of time is to practice gender equality if people really want it. Women at all level at school, at home and at workplace face gender based discrimination. The problem can be chandelled by bringing behavioural changes in men. Policy makers at all levels and in all areas such as in schools, in government offices, and in private companies should involve men in conversation on gender equality; this will help policy makers to understand both genders better (Karu).
Men and women both should be given equal opportunities and both should be treated equally as laws do not permit any discrimination based on genders. It is also not ethical to deprived one gender and promotes other. Men are required to deploy their extra efforts in order to make society a better place for women. They should work equally at home and at office without saying that this works belongs to women and they are responsible for it.
There are certain areas where men also face gender inequality. Men are deprived of opportunities because women are preferred by employers in various sectors. The concept of gender equality intends to enhance equalities without favouring any specific gender. If men are aggrieved party and they are treated with mala fide intention, it should also be condemned in the same manner. Gender equality intends to promote equality between both genders instead of widening the rift between two genders (Allison and Barbara).
I believe that gender equality is the demand of the time and women should be treated equal to men. They should be given all the rights and opportunities that are available to men. I support that women are as competent as men are and they deserve all the privileges that are available to men in some parts of the world. Today, women have proved their supremacy in various areas. The dominance of men has shrunk in various areas and there are examples where they have reduced themselves to their houses.
After observing the gender equality and its various aspects, the paper concludes that gender equality is the demand of time. The society cannot function smoothly if we keep treating women in subjugated manner. Women deserve equal rights like men and they have proved their efficiency in different areas of life. The United Nations have played a significant role in gender equality through various programs. These programs should also reach in certain parts where condition of women is still sporadic and they are deprived of their rights and opportunities.

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