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The human activity of observing the object and people’s interactions is an intrinsic feature of no precise biological foundations. Nonetheless, we often feel that the process of observation is a common occurrence. That is relatively true, depending on the aims that a specific individual would want to achieve as a result of partaking such an activity. Noteworthy, it is followed by a related analysis to filter the precise interactions that are bound to characterize the observation process.
It is in cognition of the above that this essay presents my personal observation of interactions of persons to adduce some phenomena. Additionally, the conversations that will be undertaken between the persons will be reflected in the essay. Notably, the location of this observational task is the South Beach. To be more precise, one of the cafés along the South Beach would be my soft spot. Worth mentioning is that the essay adopts the observation, accompanied by associated analysis and are two occasions.
I was able to notice that they spoke French, thanks to my not-so-bad knowledge of the French language. Accordingly, I could get their conversation as I looked at the fashion magazine that was on my table. Remarkably, description, hearty laughs and comments on the pictures about their friends and family members who were unmistakably absent seemed interesting. They mocked at some of the looks that they saw in the photos, and even commented on the specific locations that the photos may have been taken.
On a more analytic look, it is evident that the couple had been married for quite some time. It was compounded by the fact that they endlessly appeared to talk more about their family members and friends who were plainly absent at the café. Their interaction was fairly open, and one could clearly deduce that they were on a two-person vacation at the beach. What is more is the effect of the setting, which apparently augured well with the couple’s vacation. They were evidently at ease with themselves at the café.
In addition to the above, their use of the French language in the South Beach café was reasonably expressive. Arguably, they were foreigners who were maybe acquainted only with French or even they cared about their immediate beach environment, so they never wanted other people to get their conversation in the predominantly English-speaking area. Furthermore, on a cultural compass, the couple appeared to believe in the discretion of vacations as they were only two people. It is despite their discussion bordering very much on family and friends, in addition to the places that they had been prior to coming to the South Beach.
The second observation was marked with a relatively interesting facet in the realm of life. It was about four young men who had come to the beach to hang out. Their dress code reflected this insinuation. They sat near the café’s entrance next to a window on the northern end of the café, which was a small distance from my residence. The shortest of them all appeared to be the most talkative, judging by their relative conversations in English that mainly ranged from describing ladies to the American football league.
Two of the guys in the company looked alike and maybe they were twins, if not brothers with variant ages. The last one was the tallest and appeared to be the quietest of them all, perhaps preferring to listen. Nonetheless, their dialogues were marked with laughter from everybody of the group. In the process of their conversation, a situation arose that plainly caught the attention of all of them. A daily walking lady entered the café and headed to the serving counter. By description, she was dressed to kill. She seemed confident enough based on her direct engagement with the fellow at the counter.
Unknowing to her, she was the new topic of discussion for the group of young men. Ostensibly, she had come to make an inquiry into a thing from the café because sooner, she was on her way out. As momentarily as she had passed the young men’s’ table, the guys broke out into a loud laughter that caught not only the attention of the lady but also persons at the nearby tables. It made the lady wear an expressionless face as if waiting for an explanation, but the young men continued to laugh. Finally, she proceeded on her way out.
In view of the above occasion, it is plain that the young men were on an adventurous mission considering that the interactions among themselves were marred with fun and commonality of the topic. Moreover, the setting fairly favored them as they seemed to be comfortably discoursing their topics and specifically caught the lady’s attention though in a fairly awkward manner. Their use of English language points to the fact that they were likely to be natives around the South Beach. Their group confidence as illustrated by loud laughter, perhaps geared at the lady is enough to tell of them being in a similar age group and related social outlook. Additionally, their specific topics of conversation, which were ladies and football, add to their associated lifestyle.
In conclusion, the above two instances of my observation and analytic skills being put to use are informative considering that they are overly objective and on a real-time basis. Besides that, the interactions inform deeply of varied social perspectives and cultural attributes of people that distinctively mark human life. Finally, their communication traits and behaviors in respect to each other speak volumes about their interactions with dissimilar surroundings.

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