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Discuss the two main responsibilities of courts

Court of law central purpose is adjudicating disputes. The courts through judges listen to the cases and make rulings on them. It is the platform that determines sanctions in cases that have been arbitrated. The hearings administered by the courts are free and fair.

What are the core values that underly how courts do their work? How do they affect the responsibilities?

Justice is the primary core value in court justice. It determines the outcome of cases that are being adjudicated. Rights value is concerned with the procedures for cases that are followed and prosecuted. Justice is they key responsibility every court should execute.

What are the four concepts that explain how courts work today? Explain each

Caseload pressure is the number of cases that a particular court handles. It does not commensurate the increasing number of judges and prosecutors and defender on the case. The court should be able to handle the work that comes with it without involving outside forces. They court is mandated to adjourn cases that need more investigations.
Informality: Jury trials do not have necessary many cases causes of the truthful guilt of the defendant. The sanction is left with the judge.

Exchange: each party has something to offer in any proceeding.

Stages in making the decision: there are several steps that are followed when making of a decision. Each stage mounts pressure on both parties to work out on a non-jury decision.

In a traditional court system, what has been the role of the victim?

The victims are the one who are charged in regular courts. They are given a chance to answer to the accusations that are made against them in the court. They act as a witness to the cases against themselves. Victims who are jailed are the one who are found quality. They embrace the welfares of victims and the community directly.

Where did community courts originate? What were some of the positives and negatives of these early community courts?

The origin of community courts come as a result of many judges living in the community. They understood the cases in the community and founded similar courts. The weakness of courts is that if one is not a legitimate member of the community had problems of getting justice. A concern for the equality in the punishments administered to the victims is raised. The advantage is that they administered justice faster and could handle issues in the community.
The Midtown Community Court in New York was one of the first modern community courts. Why was it formed? How did it operate? Was it successful?
It was made in 1993 in New York, and it is a brain child of midtown business improvement and social operating time’s squares. The reason for its creation is cause of disagreement of visitors that become a serious concern. The main reason why the victims are brought in to justice is drunkenness. Prostitutes get into fights with the rest of their business partners. The culprits who are arrested a booked for a night in a cell before. They could repeat the same mistake.

What is community prosecution? How does it work? Why do it?

Community prosecution is the instance whereby the community sets up courts to prosecute suspects. They mainly arraign petty offense people who commit crimes against the society. They are mainly drunkards and prostitutes who are charged by community prosecution. There is a punishment of the community justice, and several tools are used to achieve the reintegration in them. It remains subverted to the concerns of the community justice.

What is the purpose of community-oriented sanctioning?

Community orienting sanction is a critical step in the community prosecution. It helps one to be formalized with the process that is applied to the community. One gets well versed in the process that will be ahead of him or her. They help in the refurbishment of the community and providing solutions to crimes committed.

What are drug courts? What is their objective and what means do they utilize to achieve the objective?

Drug courts coordinate the legal proceedings with a range of treatment modalities. The judge plays the role of helping the helping defendants to conquer their addiction. They teach consequential thinking through teaching and rewards. There are guidance and counseling to the victims.

What are teen courts? How do they work?

Teen courts are courts in the society that make use of young people to ensure teens who have broken the law. They involve moderate cases that are committed by teens. They then link them to social services. The teen courts understand teenagers better their need and desires. They address the issues that cause teenagers to start committing crimes hence controlling the crime rate.
What a mental health courts? What is the purpose of establishing them?They are the collaboration between the criminal justice system and the mental health professionals. They address the needs of mental ill people who are charged with nonviolent crimes. They are usually structured with drug courts and trained professionals. They counsel the mental patients who are brought in in the facility.

What are the two types of correctional operations?

The correctional services are grouped into institutional corrections and field service corrections. The institutional encompasses jails, prisons, and federal penitentiaries. Field services corrections include the probation and parole. Both correctional operations monitor their victims carefully in case of any change of behavior. They are tasked to administer skills to the inmates and provide a correct care for them. In case of an emergency for the victims, they are rushed to hospital where they are taken good care.

What are the themes in traditional correctional services?

The issues in traditional correctional services include the offender management where correctional workers are accountable on how they deal with individual offenders. The risk level may change if the offender portrays behavior that is risk less than what the close control requires. Treatment of offenders has personal problems.

What are the themes in correctional community justice?

The themes of correctional community justice are community justice initiatives that concern themselves with clients other than the offender under the direct correctional supervision of a community justice agenda. It embraces the interests of victims and communities directly. It makes use of a problem-solving strategies and partnerships. In addition, there is restoration to every solution that comes along. There is a dual loss.

How are traditional correctional themes integrated into the community justice framework?

The traditional correctional issues do not disappear into the community justice rather they are incorporated in the community justice priorities. They focus on the community justice. Offender management is tackled by the community. They work with offender network in which community justice works bear in the mind. They work on the treatment programs control that reduce the risk. The community makes use of practices that do not abusive the rights of the victims in any way.

What are some of the ways that community justice changes the functions of probation?

Community justice changes the purpose of prisons. There is community probation of justice, and it involves the community supervision. It occurs in the community, and it resides in the municipal. It acts up as fortress probation Jails stays no matter how brief it is, and the offender is separated from the community. Community orientation minimizes the loss. It creates objective that an inmate will be released from custody.

What are some of the ways that community justice changes the function of the jail?

They are facilities that value the set community justice apart from the justice. They do something that changes the crime from being an essential part of the community justice. The community justice conceptualizes in a criminal case and not a contrast between the two disputants. They arbitrate the cases and deliver justice to the two parties.

What are some of the ways that community justice changes the function of the prison?

The community justice system works closely with the citizen groups and the neighborhood interests that develop citizen interests. There is a new concept of the city defenders that occur in centralized public defenders. It provides an opportunity of supporting the witness and a relationship are developed with the resources of the community.

What are community justice centers? What are some of the programs that may be operated from community justice centers?

They are justice centers set up in the communal to handle cases that come up in the society. Several programs are run by the community justice centers. Community prosecution is one of the functions whereby the center is given power to prosecute a victim. Community defender services where they offer services to defend a victim.

What are the basic concepts of restorative justice?

The basic concepts of the restorative justice are victim-offender mediation. The victims are offered a chance of arbitration in the case. Community reparative boards are the one in charge in providing the direction in the community. Family members come together to mediate the cases through a concept known as family group conferencing. Finally circle sentencing of cases where different parties listen to the cases.

What are some reentry problems that women experience that are different from ones experienced by men?

The rate of imprison of women is greater than that of men. Women are incarcerated for a variety of reasons. Mainly, a male victim assists them commit criminal behavior. Women face different adjustment when returning to the society from the imprisonment. The treatments are revised to address the issue of women and the challenges it faces. They are counseled on how to tackle the community when they view them negatively.

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