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CHAPTER NINE QUIZ: 1. In Käthe Kollwitz’s Self-Portrait, Drawing, the artist has revealed the expressive capabilities of what medium?
The artist made use of charcoal and chalk for this drawing. Both of these are defined as dry drawing materials (media). It is a self-portrait and illustrates her intense concentration of the artist by using the hard strokes for the arm, which could indicate the movement of the arm. The media is used for the face and the hand more realistically by using volume to render it.
Figure 1: Käthe Kollwitz, Self- Portrait, Drawing, 1933. Charcoal on brown laid Ingres paper 183/ 4 * 25 in. National Gallery of Art, W Washington, D. C. Rosenwald Collection.
2. Café Concert is a work by what artist?

Figure 2: Georges Seurat, Café Concert, c. 1887– 88. Conté crayon 12 * 91/ 4 in. Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence. Gift of Mrs. Murray S. Danforth.
3. According to Sayre, Jean Dubuffet’s Corps de Dame can be read as an attack on academic figure drawing.
Figure 3: Jean Dubuffet, Corps de Dame, June– December 1950. Pen, reed pen, and ink, 105/ 8 * 83/ 8 in. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, U. S. A. The Joan and Lester Avnet Collection. (4.1978).
4. What was early paper in the West made of?The earliest paper of the West was made from the skin of calves. There was also the papyrus, which was used by the Egyptians.
5. Whitfield Lovell’s Whispers from the Walls is an example of what medium?
One could possibly call it mixed media, but as an overall media, one could certainly say that it is an installation.
Figure 4: Whitfield Lovell, Whispers from the Walls, 1999. Mixed- media and installation in varying dimensions. Courtesy DC Moore Gallery, New York.
6. Where did Marjane Satrapi draw the title of her graphic novel Persepolis? The title of her work comes a reflection on where she grew up in Iran during the reign of the Sjah, and the consequent upheaval. She created the graphic novel in France.
Figure 5: Marjane Satrapi Persepolis; An autobiographical graphic novel; Comic medium
7. By the end of the 15th century, artists and collectors such as Vasari had come to recognized that drawings could sell for as much as paintings.
Figure 6: Leonardo da Vinci, 15th century, Head of an angel.
8. A popular drawing medium during the Renaissance consisted of a stylus of gold, silver, or other metal that was dragged across a prepared ground of lead white, bone, and water. This process was called?

This was called Metal point.

9. What artist felt that a cut line made with scissors could acquire more feeling than a pencil or charcoal?

Vincent van Gogh felt that a line cut with scissors could be more expressive than a pencil or charcoal line.

Figure 7: Illustration of Van Gogh’s scissor cut lines.
10. When ink is diluted with water and applied in broad flat areas, the result is called a Wash.
Figure 8: Youth Drawing; Workshop of Pollaiuolo; Late 15th Century; Pen and Ink w/ wash
11. The longest continuously practiced (from 40,000 years ago to present) artistic tradition in the world comes from the Australian Aborigines image
Figure 9: Mimis and kangaroo, rock art, Oenpelli, Arnhem Land, Australia. Older paintings before 7000 BCE, kangaroo probably post- contact
12. When did artists in the Western world first have ready access to paper? The first paper was made in Europe in the 1100s.
13. The word paper is derived from Papyrus.
14. Käthe Kollwitz’s Self-Portrait
Käthe Kollwitz’s Self-Portrait is an example of great drawing skills. She managed to mix charcoal and white chalk with which to create the portrait. There is just enough light, shadow, and line to balance the overall image. It has a sense of depth even though it is against a white background. She had also managed to use different line thickness to describe the image. The thick charcoal lines on the arm are what could indicate motion, as she is busy drawing. This also gives the image life. And movement. It contrasts with the treatment of the face and the hands, which is more delicate and realistic in its depiction. There are also hard lines, and suggested lines. The suggested lines are created with tonal qualities.
The tonal qualities range from very light to very dark. This creates the volume in the face as well. Not many are successful in creating charcoal drawings, as it is often difficult to keep the drawing light. Hence, this drawing shows great control over the use of the background for the white (light) areas, as well as using the white chalk lines and highlights, to create the lighter (white) areas. It is especially great to see how she used the white areas on the hair – just suggesting it, but one can still observe the volume of the head and hair. It is also good to see the texture of the media (the charcoal) on the ground. Most of her painting, including this one was that of self-portraits. It reveals a person that is deeply depressed and withdrawn.

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