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Published: 2021/02/24

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Have you ever tried to imagine how your life looks like from the outside? One life, the whole life, what does it come to? The documentary film "Human Footprint" shows us what does the daily life of the usual person consists of. This film shows us also that everyone on the planet has his own undoubted influence on it. Imagine that you would see everything you had used and produced during your whole life. This is the story of my life, your life and life of everyone. This story is your ecological footprint on our planet. We are all different, but as representatives of the 7 billion people become typical. The ordinary boy and girl were chosen for the experiment and used to observe and calculate the average human ecological footprint and their influence on our planet.
"Human Footprint" is a journey from cradle to grave. Let's start with the food we eat. Milk is a basic product. It contains vitamins necessary for our body. According to the film a person consumes 9 thousands 64 liters of milk in his life. Over a lifetime, we will eat 4 head of cattle, 21 sheep, 15 pigs, and 1.200 birds and 13.345 eggs. In addition to protein we need carbohydrates. Therefore, we need bread every day. We eat 55 loaves of bread per year and 4.283 loaves during a whole life. In addition, we need fruits and vegetables. Over a lifetime, we eat 5.272 apples and 10.866 carrots. We can not only pull out of the ground, wash and eat fruits and vegetables, but also can buy them. They are sold in stores in a variety of packages. Gradually packages will accumulate. So, during a whole life one person throws 8.5 tons of food packages. Over a lifetime, we drink 74.802 cups of tea. In addition to wholesome food, we eat much of junk food- hot dogs, chips, sodas, chocolates. Over a lifetime, we eat more than 10 thousand bars of chocolate.
The most unpleasant pictures for me were those that showed how much gas, faeces and urine human produces, how many times we feel sick. I have never thought before about the fact that human waste is recycled. Without special centers of sewage recycling, our planet would be transformed into a swamp.
Tongue is an instrument owing to which we communicate, make a friendship and influence each other. On average, our vocabulary consists of 25,000 words. We can use the 4,300 words per day.If a man smells badly no one wants to communicate with him. Over a lifetime, we will take a shower 7.163 times, and it is almost a million liters of water. And how much money we spend for the body! Thus, we use 656 soap bars, 198 bottles of shampoo, 272 deodorants, 276 tubes of toothpaste and 78 toothbrushes. I do not agree with the last mentioned numbers, because people should change their toothbrush at least 4 times a year. According to my calculations we use 78 toothbrushes in nearly 20 years.How many friends we will we have in a lifetime? 1700 people is an average circle of acquaintances of each person. Among our 1700 friends 305 will die from heart diseases, 111 will become a victim of influenza and pneumonia, 99 people will die from lung cancer, 92 will disease of the lower respiratory tract, 63 - from dementia, 49 - kill colon cancer 32 from breast cancer, 9 people will die in road accidents and 1 will die because of fire. Among our friends there are 10 suicides. One of three persons on the planet will be familiar with the violently murdered man. It's a tremendous rate.On average every person has 10 sexual partners during a life. Over a lifetime a person falls in love three times and marriage lasts 11.5 years.
What impressed me the most is that a person spends watching TV full 8 years. As well as reads 533 books and 2.455 newspapers. 24 trees are used to make books and newspapers, which will read only one person. Do not forget that a person cannot be always healthy. Over a lifetime, we will visit a doctor 314 times and by the age of 60 we will drink nearly 30 thousand of pills. And how many tears will we shed? Yes, 61.5 liters. And we cry for different reasons. Whether - it is physical pain, mental anguish or pain due to the loss of a close person for us.
All that we consume and everything that then comes out of the body is our ecological footprint in nature. As person gets older as deeper his ecological footprint becomes.

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