Free Research Paper About The Company’s Internal Environment As It Relates To Organizational Culture

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Wegmans food market established as a result of Rochester fruit & vegetable company which is opened in 1916 by John and Walter joined this company after a year. Before it Walter worked in his parent’s grocery store and john hawked fresh fruits from a handcart. From 1921 they expanded their business in grocery and bakery productions by acquired Seel Grocery co. in 1930 store were incorporated and also diversify its product line range (Hellriegel and Slocum).

Wegmans won the food network’s award in 2007 as country’s top store and also fall in top 100 best companies according the ranking of fortune magazines.
Wegmans consider their employees as key player for their company. It is truly depicted by their motto “employees first, customer second”. From company point view when their employees will happy and satisfied by them then they will perform their duty with dedications and keep customer happy with their services which is the ultimate goal of the company. They have care and respect of their people and give best in their services to the customers (Wegmans).

Wegman believes that employee’s satisfaction and profits can be increased by focusing on the social and environmental responsibility.

The company’s internal environment as it relates to organizational design
Wegmans grocery store headquarters in Rochester and has 70 stores around the northeast. It uses organizational development approach and gives authority to employees to give their best for the company’s interest. They believe that employees passionate bond with customer enhance the customer loyalty towards the Wegman business. Therefore Wegman specially recruit those people who have detailed knowledge about food and customer relationships (Wegmans).
Wegman food market has 300 different varieties of 70000 deals in variety of store café and shops. It has 71 supermarket stores in New York, New jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. As their business is based on organic products more therefore they are focus on selection process of organic products (Wegmans).
Wegman has its own inventory and replenishment planning system by which they control inventory level in their store. They order inventory according to their customer’s need. Wegman adopt Radio frequency identification by they can easily boost up the efficiency of their production line and also their distribution channels.
Wegman offers special offers to their customers through electronic program that gather the customer personal information for the company to use in future strategy process making. Wegman also launched their mobile app to keep in strong bonds with customer through which customer can view about their past receipt and also create list for their shopping’s in Wegman also give estimated cost to them for their convenience.

The company’s organizational strategy

Wegman strategy is provided quality products to their customers. They focus to develop a healthy working environment by implementing the fair policies. They work for customer satisfaction and train their employees to increase quality services provided to the customers. They perceive high standard service quality as a way of life. They serve in different community according to their norms and traditions.
According to porter’s generic strategies Wegman lie in Focus model. Wegman supermarket chains are considered to be price focused in their region with differential qualities. Although they are not truly focus on low price but keep maintain their position in their market to compete with their low cost competitors for example Wal-Mart. Wegman serves an upper class market and focus on giving differential and relative low price to a niche market (Rohde).

Company’s competitive strategy

Wegman is consider to be a leading company since 1979 give low price products with quality make their strength to compete in the competitive environment. They also offer related services like catering services, recipes’ etc. to the customers to build customers relationship strong with them. Company has strong supplier relationship therefore it has good and effective supply chain to manage delivery on time (Wegmans).
Low brand recognition and less market share of Wegman company is the biggest weakness of the company also they offer high price and limited range of products as compare to their competitors. Company is family owned so it has lack of chances to expand more and more over the year.
As the purchasing capacity of people increased so they can target customer by increasing their product line and related services. They can serve better to those who live away from their homes due to their profession and studies. Wegman has strong competition n from road corner stores and face threat by the increase of other mergers in the store business.
In the press release of “substantial- Wegman’s and the nature conservancy working together to protect lands and water” Wegman realize that Americans are now more conscious about their diet they perceive themselves as vegetarian about 5-6% people so Wegman should focus on their needs and demand for their further progress. In 25/3/2015 press release Wegman Company now intended to hire new employees train them for the opening of their branch in Glin Mills on 8 Nov 2015 (Wegmans).

Company’s recent initiatives and challenges in relation to the workforce diversification, CSR and ethics and globalization

Wegman employees are satisfied with them as they offer more than market pay and also give health assurance to employees. Their main advantage is experts’ employees who serve for customer while most of others companies have not enough knowledgeable staff to deal with their customer and earn more for the company. They focus on to reduce the turnover ratio of their employees in the country by making employees loyal to them.
Wegman is the world’s best company in which nondiscrimination policy exist. Wegman brochure stated that they are truly committed to work for diversification. Wegman Buffalo division has cross functional diversity employees like division head, store head and pharmacy head etc. Company ensures that new employees are familiar with the diversity policy of the company and also train their existing workers related to the work diversification.
Wegman strictly follow the business best practices and give benefit to the society and also set a standard of ethical behavior in the competitive environment this create competitive advantage for the company and company from consecutive three years has been awarded for greatest ethical standards follower. On this CEO said that company’s success is the proof of its employer’s dedication to the work which input our values into the daily actions (MDH Mark D Hogan).
Wegman’s, which works its 79 stores in New York, Pennsylvania, demonstrates that a business can liberally prepare its workforce and benefit abundantly. Exclusive by the Wegman family, the chain utilizes 42,000 individuals - 20 times the number who work for Facebook - and resists quarterly-determined Wall Street astuteness.


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