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Wasser Water Recyclers Company is involved in cleaning, packaging, and distributing water. Despite profit making, the company also has a set objective of transforming the world into a better place by saving water for future generations. The role itself is the company’s mission, which it plans to achieve from the start of its operations. There are four areas that key components for the success of the business including the financial plan, marketing plan, operational plan, and human resource management plan. The external environmental analysis of the business reveals that the business has the opportunity to achieve a competitive advantage in the market.

Project Plan Description

The project plan entails a water recycling company tasked with the role of reusing packaging bottles and recycling wastewater for domestic and industrial use. The company will distribute water to large companies, homes, offices, hospitals, and other institutions. The rising demand for clean water has been a major driver to the generation of this business idea. The company will help quench the people’s demand for clean and safe water for drinking. Through recycling, the company will maximize its productivity, enabling cutting on cost and bettering the environment. These features make the company a highly profitable venture and through it, undeviating water sufficiency will be achieved with the autonomous system, and at the same time generating large amounts of revenue for the company. The company is thus a community development idea, and more so, an attractive business venture for investors.
Among the company’s deliverables, is the lowering of water prices, making it affordable to every person. The company’s recycling concept is the proximal approach towards the success of the business. The company will reuse its packaging bottles, minimizing the costs of production. Water will be repacked in the previously used bottles, after a cost effective bottle-cleaning plan. Water for packaging will be recycled and cleaned to make it fit for both commercial and domestic use. Wastewater from manufacturing plants and other industries will undergo tapping, and through an effective recycling plant, cleaning, packaging and sale to consumers. The company’s operational costs are thus minimal, enabling the lowering of prices and still making numerous profits for the venture.

Company Synopsis

The name of the company is Wasser Water Recyclers Company. It is an organization involved in the process of cleaning, packaging, and distributing water. The company’s name, “Wasser” is a borrowing from the German language, meaning water. Wasser Recycler's environmental concerns are the major motivators to the function of the company. It involves cleaning water for packaging and recycling of the packaging bottles and water itself. Despite profit making, the company also has a set objective of transforming the world into a better place by saving water for future generations. The role itself is the company’s mission, which it plans to achieve from the start of its operations.
Wasser Water Recyclers is projected proving evident change and development of the “aqua business.” It is through Wasser that the cost of living will lower, creating an enormous demand for its products. Over the years, there has been a rising demand for clean and affordable water. The current distributors of water charge high prices, owing to the high costs of operation of their companies. Wasser Water Recycler comes at a varied approach, aiming to minimize its cost of production, which will in turn minimize the cost of the product. Consequently, the demand for our products will increase, widening the market share and eliminating the competition. The company’s approach is strategic, and through it, maximum water productivity will be achieved, enabling the organization better its stake.
Wasser Recyclers will deal with products ranging from bottled water, by the brand name “Wasser,” and distribution of water in large scale to institutions such as schools, hospitals, companies, and manufacturing organizations. The company has set plans to diversify its services while stable, to include services such as piping, drilling boreholes, and wastewater management. The market for the company’s products is set to be large, based on the high costs of living stimulated by increasing costs of water. The company’s strategy is providing cheaper and better products, enabling market widening and posing unlimited growth to the organization.
The competition in the water industry is stiff, but Wasser Recycler’s strategy will equally oppose it and penetrate into achieving maximum success levels. The demand for cheap water by customers is the company’s central strength, eliminating competition rivalry from the organization. The company’s goal is to take up most, if not all, of the market share through the offering of cheaper products and services. Future goals of the company will be achievable through the stabilization of the company by outdoing the competition and generation of an efficient supply chain, where then other objectives undertaken.

Business Plan

The financial aspect of the business stresses on the minimization of operational costs for maximum profitability. The company, however, considers professional management vital to the success of all its endeavors. The plan puts into account the financial, marketing, operational, and human resource management plan. These four areas are the key components for the success of the business.

Financial plan

The most important part of the business plan is the financial plan. It encompasses the generation of revenues for the organization. Products sales are the major source of income for the organization, alongside the provision of services to institutions. The company plans to indulge in offering sophisticated water services such borehole drilling, swimming pools, and piping. Introduction of these services after the stability of the company will maximize company’s revenue generation.

Marketing Plan

The company’s marketing plan is tailored to maximize the distribution of our products and thus maximization of revenue generation. The projected low prices of the company’s products are set to be the best tool for marketing. Branding is also a key aspect, and the company plans to ensure that the company’s products are attractive to maximize profitability. The emphasis in advertisement will focus on the cleanliness and assurance of high-quality standards. The packaged water must meet the requirements and remain natural to maximize quality and thus bettering profits and company’s image.

Operational Plan

The company’s operations are cost effective and efficient to maximize productivity. The company will require sophisticated systems to enable fast recycling of the water. It will ease the process of production, maximizing the quality of the packaged water. Water bottles will be collected from homes, through the provision of disposal bins. The collected bottles will be recycled and reused to package more water for sale. Cans use to distribute water in larger scales will be collected from the institution, through the notification that they are company’s property. The sale will only encompass the water, which is the product inside the containers. The containers remain organizational property unless sold.

Human Resource Management Plan

Human resource is a vital sector in every company, including Wasser Recyclers. To ensure maximum productivity of the organization, managers are in charge of different sectors of the company. Manufacturing is the most essential for the organization, where a manager will be in charge of the entire process. The team will meet a set target for each production day, keeping them on toes. There will also be a departmental manager in charge of distribution and marketing of the company’s product. It is his or her duty to ensure that the product is reaching all its target markets and that marketing meets the set standards. As a form of motivation, the organization will constantly review the performance of the employees, rewarding good performers with promotions, salary increments, gifts, or even recognition. We believe that it is through the integration of motivation and constant surveillance that the company achieves the set targets be achieved.

Environmental Analysis

External environment
The company's external environment is a mixture of threats and opportunities. However, the approach of Wasser Recyclers maximizes the organizational opportunities in the highly competitive environment. It is through the low prices that our company will generate more revenues compared to rival companies. The level of competition is high though we plan to eliminate by our better quality, low-priced products, and services. Competition is the only major threat set to face the company though the opportunities are diverse. The production of affordable water will create room for unlimited growth for the organization, maximizing its profitability. Environmental conservation is a major advantage set to benefit Wasser Recyclers since it will better the company’s image, owing to its effort in making the environment conducive for human survival.
The market for products is large, and through platforms such as online markets, Wasser will maximize its market reach. Trading on the internet will enable the company maximize its productivity, bettering its image and revenues. The industry is highly profitable, owing to the global demand for cleaner and affordable water. Wasser Recyclers aims at providing the products and services as demanded by consumers.

Influential components

The company’s vital components are customers, competition, and public opinion. Customers are crucial for the survival of Wasser Recyclers, and we aim to attract and keep them for future growth. Public opinion focuses on the need for cheaper and better quality water. The component of the external environment is the vital since our company aims at satisfying this need. Through Wasser Recyclers, the public will achieve their demands, bettering the company’s image. Through the elimination of the competition, our company will maximize its market share and better its image, maximizing revenue generation.

Porter’s Five Forces

Competitive rivalry of Wasser Recyclers is low since the projected prices, which are the company's competitive advantage, will eliminate the competition and widen market share. Buyer power is also crucial in the analysis though the company's price will match the customer’s needs, bettering product reception. Threats of substitutions may be a worry for the organization since other companies may adopt our strategy. However, constant innovation and building of customer loyalty will enable the organization remains dominant in the industry. It is similar to the threat of new entry, which will be met by the same opposition of constant innovation and growth strategies. Supplier power is limited because all of our supplies are reused, making them powerful only during the initial purchase and during expansion of production.
Aqua Water Company is a competitor in the industry dealing with packaging of water. It, however, does not recycle, giving us competitive advantages over it. Therefore, our company’s products will compete favorably owing to the low prices of the products. Success of Wasser Recyclers is thus evident, and competition is not a threat to the organizational.

Internal Environment

The company’s source of resources is the contribution of investors, which will make up close to 100% of the total resources. The pool of funds will enable the company hire qualified personnel, rent premises, purchase machines and enable conduction of other activities. The capabilities of the company include future growth, widening market share, and the introduction of new services and products. The projected market will enable the organization increases its resources, funding growth and introduction of new services. Marketing strategies are also projected to improve market share and eliminate competition threats.

Core competencies

The criteria assessing competitive advantages prove the core competencies. The products are valuable to consumers owing to their affordability and quality. However, our products are not rare though our brand is unique from all other rivals. Production of similar products is possible though our pricing forms the base for competitive advantage of the company. Matching our low prices is impossible for the existing firms. It, therefore, makes them imperfectly imitable, eliminating any threat of replacement by the competition.

Value chain analysis

The activities of Wasser Recyclers revolve around the production of recycled water, through tapping it, cleaning and packaging of recycled bottles. It, therefore, generates much value, since the produced water is of high quality owing to its purity, and yet affordable at a low price. It, therefore, is worth the investment, because of its high returns are assured, and the expected level of competition is very low, based on the company’s strategic plan for the market entry.
The competitive advantage of the company is the pricing and brand uniqueness. Recycling water and packaging will minimize the cost of production, leading to lowering of final prices. The low prices are the company’s competitive advantage, allowing Wasser Recyclers maximize their market share, and consequently, income.

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