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The main themes of the movies are about the wars and situation in wars. The movies suggested about the actions of the person at war times. These movies are different from the other war movies because these movies are not more related with the entertaining actions but it focuses more about the survival in tough situation, the point of view of the person fighting in war situations, these factors are the major reasons of their fame.
The movie The Hurt Locker started with a statement that “War is a drug”. Not all support this fact because most of the troops wanted to finish it as soon as possible and went to their home. In contrast, the hero of the movie, Staff Sgt. William like the terrifying jobs and do that as a daily pleasure (Hurt Locker n.pag.). His duty was to diffuse the bombs under the enemy’s fire in Iraq; however, he was not an action hero, he was a specialist. Nevertheless, he was the man who understands the bombs and the psychic of the minds of the bomber more than anyone else does. In some scene, when he was diffusing the bomb, it looked like those two professionals were working against each other (Hurt Locker n.pag.).
The major characters in the movie presented the idea that they do not care about the danger to themselves but they care about the other people first. All the other movies included have nearly same idea of protecting the people nearby. Not every major character in these movies cares about their life but several other lives in their surroundings. There motive of fight is not just an entertainment but protecting others from the harm (Hurt Locker n.pag.).
The movie Hurt Locker implants itself in a man’s mind. When the movie ended, nothing was said in words but the idea was clear that why James risk his life in defusing that bomb. The most important person in James life was Sgt. J.T Sanborn. He accompanied and assisted James and his men provided the cover fire. Sanborn gave him a constant feedback, as he was a skilled and responsible professional. He was a man of rules but James troubled him a lot. Sometimes James deliberately gets into the trouble and Sanborn believed that by doing that they have better chance of going home (Hurt Locker n.pag.). Sanborn was not a shirker or a coward but he was a realist and thought that James is rash.
Certainly, James behaved reckless sometimes in the movie when he did not use the protective clothing and took risk boldly. However, he did not seem reckless when he started diffusing the bomb because many other lives depend on that act (Hurt Locker n.pag.). The suspense in the movie was real. This fact is compared as when bomb is under and it explodes that is action, in contrast when you know there is a bomb and people are playing cards, and it does not explode, that is suspense.
The Hurt Locker is an intelligent movie. It shows the clear idea that what are the reasons behind risking your life, what is the motive behind fighting against enemies. All the movies depicted the idea of real danger of war and those situations. In addition, it reflect the fact that why a soldier risk his life in such situations. In the movie, Black Hawk Down a veteran said: “It’s about the men next to you. That’s all is”.

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