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The war of 1812 is often seen as the forgotten war. This war involved many players and moves that it is difficult to still look at the results of the war. In addition to this, it is difficult to still see the effects of this war, and the implications that this war left on the United States.
Some of the causes for this war is due to the British, as the Americans did not appreciate the impressment of American seaman, the desires for the American’s to expand their territories, and the recent restrictions on American trade. Impressment of American seaman, meant that the British would seize American sailors and force them to work for the British naval fleet. This obviously caused great distress among the American people, and led to consideration of going to war with the British. In addition to these causes, the restrictions on trade caused for a great deal of conflict for the American people. The Napoleonic wars had caused for the British to be gridlocked, as the France had attempted to block their ports. France also, in efforts to cause for a block in trade, posed for the Americans to not send out any traded goods to the British. ( 1)The British further did the same with the French. These acts caused for economic distress amongst the Americans leading for the consideration of war. The last factor that was discussed was the desire for expansion. (1)The United States, albeit a young nation, desired to make an empire much like the British nation, and looked to try to expand to the north in Canada.
The War of 1812 proved to be a war that is mostly forgotten amongst historians, and the American public. The War itself proved to be a shortly lived, as neither country made substantial gains. The war was costly for both the Americans and the British, and it was determined, that the war wasn’t a substantial win for the United States. (Black 10) The British rather pulled out of the country due to the high costs, and due to Napoleon returning back to France. The siege on Fort McHenry proved to be a breaking point for the British fleet, and it was after this failed siege that the war ended. ( 1) The British then decided to no longer push forward with the Canadian expansion, and putting forward an Indian state. One of the goals of the British people was to push forward with the Canadian borders, as the nation of Canada was once of under British rule, and allow for the Indians, in exchange for fighting against the American people a place to have as their own nation.
Some of the after effects of the war is the demise of the Federalist Party. The party was very anti-war, and did not want to engage in a war with the British. The end, and what some may consider a victory for the United States help solidify the feelings amongst the people. The war efforts had left the people of the United States with low morale, and it this war efforts helped in bringing forth a greater since of pride amongst the people. Furthermore, it allowed for the opportunity for both the Canadian nation, and the United States to act as their own country, and granted them a greater since of independence. ( 1)This had not been possible with these nations earlier, as the British still controlled most of Canada, and the United States acted as a very young nation, and was still without a solid government. This war gave the opportunity to solidify its government, and win over further support from not only its own people, but from other nations. (1) In addition to this, the United States was able to expand into Florida, and eventually conquer the area. The United States also expanded into the Louisiana Purchase, which caused for further strength among the nation.

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