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G.W. Bush’s Executive Order


As of now the world’s economy has been greatly developing. New innovations and coalitions are formed to address the needs of the citizens of a sovereign power. The United States has been doing what it takes to improve their economic status ever since the decade of recession started.
As one of the world’s greatest power the nation had faced many problems such as terrorism and economical struggles. Since the September 11 attack the nation has been doing its 100% effort to strengthen its hold of security to their federal states. The threat of the last terrorism attack has urged the president to declare the order of a new power on the department of homeland security.
It is much known that the entity of danger for the United States has been changing enormously. The threat of the largest group of terrorist has shaken the status of the government’s stand on the homeland security. Al Qaeda has been very focused in producing large amount of biomass weapons that could lead to big damages on the infrastructures as well as to the life of the citizens of the nation. And the US has been doing its response through this department. As of the recent years, no other nations have established a homeland security department other than the US. Evidently, the operations of this department have been also divided into almost 100 factions (DHS, 2013).
The United States known to be one of the most prominent countries worldwide is indeed facing threats to terrorism and thus need a flexible security that could protect it from future attacks. As an immediate response to the present threats, the President of the United States has proposed the empowerment of a newly developed Department of Homeland Security. This is because of the lack of focus of the previous security for the government; the president’s move in reuniting the unfocused department and realigned it into a single entity that has a primary mission of protecting the land is very ground breaking for the past half century. As one of the President’s strategy, the homeland security of department has been very helpful in terms of focus. The Unity of the department was established by President George W. Bush right after the September 11 attack.
As an executive, the primary job of the President is to secure the welfare of its people, the Americans. All departments of the judicial, executive and legislation have been unified right after the September 11 attack. The aviation, military as well the medical agencies and healthcare department has taken an action for unification. This is in order to protect their beloved nation more efficiently.
The Executive order of Homeland security was promulgated on November 25, 2002. But the drafting was made as early as October 8, 2001 as a direct response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It establishes the renewal of the power of the department of the homeland security as well as the homeland security council. The mission of the department is to integrate the powers of other agencies to respond to any attacks that would threaten homeland security. The functions are also coordinated by the executive branch to prevent the deterioration of the nation’s credible security (White House, 2001).
It is mainly developed to obtain a unified action on terrorism attacks against the country. For example, if the US is once again attack by terrorist, the military, the aviation, the private sector as well as the healthcare agencies will have coordination to support the welfare of the Americans as well as to prevent the terrorist attacks to penetrate the country. The unified action is through the executive branch, which is the assistant of the President for Homeland Security.
The President Bush's organization solidified a significant number of these exercises under the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), another bureau office built as a consequence of the Homeland Security Act of 2002. Nonetheless, a great part of the country’s security action stays outside of DHS; for instance, the FBI and CIA are not piece of the Department, and other official divisions. For example, the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Defense assume a noteworthy stand in specific parts of country’s security; are also given new priorities. Country security is facilitated at the White House by the Homeland Security Council.

Issues related on Legality, Social Responsibility and Economy:

The previous homeland security is very different from the existing department as of today. The early homeland security was not governed by a single council. It is effective only if it was executed by a governor; additionally it is autonomous for only a state in which the governor is elected.
Controversies arise as soon as the Law was submitted on the executive branch of the government. It is noteworthy that the Law is not friendly to the employees on existing government agencies. As far as the nation’s citizen is concern, the Homeland Security act of 2002 was one of the boldest acts of changing the framework of the government in a 50 year span.
The implied point of this merging was to discover and take out rising terrorist dangers by uprooting data firewalls between government offices, and incorporating the exceptional surge of observation information.
On the other hand, common freedoms gatherings have questioned emphatically to the Homeland Security Act, battling that it is portrayed by three irritating patterns: decreased security, expanded government lack of transparency and control and fortified government insurance of uncommon investments. Allen Weinstein, president of the Center for Democracy in Washington, DC, has called it a "law of unintended outcomes." However, government employees have defended that the scope of other oppositions’ ideas are very limited to some areas of the government.
The constant criticism was mainly on some abuse of bureaucracy, waste of funds, and lack of legal transparency as well as inefficient approach to security. According to a report by Hedgpeth (2008), an officer from the DHS has wasted an amount of $15 billion to inactive contracts. Thus, the budget of the government has been wasted instead of investing it to some other agencies. Other issues were some employees from Indiana on 2009 has been on another event but still paid for that day of work (Marshall, 2009).
There were some backlashes on the funds in responding to typhoon Katrina on the year 2005. Credit cards credibility was questioned. As part of the duties of the department it is definitely evident that the issue has given weight on the issues of national budget (NBCnews, 2005). The biggest increase of credit card limits was deemed inappropriate by other citizens. Even though it is really true that it is for the victims to have a more immediate funding, but the some government officials are abusing it.
This would also not affect the reliability and credibility of the government but as well as the economy of the United States. Banks can only provide a limit to credit cards and if those lenders could not pay on time, the bank could also be facing economical difficulties. As a result, major stockholders might retreat their investment to the nation’s upcoming projects. According to a report written by Jonis (2009), bank credibility can be connected with the government’s fluency in economic progress. If the government is offering credit cards to its employees, it could lead to abuse if the security commands are not imposed. However, if the government will impose the rules on using credit cards most especially in times of natural calamities without abrupt change in credit limit, then it could give a positive note for them.
The Latest threat on ebola virus has also tainted the credibility of the department. But the department has thoroughly improving its methods of prevention. However, in the 3rd quarter of the year 2014 a report that a healthcare worker has carried the virus, has make the council threatened. Quarantine was an immediate action, but there are some fatalities registered. There were 8 individuals that was brought to a medical facility to be further treat (DHS, 2014).
In conclusion, the inconsistency of the department of homeland Security has made the American people be doubtful of the government’s decision of giving birth to this department. But as time goes by, this department is still having the chance of proving its credibility to the Americans.

Relationship with the Core Values of St. Leo

It is evident that the university promotes success with outmost integrity. The department of homeland security has not made any distinctions that would make the public approve of its credibility. The series of anomalies has contributed to the degradation of the values that must be present to the department.
Even though there are no concrete evidences of the allegations thrown on them, the initial reports have done a great subtraction on the credibility of the department. If the department has stayed true to their commitments and mission, thus the result shall be a good one or rather a impactful one.
Additionally, if someone is ought to pledge to serve with integrity in deeds and in words, they must also show it with transparency. It is evident that common people have no access on what the department has been planning and budgeting. But some improvement on their party, has been also observed. The press release regarding the ebola virus has been a good move from the department. As for a student, outmost integrity in deed and in acts must also be observed. As an example, writing papers with plagiarism is very insulting to the law of copyrights.
Indeed, self evaluation is the key to give an honest and credible service to others. It should start with oneself to have perseverance on doing what is good and what is right even if it is very hard to do. According to common idioms, be honest even if others are not, cannot, and will not.
In conclusion, the core values of St. Leo must be followed by students in order for them to grow into a full pledge loyal citizen to the country. Evidently, it does not give any bad effect to the welfare of a student instead it gives a good model for them. More importantly, if the students aspire to be someone that is serving the public, the core values of St. Leo can be of great help when taken heartily.


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