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Quest for perfection is not even impeccable but also grueling and it is as harder as a person can wish to try for it. Society’s quest for perfection is due to the reason that people consider it as a symbol of protection. Being perfect is a conviction that if one lives perfectly, one looks perfectly, one acts perfectly; then one can lessen down or keep away from him the pain of disgrace, guilt and judgment. Perfectionism is a shield instead of growth or success.
Now the question is society’s quest for perfection is good or bad? No doubt, quest for perfection is really worthy for the sake of humanity. In society, people are looking for the ways to become perfect in order to explore novel vistas of life. They turned out to be revitalized and transformed and perform good deeds for the sake of world. The same can be explained using various instances and the foremost in this regard is of Adolf Hilter.
Adolf Hilter’s example in perfection is the one which is known by most of the people. It is hard that one have ever heard about Hitler without perfectionism. Hilter endeavored for perfect with each and everything in his life. He always made check for the surety of correction in each aspect. If he found any sort of divergence from the former briefing, then he instantly implicit that his officers were deliberately betraying him or they were trying to do so. He wished for an unadulterated and ideal world and was eager to do everything for bringing about his goals of perfectionism.
In this regard, Hitler devoted his entire life. His prime objective of knowledge was programming instead of rational advancement so, he gave an extra emphasis on the physical education. He did so to have ideal soldiers of his army as he was on the belief that youth must have to be conscious of the evil nature in which they were likely to exist.
He divided human beings in racial groups on the basis of their physic and looks (eyes, hairs, color etc). He had also established their classes i.e. high and low. He described a perfect man named as “Aryan” with the qualities of blue eyes, blonde hairs and fair color as an essence of humankind. The Aryan’s was deemed to be perfect physically, spiritually as well as mentally.
Another example in this regard is of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs’ quest for perfection was about the smallest particulars. This quest has enabled him to become father of the supreme goods and interfaces in the history of computers. Jobs’ quest for perfection was lingered to domestic appliances. Rather than spending his time in deciding his first baby’s name; he spent a lot of his time in deciding the country from where he had to but a washing machine.
History is full of such type of examples with societal quest for perfection and these examples are not sole in this aspect. Hence, the societal debate at quest for perfection ended up with the queries like how perfection can be attained_either through body or through our soul? Is it worth attaining? How and where to observe it? How one can deal with an imperfect world? Or one should impede trying to be perfect? It solely depends on the personality traits of the concerned person and his potential interventions in this regard.

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