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Racial profiling is termed as the discrimination conducted by the law enforcements on the individual on the basis of the individual’s race and ethnicity. The law is charged particularly due to the personal traits and race rather than the act itself. Moreover, the individual who have different religion and nationality that is the individual who belongs to the different background are all the victims of the racial profiling by the employees of the law enforcement in the USA. The law enforcement can stop, question, check, detain, subject an individual on the basis of the racial profiling while leaving the rest people who are beyond the racial discrimination (Drachsler, 2011).
In the USA, the racial profiling has the great history and it is found to be practiced since many years. Since, the year of 1514, the racial profiling has been experienced by the people who are discriminated due to the difference on religion, race, and background. It grew more and more with the passage of time until 2001 (Head, 2015). In the year of 2001, the movement of war and terror was the one which crossed the peak of the racial profiling. The attack on USA twin towers made the initial steps for the racial profiling against the religion. Muslims and the Arabs were being the major victims of this racial profiling. These people were stopped wherever the people of the law and enforcement wanted. The Muslims and Arabs were searched often and questioned frequently. Consequently, every person belonging to this religion was considered to be the threat and has to undergo several consequences of extra checking, inquiry, and prohibitions. The Muslims were prohibited to fly outside the USA and termed it as the security reasons since, they suspected each and every Muslim. The terror attacks were believed to be conducted by the AL-Qaeda group which is a Muslim group. Therefore, the Muslims and Arabs were targeted in the racial profiling. On the other hand, it was not sure that the group contains people belonging to only one religion group. Hence, targeting Muslims only is unfair. The entire population of Muslims living in the USA or visiting the USA cannot be the terrorists. Consequently, they cannot all be suspected to be involved in such activities. However, the racial profiling had been largely practiced, and the Muslims were tortured badly. In order to avert this situation, president George Bush took a major step in the year of the 2003 (Rudovsky & Banks, 2007). In terms of the 9/11 attacks, Bush signed the executive which included the ban on using racial profiling thus, the law of enforcement cannot troublesome the people who are different in their characteristics such as, race, ethnicity, and color. This executive was introduced in the 70 various federal bodies in the USA. On the contrary, this executive was rejected to be followed but the fact regarding the racial profiling and its adversity over Muslims were taken into notice (Head, 2015).
Besides Muslims, the African-Americans are also the victims who face this racial profiling in the USA. It is evident that the police are vulnerable to stop the African-Americans motorists more frequently as compared to the white motorists. Racial profiling is common at the stops where despite having the right to move according to the law, the white people are given chance to move. In order to avoid the circumstances of the racial profiling, video cameras have been incorporated at the stops so that the activities of the police is monitored. The law enforcement regarding the immigration is made tough for the immigrants on the basis of the racial profiling with the people who have different nationality (Colins, 2013).
On the other hand, it was found out that this racial profiling led to questioning the individuals frequently which in turn caused the crime rate to decline. In 2002, the New York City witnessed the 97,296 stops by the police which were conducted on the basis of the racial profiling and in 2011, the number of stops were 685,724. Correspondingly, the crime rate decreased from 4.8 to 3.9 percent respectively (Colins et al., 2013). However, the racial profiling against the black cause them to be imprisoned more as compared to the whites. The total black population in the USA is 13% while, in the prisons, the black makeup about 40% of the total population of the prisons among other people particularly the whites. It is therefore believed that the racism cannot get to end in the USA and the African-Americans, the blacks, the Muslims, Arabs, and the immigrants will continue to face the racial profiling from the law enforcement (Cooper & Masci, 2003).
In conclusion, the argument against the racial profiling is dominant because the people who lives and resides in the USA are those individuals who are working in the USA. These people are the part of the success of the USA . Hence, the racial profiling affects them severely. The racial profiling disrupts the rights of the victims. Moreover, the racial profiling gets too severe that it gives rise to the terror thinking among the victims, and they might convert to harm the USA. Eventually, in order to protect the USA, the racial profiling should be taken into consideration and should be averted by making necessary and strict amendments in the law enforcement.

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