Good Report On Marketing Plan For My Consulting Business On Mortgage Banking

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My business ‘Prosperity consulting firm’. It is a name which attracts many customers and increases their concern into the business because it is based on success. The mission statement will be ‘The best above all in mortgage issues.’


This logo is very attractive and visible enough for anyone interested to be able to see it at a distance and be able to interpret what it means. Many people in need of our services feel that they are not failing for their choice due to the encouragement of the words in the logo that is the business name and the mission statement below the name. Their trust aware is that their entire problems related to mortgage banking are brought to control. It will enable the business attract many clients who will bring about the establishment of new firm branches in other towns in the country.1. VISION My business focuses on attracting many customers and establishes branches in every town to ensure that services are accessible and available to everyone in our country. The potentiality of the business is sought to increase making it a very stable one in the whole country than the other consulting firms. The services offered to client by our company will be standard and of class, in the sense that they get warm welcomes with a lot of respect and handled with much care to make sure we don’t lose the clients but attract more(The market planning guide, 2003).
It is also a vision to increase the number of employment opportunities in my firm for me to be able to provide jobs to many people in my country. This results in prosperity of the business in the sense that it makes the business win many awards, for example, the award for the best revenue paying business in the state. These awards in return increase the degree of popularity among firms in which it attracts more customers. After a span of five years, I get focused that a significant percentage of the citizens are aware of mortgage banking and they have full information about it through my efforts.2. NICHE I will avoid Selectivity of customers during service delivery and hence treat them equally and with a lot of prestige that is an opposite of the other consulting firms. Customers’ charges are fair. Other related businesses in the country charge their customers higher prices that make them attracted to invest with my firm. I will ensure that my clients are provided with full information about mortgages for them be able to make a comprehensive decision. Requirement of consultants who are qualified in the field of mortgage banking often carried out. It enables my clients to be able to get all the advice they require as it concerns mortgages. It brings about satisfaction of the customers who will end up liking the services offered hence encouraging their friends to associate themselves with my firms. A plan to establish a very encouraging and attracting working environment for my workers for them to be able to delivery servers to the clients in an effective and efficient manner. It attracts more customers to get the services that the firm offers an increment in the business potentiality hence (The market planning guide, 2003).3. MARKET RESEARCH Potential customers ought to be only those who are being able to pay all the charges of the services that are offered by the firm. As per my concern to my customers on charging them lower prices as compared to our competitors, this idea will attract many people from those business firms into my firms. Those customers are encouraged to keep the good contact with my firms whose probability to be so is high because my primary focus will be on them ensuring they don’t go back to their previous companies. Discrimination of customers is a factor that I will ensure does not crop into my business firms. It is a factor that many consultant firms have, and it is actually affecting their clients. Customer discrimination makes individuals feels intimidate and inferior. It affects business operations in a bigger percentage in which the income may reduce. In the first year of launching the company, we will be offering services to any willing customers even if they are not able to pay for all our services. It in return attracts many clients into my business firms whereby it brings about potentiality of the firms in which it brings about stability and ability to establish more branches in the country. Establishment of many branches enables accessibility for our services to our customers.4. MARKETING STRATEGIES In my business, I will employ field workers who are to be paid on commission basis. Their duty includes looking for customers in the area and convincing them to engage in my business for consultation services. As we know mortgage banking is an emerging issue in the world today, and many people are not aware of and they can be interested to be taught if convinced to. The only way this can be achieved is by sending field workers who are available and accessible to all the citizens in the country. It is a strategy that brings a lot of profit in the business hence expansion of the enterprise. The field workers will be carrying information brochures that they will be giving to all the individuals they come across. Issuance of brochures is an effective method to communicate to the people and it is an easy way to reach a lot of persons in the shortest time possible. This strategy is an effective and efficient one because field workers will be able to attract a lot of individuals to seek for my business services (Marketing Research, 2015). My second strategy will be on the pricing in which in the first one year I will be offering services at a lower price as compared to my competitors. It will attract many people because the services will not only be cheap but of high quality as customer treatment is concerned. All the services that will be offered by the firm will be affordable, accessible and available to all and customer discrimination will be discouraged in the business. In my establishing funds, I will allocate an amount that will be used in advertising and promotion of the services that the business. I will also employ qualified personnel in the advertising department who will incorporate all those services in the enterprise. Advertisement will be done on the local channels in the country in which it is an effective method to reach many people. It is a strategy that will attract many clients into my business within a short time frame. Customers will also be treated with a lot of care and concerned, and they will be attended to in the shortest time possible. It is a strategy that will attract a lot of customers from my competitors and help maintain the existing ones. They will be assisted where they cannot understand the terms and requirements of the services offered. It is an excellent strategy that will enable me increase my income from the services provided. This strategy will be accompanied by a good customer care services in which there will be specific phone numbers that the customers will be able to call anytime they want to enquiry (Marketing Research, 2015).5. FIRST YEAR In the first financial year, I will look for a suitable place for my business allocation. This place should be in a town where there is a large population and where many customers can access it fast. The place will be furnished and equipped with the required furniture and fittings that the workers will be used. Recruitment of fully qualified consultants in mortgage banking is a mandatory exercise to carry on in the first year. In the same year, I will recruit field workers who will help in the marketing the business in different places. In the same year, the business will start its operations.6. MONITORING YOUR SUCCESS The success of the business will be monitored by the net profit and the earnings per year. It is an excellent monitoring method that can be relied upon. If the plan does not work, I will change the marketing strategy of my business and try to find new ways to incorporate to ensure that it stands again.


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