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Published: 2020/12/17

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Introduction questions

The presenter was very eloquent in the introduction of the presentation by giving an in-depth elaboration of topic (retention) which is very relevant to the current nursing professional. The relevance of the topic captured the attention of the audience since one way or another they are all affected by the issues around nursing retention such as the shortage of nurses. Additionally, the presenter stated the objective of the research at the beginning of the presentation to set the mind of the audience on the subtopics which will be addressed by the presenter and the general mood of the presentation. According to the presenter, the nursing professional is facing a hostile working environment which hinders the effectiveness of the nurses at giving quality health care. Thus, it is time to formulate policies to address the problem of nursing retention. Therefore, the presenter called upon the nurse leader to create a Conducive environment where nurses can have a chance to learn, grow and provide world class quality health care to the patient (21st International Nursing Research Congress, 2010). This demonstrates the importance of the topic and why the presenter felt the necessity to address the matter.

Organization question

The topic of the research was precise and delivered the clear message of the presentation at glance. Additionally, the topic was subdivided into various subtopics which gave the detail of the topic from various perspectives. The information under each subtopic made the audience understand the topic more clearly and what is the intention of the research (21st International Nursing Research Congress, 2010). For example the purpose subtopic elaborates the problem which the nursing professional is facing and how the problem can be solved through proper nursing leadership. Furthermore, the presenter used various transition styles to provide clear transition from one idea to another without confusing the audience. The subtopics, led the presentation to a clear conclusion by addressing all the relevant part of the research from the aim, method used to the results of the research. This provided a guide to the direction of the presentation from the introduction to conclusion.

The presenters utilize evidence based research materials which provided the base for carrying out the research. The materials used were findings of various researches which were carried out in the last five years. These materials were instrumental in showing the relationship between nurse retention and their working environment (Brunetto et al., 2013). Additionally, the supporting references showed how the nurse leaders can help in creating an environment which is conducive for nurses to work in and hence help in retain the nurses in the professional (Duffield et al., 2011). The materials also showed how the problem of retention has affected the workforce at various health care facilities. Moreover, the additional materials highlighted the areas which are vulnerable to the problem and how they can be addressed to achieve an efficient workforce which will meet the needs of patients providing them with quality and safe health care which suits their needs.

Visual Aids questions

The research used statistical graphs to show the various percentage of the response of the participants in the research. The graphs were used to compare the response of three focus groups and how the nurse manager responded to the questions of the research. Additional the diagrams showed the common themes which emerged at the analysis of the data which helped the presenter to come up with a comprehensive conclusion of the research findings. The graphical statistics reinforced the presentation by aiding the audience to understand the information clearly. Additionally, the graphs signify the validity of the presentation and the overall research. The visual effect was instrumental since it helped in capturing the attention of the audience throughout the presentations (21st International Nursing Research Congress, 2010).

Conclusion question

The presenter achieved the goals of the presentation by informing the audience the existence of the problem (retention) in the nursing professional. Additionally, the presenter provided ways in which the problem can be address through nurse leadership. The presenter emphasize the collaboration and working in harmony between the nurse manager and the registered nurses (21st International Nursing Research Congress, 2010). The presentation is very important and relevant to the nursing professional. The professional is facing a serious retention problem. Retention has been found as one area which can be used to address the nursing shortage. The information has a great impact in the nursing professional since it alert the nurse leaders its their responsibility to make sure nurses work in a good atmosphere where the nurses can learn and advance their career. The good environment will also help in delivering quality health care to the patients. Additionally, the presentation adds value to the current nursing information and research. The information will be useful in the future research in nursing retention issue in providing additional information or act as secondary sources.


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