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Boqueria Market is a place, which is full of history, life, and represents the part of the unquestionable architectural value of Barcelona. In the scope of this paper, the mercat de la Boqueria remodeling would be discussed from the set of various perspectives. In the beginning of this paper, the historical background of the city would be considering for revealing the major underlying issues of reconstruction – economic, social etc.
For this purpose, the history of the city in the timeframes 1992-2004 would be analyzed in details. It is essential to refer to the fact that the integrate investment into the set of changes of the urban nature, implied by the process of preparation to the Olympic Games (1992) alongside with the rich cultural heritage of the city and the atmosphere of festival, which was created both by the visitors and local people, have provided the fertile background for the city image improvement and its further popularization around the globe as the attractive center for tourists.
It is essential to refer to the fact that the organizational activity of city development at this historical timeframe, was mainly characterized by the strong leadership, clarity of ideas, stability and consensus. Such approach is referred in the scientific literature as ‘cold blood and enormous patience’. It was critical for effective problems’ resolution and meant that the organization of the reconstruction and change process was in line with the bigger picture, and implied the establishment of the long-term legacies for the Barcelona city.
It is essential to put an emphasis on the Barcelona Games’ major political legacy – the consensus, which was reached among the various levels of rival political parties, public and administration, responsible for maintenance of the pursuing of shared strategic objectives.
At the level of city, the political legacies of the Barcelona Games may be characterized at this timeframe by the set of the durable efforts in terms of promotion of the image of the city on international level - establishing the partnership between the public- and private-sector, combined with formation and practical implementation of various strategic approaches towards this goal achievement.
While taking into account the fact that in 1992-2004, the residents of the city were provided with an option of enjoying the significant improvements in the public spaces – within the regenerated area, which surrounds the Olympic Village, the large scale benefits were gained by those organizations, which were involved into the process of sale and construction of the properties. The major reason for such statement is the fact that the target audience for such property was the ‘new’ social elite.
In accordance with the estimates, the total impact of the games has reached £34.6 billion (both in the forms of direct and indirect investments). The cost, which were issued in the form of direct investment, were mainly allocated for the games’ organization and for coverage of the physical urban improvements to the city. It is obvious that the major benefits were gained by the construction industry before the games; economic benefits (from the perspective of tourism-related business) were gained in the timeframe of the games and immediate post-games period, while the social impact was done after them.
It is essential to put an emphasis on the fact that opening Barcelona to the global economy was forced by its selection as the place for the a basing the global organization for running their business there. To support this statement with the evidence, it is essential to refer to the statistical data – in 1998, the total amount of the attracted foreign investment has reached £4.8 billion as well as by 2002, the position of Barcelona was set as the sixth best Barcelona in terms of business attractiveness (in accordance with the survey, conducted by Cushman and Wakefield, Healey and Barker (2002) – assessment of the opinions of 506 companies operating in 50 countries all over the world).
It is possible to attribute such success of improved international positioning of Barcelona not only to the necessary infrastructure development, but additional emphasis should be put on the city’s brand effective promotion.
In 1993, establishment of the Turismc de Barcelona has taken its place through the means of public-private partnership among Industry and Shipping of Barcelona, Barcelona City Hall, Chamber of Commerce and Barcelona Promocio. One of the major responsibilities of this organization was the following: promotion of the city in terms of the leisure and business tourists’ attraction.
It is possible to make a statement that the increased rates of tourism in Barcelona may be attributed to the huge investments, made into its infrastructure development in the timeframe 1992-2004. Additional contribution was made by the enhanced publicity of the city – after the Olympic Games of 1992. It is obvious that this legacy was not inevitable – since significant efforts were issued for its achievement through the continued investments, made into the development of Barcelona - as the tourism destination product, improving and innovating the brand identity of this city, and afterwards, its active promotion.
The importance of the tourism to the economic system of the city may be explained in the following manner. The direct impact, made by his industry for the local economy is estimated at the rate of 1.4 billion on the annual basis, which is 14% of the total GDP.
While taking into account the set of contributions, made by both direct and indirect investment into the city development, modernization and growth, it is essential to refer to the fact that there was also a set of the side effects, made by such changes – for instance, price increases, which have not been considered by the local population as a positive change for their life.
At the same time, the rates of employment in the city as well as job opportunities were enhanced - both within the service sector and in the tourism industry. Even if it is estimated by some HR experts that these jobs were mainly oriented in youth and females (because they are characterized by the low pay rates, lack of options for professional development and seasonal or temporary nature), the summarized impact made by the Olympic games on the employment, may be represented through the perspective of the following factors: polyvalence and mobility; increased rates of flexibility; the quality cycles’ introduction; less regulation; increased rates of competition among employees (which, in turn, leads to the professional qualities improvement). The entire set of the above listed factors of positive change is achieved through the practical implementation of the human resource policies, related to the performance enhancement (Tomlinson and Young 184-188).
The next issue to be considered in the scope of this paper, is the core features of the Mercat De La Boqueria, its history, purpose architecture and the way it was changed in the timeframe 1992-2004. There is a set of considerations, concerning the origin of its name. It is assumed that this name is borrowed from the Spanish boc (in English - goat), because in the timeframe of early 13th century, the meat of goat was sold at this place.
While referring to the historical roots of the market development, it is essential to outline the following information - the official market’s name is the Sant Joseph’s market. The name references to the convent of Sant Josep, which has been previously constructed at this place, and was furthermore destructed by the fire. Afterwards, this site was converted by Josep Mas i Vila architect into a square for the market. Until construction of the market square, the wares were sold by the vendors at the market on the open street, which was dislocated at the Rambla de Sant Josep. As it was planned by the architect, the new market square should have become the most beautiful square in the city – with gardens, fountains, and the arcades. Unfortunately, these planes have been never realized to the full extent. At the same time, some of the porches and columns, which we included into the plan, may be still observed - even after the reconstruction of the market.
In 1914, the market was covered with the iron frame, which is currently present. This hall was made in the Modernista style. The especially noteworthy feature of the market is its wrought iron entrance, located near the Rambla, since it is decorated with the colorful panes, made of glass.
In accordance with the practice, the market hall is referred as one of the most lively in the whole Spain; it involves more than two hundred stalls, where the fresh food of different types is sold: from met and fish to fruits and vegetables. In addition, there is an option of purchasing the exotic food in the market- such as worms or beetles, but the major target audience of the market is the tourists and that is why, there is a wide variety of the snacks and take-away refreshments. In addition, there are the tapas bars, offering the typical Catalan and Spanish foods.
As it has been already mentioned, at the initial stages of its existence, architecture of this market incorporated the gas illumination as well as accomplishment of the metal cover construction has taken its place in 1914. The major purpose of the meal cover implied protection of the sellers and buyers and food. Currently, it gives character to the market by its unique design. The present size of the market is 13,600 square meters ( 1).
This market is referred as one of the attractions of the city and the third and the fourth generations of sellers are proud of their engagement into the work in the most complete and the oldest market of the city ( 1).
While referring to the set of the underlying issues to the market remodeling, which has taken its place in 2001, it is essential to outline the following information. Initially, entering to the market was set from the section, where the flower vendors have traded. This section was also considered to be “the one for promenade”.
It is one of the oldest markets in the Europe and as it has been already stated, it has been sprouted almost spotaneously, afterwards, was covered by the iron roof. It was considered both by the local population and the tourists as the food produce mid-city market. As the large scale reconstruction of the city brand has taken its place in the timeframe 1994-2002, in order to make Barcelona the center for tourism, the market reconstruction has been also planned by Santiago Loperena Jene. The major reason for such approach was the fact of the market’s popularity – as the place to be visited in Barcelona – for its unique architecture and rich history.
The major purpose of the remodeling project was to take away the produce stands and locate them back from the edges. Such approach was mainly intended to reveal the unique columns of the market- and to make them attractive and visible for the tourists.
After the remodeling has taken its place, the market appearance and space planning may be described in the following manner - wild mushroom, vegetable and fruit displays are located on the left to the entrance; this stand is referred as the most colorful ones in the whole city. Pinotxo- the worlds famous Boquería's barstool counter tapas bar is located in right to the entrance.
At the heart of the market, it is possible to see the amphitheater of seafood and fish, where the visitor is provided with an option of purchasing the full course in Atlantic and Mediterranean ichthyology, alongside with making the breath of mid-city salt sea and iodine freshness.
After the fish display, the left turn would lead the visitor to the stand of Peña vegetables and fruits. After the remodeling, this stand is brilliantly illuminated. While passing the restaurants, and going across the counter Genaro seafood, the visitor gets to three-dimensional painting of Van Gogh, which is done of ropes of peppers (gained from all over the world), different types of vegetables, nuts, tiny onions, exquisite new sorts of potatoes and other types of goods.
Also, the Avinova and the popular Kiosko Universal restaurants may be visited, while being in the market. These restaurants offer wide set of the dishes- starting from duck and involving hare and woodcock.
At the back of the market there is an option of visiting the Petràs Fruits del Bosc, where the visitor may purchase the fruits of the forest – at this place, the wild spices, herbs and mushrooms, from Catalonia as well as from the other countries are offered.
It is possible to attribute this trend to the set of the factors: long and engaging history; variety of unique products, offered for the visitors as well as the fact of remodeling, which has transferred the market from the traditional place of making the purchases to the site, which should be obligatory visited while being in Barcelona.

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