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The issue on salaries of athletes has been a controversial and burning topic for decades. One may say that it is unfair that athletes have such big salaries while they don’t work same hours as simple worker with smaller salary do. Another may claim overall, sport is not very significant for our community at all. Therefore, all athletes don’t have an essential value to all the people, when we speak of the sums they are getting paid.
Nevertheless, it is hard to say that in the United States one can see a socialist community. Furthermore, some jobs have bigger salaries than other, and some people get paid more than others. Unfortunately, working hard not always provides people with big sums in their paychecks.
The problem of play pay is complementary matter of skills’ allocation or rival balance among teams in the country, bought to forefront of disputes all the times when we deal with an owner of a team with enormous sums of money that wins some championship. The best examples are Manchester United in soccer and New-York Yankees in baseball.
It is safe to say that owners wanted to pay for more qualified and skillful sportsman. Personal achievements of a player is very easily could be seen and evaluated with the help of performance data contributions. That is why it is essential to say that more qualified athletes have bigger payments. However, the problem with such sportsmen is that they could be easily transferred to another team, who has a lot of money.
Here we deal with the problem that one team, with unlimited means could create disparities among the teams. Athletes would choose up a team according to the payment he or she would receive there.
It is possible to draw a parallel between the salaries nowadays and salaries 2-3 decades ago. For instance, more than 20 years ago, the average annual salary of a basketball player was half a million dollars. Now one can find information that shows that the annual basketball player salary is 5,200,000 dollars. Almost 10 times more!
Another example is in the hockey, In 1990, the average salary was $271,000. Now it is almost two million dollars. 30 years ago, baseball player has a $20,000 payment for his performance. Now, it is more than 3 million dollars. It is essential to show the average income of a citizen of the United States -$52,000 a year. (, 2008) (logos, pathos)
First of all, all the work should be paid according to the efforts this work involved. Compared to miners or firemen that have god salaries but terribly hard and awful conditions at work, athletes on the other hand have great condition to work. In the first place they do not have to work so many hours. Then, even though that they work hard, there is no doubt about that, it is possible to claim that their jobs are much easier than most of other people’s with smaller salaries.
And lastly, apart from the entertainment of the audience, they do not provide anything beneficial to community. Moreover, although they are exposed to danger while practicing or playing, the risk that involved in their work is much smaller than firemen or miner are exposed to.
As it was already mentioned not everyone agrees with significance of such high salaries in professional sports. According to the “Citizens for more Important Things” money that is spent on salaries and stadiums must be spent on something else that could be really important and beneficial for society. It is essential to balance the priorities, according to the “Citizens for more Important Things” and see if there is anything more important than to spend another couple of millions on some famous baseball player or not. (, 2015) (logos)
I know a lot of people that are professional athletes, and I know now how hard they work to achieve the best results. However, their payment checks should stay conformable with what they at present are today. Nevertheless, it is possible to say that not all athletes receive high salaries.
There are few people that have the best skills and abilities to show excellent performance and play and could become one of the best players in the world. (Ethos) Furthermore, it is also very significant to say that athletes are exposed to danger of being injured starting from minor injuries and ending up with permanent life-changing traumas.
It is also important to mention that due to the high salaries of the sportsmen, these athletes could become selfish, arrogant and develop egoistical personalities. With great money comes big responsibilities and money could infatuate athlete. Of course, it is impossible to state that every single athlete with enormous salary would become arrogant egocentric, but there are a lot of such cases.
On the contrary to above mentioned, plenty of sportsmen have great opportunities to help other people as they receive big salary. Different charity organizations, children centers, medical facilities, universities, and simple common individuals are supported by various athletes. For example, football player Eli Manning donates money to several charity organizations, such as the Red Cross, Phoenix House, March of Dimes and St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters. He also raised $2.5 million for the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s Children’s Hospital. (Scherer, 2015)
Another great case of humanity is Clayton Kershaw who is a famous baseball player. He has a very big salary, however, the significant part of it he donates to causes in Africa and saves a lot of children there. (Scherer, 2015). (pathos, logos)
For my way of thinking, I would say that even though sport industry in our country is very developed and is a big part of our society, still the payments that athletes have, are way too big. I agree that their work is very dangerous and a lot of them are exposed to danger of being injured and forever left their sport career.
Nevertheless, I think that capping their salaries would do best both for the society and for nation in whole. And it is safe to say that salary cap would not make a big difference in the quality of the performance of the player. After all, it should not be only the money that persuades sportsmen to come onto field.
Hence, one can come to the conclusion that it is very controversial to speak about the payments of sportsmen and athletes. There are a lot of benefits and implications about athlete’s high salaries. However, there are a lot of examples of selfless usage of money by athletes.

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