Culinary Arts-Béchamel Sauce Research Papers Example

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Culinary Arts-Béchamel Sauce
Sauces are the main part of a dish and a dish traditionally cooked with a particular will seem incomplete if the sauce is excluded from the recipe of the dish. Therefore, sauces play a major role in the presentation and taste of a good dish. Sauces serve three main purposes in a dish. Sauces enable the meat to get tender and behave as a medium for cooking. Moreover, it gives a taste to the dish which is a significant function (Olver, 2000).
Among the five major sauces found in France include Béchamel sauce. Béchamel sauce is one of four mother sauces in France. It is called a mother sauce because many more sauces are derived from these mother sauces. Béchamel sauce is also known as white sauces which are composed of three ingredients mainly which are; boiled milk, butter, and flour. This sauce can be served with vegetables, meat, and eggs. The history of béchamel sauce is learned through four different theories. According to an Italian theory, the béchamel sauce was invented in the 14th century. Catherine de Medici who was an Italian chef renown this sauce to the queen of France only. However, the Italian cooks and pastry makers encourage her to introduce her dishes to the France and, therefore, France acknowledged the great taste of the Italian food along with the béchamel sauce (Stradley. 2004).
Another theory involves Duke Philippe de Mobay. The history displays that the Duke had brought certain changes in the white sauce prepared by Mornay. Consequently, the variation in sauce leads to the development of the béchamel sauce. The history of béchamel sauce is also thought to be emerged from the financier Marquis Louis de Béchamel in the 17th century. He invented this sauce during the innovative attempts of serving the dried food in order to cook it in a better way. On the other hand, the béchamel sauce is thought to be founded by the chef Francois Pierre de la Varenne. He was the chef of the court and has invented haute cuisine. Therefore, he is considered to be the inventor of the béchamel sauce too (Stradley. 2004).
The béchamel sauce is the mother sauce. Consequently, other sauces are derived from it. The derivatives sauces include mornay sauce, bayo sauce, and mustard sauce. Mornay sauce is the cheesy touch to the béchamel sauce. If gruyere and parmesan cheese in equal parts that of béchamel sauce are added to the final béchamel sauce, then Mornay sauce is prepared. The bayo sauce is the derivative of béchamel sauce in which the roux is cooked till it attains a dark brown color. Also, some seasonings including onions, Creole, garlic is added to convert béchamel sauce into bayo sauce. On the other hand, mustard sauce is the béchamel sauce which consists of mustard seeds or mustard powder. This mustard sauce can be further modified by addition of cheese, Worcestershire sauce, or diced onions (Potter, 2010). Several dishes use the béchamel sauces and its derivative sauces. The fish pie is a form of the dish which uses the Mornay sauce. The mustard sauce can be used in grilled or pan-roasted chicken. In addition, the bayo sauce is used in pastitsio which is a ground beef and pasta dish.
Béchamel sauce with the meatballs is my recipe along with some modifications. The ingredients required are: ground beef (250gm), black pepper (half teaspoon), salt (one teaspoon), egg (1 beaten), red chili powder (1.5 teaspoon), oregano (half teaspoon) and parsley (2 tablespoons). The ingredients for the béchamel sauce include milk (3/4 cup), butter (1.5 tablespoon), and flour (3/4 tablespoon).
Procedure: Grind beef with salt, pepper, red chili powder and egg is mixed and shaped into small balls. These balls are placed in boiling water for few minutes and converted to the béchamel sauce. Small amount of water is added to sauce in order to cook the meatballs. Roasted oregano is added to the dish and parsley is sprinkled from the top. Time took: 45 minutes.
The research on sauces aid in elevating my knowledge related to the sauces and the derivatives. This study has helped me to understand that innovations in the dish can be carried out by using the modified mother sauce. Moreover, I can display my creativity by modifying the mother sauces which could add more taste to the dish.


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