Good Television And Commercials: Essay Example

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Published: 2020/12/07

Inappropriate Commercials Should Not Be Aired

Media is everywhere. Magazines and newspapers and tabloids circulate around grocery stores and convenience stores. Televisions are not only in everyone’s home but also in bars, cafes and public places. This allows for important information to reach the masses, but is all of this information good? The answer is no. There is some very inappropriate material on television, and television should not air specific commercials and certain shows because they influence children's behavior negatively.
First of all, television broadcasts a lot of inappropriate sexual commercials that can negatively affect children. Sex sells, and companies are cashing in on this with advertisements that promote sex; however, there is no regard for how it affects the children. These sexual advertisements are aired any time of day, and it is known that children watch a great deal of television. This then becomes a part of normality for children to see half-naked bodies on TV using and consuming the latest and most popular products. Because these sexual ads gain so much popularity, children then admire and aspire to the images captured in the ads. This can be detrimental to both the psychology of a child’s mind, and the behavior.
Second, the television also broadcasts a lot of commercials that promote alcohol which is also detrimental to a child’s health. This often goes hand in hand with the sexual ads, and this combination of sex and alcohol paint a bad portrait of what is acceptable. The commercials glorify and romanticize the experience of drinking alcohol, and these messages can be misinterpreted by children who want to feel good and cool and to fit in. Plus, the advertisements only show one side of the story, and this can also negatively affect children.
Finally, violence is broadcasted on TV constantly, and this also negatively affects children. Violence in on commercials, on the news, and on television shows. No matter what station is turned to, there is violence. This might be the most detrimental to children because it desensitizes them to violence. According to KidsHealth, “The average American child will witness 200,000 violent acts on television by age 18” (“How TV Affects Your Child”). Again, what children watch on TV becomes normality, especially with the blurred line between fiction and reality that is now prevalent on TV. This has only become more and more violent, and this only affects the children more severely.
Not everyone believes television affects children in a negative way. Many argue that TV is not a depiction of reality and children are aware of this. They champion TV as a stimulating source and positive outlet for information. While some of this may be true, the more long-term effects haven’t even been studied in enough daily, and without more information and statistics, it is important to ere on the side of caution and not excuse the inappropriate images and behavior that are broadcasted on TV because they are not necessarily condoned in society. If they are, that could also be a result from the prevalence of sexual, alcoholic, and violent images on TV.
Television is a great advancement in technology, and it has brought a lot of good to society. However, there is certainly inappropriate material on TV daily, and though it may be appropriate for adults, children are still exposed to it, and that is the danger. That being the case, television should not air this inappropriate content.

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