Good Thesis About The Good And The Bad Points Of Marriage

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People’s attitude to formal marriage causes a lot of debate. It is generally accepted that girls tend to marry almost from birth, but they begin to be afraid of men of the same age. Today the situation is very different from the one that was ten years ago. There is a rethinking of family values with the development of society as a whole and its individual movements related to sexual minorities, women's emancipation. To date, a marriage is no longer required. Supporters of compliance with traditions of marriage challenged the views of those who believe a marriage is an irrelevant formality.


Firstly, one of the most important advantage of marriage is a higher level of enjoyment. Australian scientists claim that a married man is happier than an unmarried more than 135%. The fact is that a married man arrives at a certain tranquility, and, therefore, at a pleasure. If it is a love-match and both sides are equally trying to maintain and improve its quality to create a family, the level of satisfaction will not go down with time but only improve and eventually become stable.
Secondly, the plus of marriage is higher salary and career growth. Researchers at the University of Virginia have estimated that married men earn 25% more than single men. Another US study (where the officers of the Navy were the respondents) showed that the presence of a man’s wife is a powerful argument for the chief to promote a man up the career ladder. It turns out that marriage has a positive effect on career growth. In addition, it was stated that a probability of becoming a victim is lesser for married persons (Huang, 881). The US Justice Department has collected statistics on the street and other crimes. The study of the statistics showed that single men are four times more likely to become victims of murder, robbery and rape. This fact is due to the way of life and types of men. Moreover, in 2006, British researchers interviewed men from almost 40 countries. The survey data matched by 85%, and it stated that married men overtake unmarried men with occurrence of regular sex. The next plus of marriage is a life without dependencies. Happy marriage also helps to get rid of alcohol and nicotine dependence. American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a study that showed that male alcoholics and smokers more likely to be unmarried in 2014 (Beresford, 9). Moreover, a chance of cancer developing is decreasing too. In general, the life expectancy is higher too. The experts of UCLA studied guinea men for eight years. Therefore, they concluded that unmarried men were more likely to die during this period (approximately 30%). One more advantage of marriage is a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease (Slator, 456). Scientists from Utah University have found that people, who have married for love, have a perfect blood pressure. And vice versa - the worst readings were in couples with unhappy marriage. This case has run to extremes, when some doctors were forced to divorce a couple in order to improve the quality of the heart muscle.


It is believed that family life narrows significantly an individual’s social circle and deprives the majority of prospects, especially creative ones. Married life deprives a person of almost all personal space, turning it into a general. Marriage makes a relationship monotonous and promotes the disappearance of passion (Huang, 896). The emancipation movement claims that marriage obliges women to perform purely female duties. One can say that marriage deprives women of certain rights and makes them "someone’s property." It has been proved that a man becomes the head of the family in marriage, while he can earn a lot less than a woman can. That is, marriage gives a man a power and makes him dominant in all respects. In most cases, the marriage only upsets the balance of legal relations, contributing to conflicts at the household level. If people are not suited to each other at any moment of their civil marriage - they can leave, but this is much harder to do in a marriage (Beresford, 7). A separation and divorce bring more negative emotions and financial problems. The existence of marriage contracts once again testifies to the marriage: every second American marriage is based on the marriage contract. If one considers the marriage in terms of stereotypes and outdated traditions, it has more negative aspects than useful ones.


It is believed that a will to marry is an attempt to buy the full confidence of a loved one. Marriage imposes certain legal obligations and influences on a psychological level at the same time, causing people to follow certain moral standards. An attitude to marriage has become very personal. Once, a marriage defined some benefits, religious principles, romantic impulses, and today, it is regarded as a relic of the past. Of course, one can live with a beloved without getting married, especially today. However, there is a viewpoint that love must have certain obligations. Since people live in a democratic state at the peak of information and technical progress, it would be right to reconsider their attitude to marriage. In many ways, the marriage is a relic of the past centuries, and the present generation should change some of the family that are based on the individual needs of each person.

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