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When, domesticating animals, of course, people had no idea what they will occupy an important place in their later life as a utilitarian and non-utilitarian the spiritual plane, and that the latter will lead to the emergence and development of a particular layer of the spiritual culture related to pets.
Based on the principles of general systems theory there is a proposed algorithm for constructing classifications of breeds of domestic animals, which consists of eight steps. Here immediately I would like to indicate that this algorithm is inherently may be applicable for any other classification of objects and phenomena.
The first step is connected with the choice of subject for classification, in this case, breeds of domestic animals. The second step is to define goals and objectives of the classification. The third step is to select from a variety of well-known species such as are consistent with the goals and objectives of the classification. The fourth step is to select the comparison level: molecular level, gene level, cell level, body parts, organism, population, species, etc. The fifth step is to find one or a set of features by which objects are grouped into classes. The sixth step is to give the definition of connections and relationships between objects within the class and between classes of objects. The next step is connected with the determination of causes, according to which objects can be grouped in the appropriate classes. The last step is the conformity of assessment received according to the classification goals and objectives.
Causes of the appearance of the system where society is connected to pets were in the human need for economic and non-economic use of animals, both elements of mutual need for each other. Both parts of the system can no longer be separated. For example, many breeds of chickens have lost the instinct of incubation of eggs and therefore reproduction is possible only with the help of a man. Modern cows may die if they are not milked, and many other examples. That the person at the present stage cannot live without pets, apparently, needs no explanation.
I would like to attract your attention on the classification connected with the first reasons why an animal was domesticated. The breeds of chickens that are not used primarily as a source of meat and eggs still produce eggs and still appear to be a product of fully edible meat. Consequently, they are components of both spiritual culture and people and food resources. Both of them are the result of incarnation of human creativity and they also like their creators, are privileged to live in two worlds: physical and virtual. Verily, man as the God created beings in his own image and likeness, at least in this respect, although in some other too. For example, often the appearance of pets is somewhat similar to that of the people who created them: thus, dwarf Japanese chicken like beautiful butterflies are associated with tiny, exquisitely dressed Japanese women. A similar situation exists in other species of animals.
Another classification is the use of animals as objects of social intercourse with a man. In this classification the use of economic factors and benefits should be omitted. Everyone knows about this type of pets on literary works and their own experience, about such common pets as dogs and cats. All owners have seen their manifestations great ingenuity, soul, intellect, dedication and understanding. In this sense we can speak of the emergence of a new social environment of human communication, communication with pets.

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