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Nowadays, in the modern time of television, internet and media, it is hard to surprise and to interest someone with the help of visual effects and computer graphic. That is why, it is safe to say that plenty of movies, TV shows, games and even books become less interesting, memorable and worth watching more than 1 time. However, it is possible to say that once a year or a decade, one can see a breakthrough in the cinematography, book or game production that completely changes the paradigm of genre, type, style or creates something totally new and innovative.
There are a lot of examples of such cases like: The Chronicles of Narnia series of book, Star Wars franchise, Star Trek, DC and Marvel comics – these pieces of artwork pushed the limits and boundaries of what can be written and filmed. Yet to my mind, the best groundbreaking franchise that influenced a lot of people and had a great impact on contemporary cinematography is the Harry Potter movie franchise. It is not a secret that in case of the whole movie is divided into several smaller movies, the very first one in the series is predominantly the best. Of course, it can be applied for all movies; however I would like analyze and evaluate the first movie from the Harry Potter series - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The first movie as for me is better part than the other 7 movies, because I can honestly say that it is a real fairy tale, that is suitable for all children, that conveys only positive emotions and experiences, without loss of this X factor, that makes it the best.
However, to my mind first movies in a large series is frequently the best. And here we can see the same case. One may say that it is plenty of benefits of this first series and I could not agree more. It is safe to say that this single installment best represents that franchise due to first of all very obvious reason – it was very fresh, innovative idea of a magic school for children, the concept of the wizards that live among us, concealing their true face. It was stunning, interesting and spectacularly. Moreover, it is possible to say, that “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone” was a very enigmatic movie, as the audience knew little about all the characters, and it conveyed various emotions. For instance, for the main character Harry it was a compassion about his parents and the absence of a real, loving family. For the Draco it was anger, who threw sand in the wheels of Harry.
Compared with other movies, especially the last 3, it is possible to say that audience did not emphasize so much, as it was in the first movie, which results in not so strong emotional attachment to the movie and characters. It is also essential to mention, that the first movie was considered as a tale, even though that the whole series of Harry Potter is assumed to be a tale. However, in the Philosopher’s Stone, the atmosphere is much more “tale like” – the color grade is brighter and more glaring. Background music is also more festal, rather than tragic and gloomy. There is little doubt about the purposes of such music, as it was completely in accordance with plot and development of the action. Yet, personally for me that was an implication, rather than a benefit.
Frankly speaking, it is possible to compare the very first movie with the others in the series. In the following movies, one can observe less magic, less fun, less action but rather more food for reflection and thinking. It stands to reason, that it is essential to the movie’s idea and message, and now these movies are for slightly older audience. In addition to mentioned above, one can see that in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone” it is impossible to see that someone from the goodies died, however in the following movies, we may see how heroes that have been with the audience for years passed away.
As to the color grade, it is possible to say that it underwent changes as well. Other movies were shot predominantly in dark and obscure colors, which also created a gloomy, mysterious and from time to time even scary atmosphere. Again, it is understandably why such color grade was used, why such tragic and pressurizing music were played, but still for me it was not compared with emotions I get while watching the first movie.
Nevertheless, one may say that all the movies in this franchise or some particular in this series is better than the very first one. It is possible to assume, that better visual effects, brighter computer graphics could make the movie better. In addition, one may say that as the movie get older, the audience, that watched it for the first time from the first movie also gets older, thus the problems, social relationships that are described in the movie can be applied to the majority of the audience. However, personally for me, the first movie still is the best one, as it is truly a wonderful example of moralistic tale.
Hence, one can come to the conclusion that it is true that the first movie or book in a large series is predominantly slightly or even much better than the following ones. It is essential to understand that speaking about Harry Potter franchise, we much concern that it is a book for children, that behind the veil of magic, wizardry and sorcery the simple human feelings, emotions and situations are described. And I think that the first movie succeeded in such depiction, without sacrificing either the magic and fun part, neither the serious and thoughtful part.

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