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The United States has continuously diversified in terms of population over time. The percentage of the minorities in the country has been an increase over time. Although, the health indicators for most Americans have improved over time, some minorities still experience a disproportionate burden of preventable diseases, disability, as well as deaths. The future health of the United States will highly depend on the effectiveness of the task that the Center for Disease Control and prevention does to eliminate the health disparities that exist among the populations. The Hispanic or Latino minority group has had firsthand experience of the health disparities in the American society.
The medical, cultural practices require all the patients to be handled with equal attention and care by the medics. It is unethical to handle any patient inappropriately without maximum application of the necessary knowledge and skills. However, the full attention is not equally practiced by the patients. The Latinos, who are a representative of the minority groups in the American society, are proper indication of the challenges that affect the minorities in the health sector of the nation.
All other factors such as income status, income, age, and sternness of conditions remaining constant, the minority patients are less likely to access as well as receive quality healthcare than Caucasian consumers. The minorities are likely to lose their lives in the hands of the medical practitioners following inadequate services during the treatment process.
The minorities do not access equal attention from the medical practitioners. Instead, they are exposed to the risks of favors that may make them suffer in the hands of the doctors. Nurses, who are the proper representation of the equality that should be practiced in a medical center, show no much interest to the Latinos. They do not offer the necessary support to the patients when they attend the medical facilities.
Since the minorities are sensitive to the poor treatment services they obtain from the medical facilities, they are likely to seek for the services of the experts within their groups. The number of the well-trained medical practitioners among the minority is decimally low. On the other hand, the few who are trained in the medical practice lack adequate skills to handle complex medical cases. For example, the level of depression and mental illnesses among the Latinos is extremely high. There may not be adequate skills among the Latinos to treat the disease. Therefore, the minorities will experience a high number of deaths. The Latinos are likely to depend more on social workers for medical services, exposing them to high risks of losing their lives.
The socio-cultural practices of the Latinos may cause extensive danger to the wellbeing of the Latinos. There are reports of high level of mental illnesses. The mental illnesses have a direct connection to drug abuse among the minorities. There have been many cases of drug abuse, among the Latinos, which the government has not been keen to control. Therefore, the individuals remain in ill health for a long time risking the mental wellbeing. It has been hard for them to access antidepressants, which would be useful in maintaining their mental health.
The Latino culture highly borrows from the Catholic faith, which expects Latinas to focus their attention on the needs of the family members instead of themselves. The government has not been able to heed to the requirement by the subgroup, rendering the cultural values of the organization ignored and ineffective to the well-being of the society.
As a method for health promotion, the government has invested in reliable health systems. The government ensures the existence of proper facilities that would enable medical practitioners to execute their services accordingly. However, the facilities do not serve the entire population as the minorities do not benefit a lot from them. There are segregations in access to medical facilities as Caucasians get full and proper medical support through the use of all the facilities that may be required. There are high chances that a Latino would be denied excellent services in a hospital or medical facility that a Caucasian would get full support.
Public education on proper health is an excellent step that the government may undertake to ensure the citizens remain healthy. There must be continuous sensitization to the risks that surround certain behaviors. It means that the government must be ready to support all the groups within its boundaries in attaining equal knowledge on certain sicknesses. However, it has not been the case as most minorities have been segregated from such services. For example, the cases of mental illnesses have been rampant among the Latinos but there have not been excellent sensitization of the main causes of mental illness and the protective ways that people may use to prevent themselves from the mental disorders.
The government has developed unique structures that would allow the citizens to access proper medical services, but not all of them could access the facilities. Among the Latinos, 21.5% of them live below the federal poverty income level. Approximately 32.1% of them lack health insurance . The success of the wellness of the people in the American society highly depends on the access to proper medical services, which are highly influenced by the existence of health insurance. The large population size of uncovered individuals shows that the large portion of the Latino group cannot access the right medical services.
The high levels of diseases such as depression, and diabetes among the Latinos may be solved through consideration of their main cause. When the cause is clear, the government or the responsible parties may develop a strategy that will help to eliminate the problem. In this case, the primary approach would be the most appropriate.
The public needs to get aware of the causes of the health problems. There are underlying issues that the government would seek to address to the public after exclusive research on the health conditions. If the underlying causes are well understood and explained to the public, it will be extremely easy to solve the main problem. If the diseases relate to poor feeding habits, the people must be sensitized on the avenues that they may use to ensure they reclaim their good health. If the conditions result from addiction to certain drugs, the public must become aware of the risks of drug abuse and the technique for avoiding them through the consideration of a healthy lifestyle.
Equality in access to proper medical services would be a major measure in achieving equality in the American society. The minorities like the Latinos should have access excellent medical services that will make them avoid deaths from curable diseases. It would be wise to remain considerate of the main causes of the poor health among the minority and address them accordingly to ensure no individual loses taste for healthy living.


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