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In this project, the Hearcare incentive scheme, we will be elaborating different perspectives that are to be used in it including the vision, background information, the methods appropriate to be used, and finally the analysis of the results. We shall, also, look at the set goals such as the sales set to be met after a specific duration by different stores or sale points as well as the rewards that will follow in case these sales are made or accomplished on time.

Vision and the Mission

The vision as well as the mission of this project is to ensure that the sales made by the sales personnel are maximized each and every day in an appropriate manner and, as a result, accomplishing the promised rewards to the personnel that effectively affect the sales. Mostly, we shall be targeting the Hearcare Champions when rewarding those who have accomplished the mission appropriately. Additionally, every sales point will be required to select its sales representative or champion for every single week that will be known to have performed a certain amount of job thus expecting a reward for achieving the set goal or not. This action will ensure that the reward given to the intended person, hence, reducing inappropriateness in work. For instance, any given store may contain more persons than the intended ones such as 3 or 4 or any other number, and therefore, the reward issued will be divided by the number of persons who aided in meeting the set goals.
Despite the vision mentioned above, we shall also be aiming at performing the best hearcare to our customers through the effective development of our medical publication to the patients seeking our care. Thus, we shall be delivering quality healthcare services to the clients through the issuance of the best medication at the cheapest and affordable prices than those in the existing markets.

Background information

Personally, I joined the Specsavers Horsham in the journey towards the cure of hearing problems in the 7th of April in the year 2015. In the journey, I intended to help the group in the spreading of informing regarding the hearing problems as it was in the same course of increasing awareness in the people situated both locally and internationally. This is because the store has been in the run functioning over ten good years thus qualifying to have the best knowledge in the hearcare treatment. It is of much importance to note that this Specsavers Horsham is managed by different personnel including two directors and one general manager. The directors are Mr. Alan McLean and Mr. Kumar Keshavji while the store manager is Matt Gawn. In the Hearcare Department, there is another personnel including Joao Gomes, HAD, Mrs. Jane Vodden, HCA, and the HAD trainee Mr. James Panton.
I currently do have a team at this store as well that assist me in accomplishing the objectives of the project. The store, also, has got other spokes that include the East Grinstead and the Crawley that are effectively managed and directed by the same personnel, but the East Grinstead has got an additional director who is Mrs. Marie Guirguis. In this store, some persons aid me in the accomplishment of the set goals as well as increasing the awareness both locally and nationwide who perform several roles as we will look at them.

The objective of this project

As explained in the above, there are some aspects that this project aims at achieving as quoted in below. First of all, the gross sales are to be maintained not less than £30,000.00 per a single month. This goal is attainable through the implementation of other aspects including the selection of efficient champion per store who will be functioning at a given time or week so as to ensure his or her sales records are properly affected. By promising the employees a reward at the end of a financial period, either a month, week, or year, they will be more motivated to work to work so as to attain the set goals. As a result, the sales’ limit will be able to be met at the effective timing.
Secondly, this project aims to accomplish an achievement of 60% in the awareness created to the public through diverse media that do advertising either on the paid basis or by the publicity manner. With the aid of the Champions located at different locations where the stores are, the final customer who is being targeted will be reached by advising them to talk to the customers whenever they show in the stores. We should, however, note the steps that are involved in the process of increasing the number of persons who are aware of the program. The first step is by reaching the local client through the champions through the word of mouth. Secondly, the customers who are in the regional location can be reached through the use of posters, and those who are at the national or international level being reached by the television advertising.
Thirdly, this project aims at attaining the assurance of the good PX being seen by the Audiologist over the review period. This factor, being put into consideration, ensures that the efficiency of the workers or the champions are assured as their work and records will be observed keenly.
Finally, the project aims at ensuring that optical staffs do interact and integrate as well with the Hearcare Services in all stores. This fact will be put into place through the implementation of the incentive designs especially in the review times as the more the staffs interact, the better the co-existence in the work will be attained. Also, better understanding between the two groups will be enhanced including the increased rate of sharing their personal ideas on performing several duties.


Just as briefly explained in the above, several ways that are needed so as to make the champions and my team members be able to attain the objectives of the project. First of the methods is by efficiently training the staff on how to perform correct and flawless screening on the patient. As the larger the number of patients seeks the Hearcare Services at the stores, the more the clients we shall have who will need to undergo the screening process.
Secondly, there is a need to keep pushing on the screening stage as it aids in the location of where the ear problem is at. Lack of this stage may cause further injury to the patient’s ear as it was making our stores loose more of the customers thus slicing down the number of possible sales. As the staff will be trained on how to perform the screening process on different patients, it will be very simple for them to do it when the clients are in the screening room and increasing the capabilities or treating the patient.
Pushing on the fact that the staff needs to perform the screening process does ascertain that all stores will follow the rules no matter how simple the client’s problem might look like. Therefore, the screening process must be implemented throughout other stores to ensure that every single store follows the rules and making sure that the directors in the stores confirm that too with the patient after operations.
On some other occasions, we might be forced to use the incentive schemes so as to ensure the set objectives are met. These incentives are put up to make sure that the sales are as high as they are scheduled to be per every store or at the end of the critical time. In this strategy, the best champion gets rewarded for his or her hard work through diverse gifts such as different types of bonuses. In this incentive, the duration that will be the implemented is a week as quoted earlier with a particular champion who will be able to work to meet the said amounts. This process ensures that the daily achievement is effectively recorded and finally rewarded without any much tribulations being caused. In these incentives, a weekly price mark is set whereby, after the target has been attained, a bonus reward starts generating. When a champion decides to sell more past the set sales limit, his rewards build up more and more as he works, thus, benefiting him or herself. As we had quoted earlier that the rewards or bonuses will be divided by the number of champions per store, it is the work of the store director and the manager to know he days the heroes performed or worked on their duties thus distributing the bonus efficiently. The establishments that will be utilized incorporate the SAB bonus and the TAB bonus as well. SAB bonus, which is the Screening Appointment Booked, has got a premium of £5.00 for just a single talk that will make the customer turn up for the screening or just book a screening. The other incentive, the TAB, which stands for the Test Appointment Booked, is a bonus given to every single screening process that made the customer turn up for a test of merely booked a test.
Finally, to attain the set goals or objectives, every store must have its champion who will be entirely responsible for activities taking place at that specific store. These champions are, however, to follow and perform the following duties. They should ensure that the customers are communicated with appropriately, do the screening and tests effectively, encouraging the retail staff to communicate with clients efficiently, dedicate themselves to attaining the set goals and limits daily, and be an ambassador for everything in the healthcare. Additionally, they should have team meetings where they are expected to communicate effectively with their colleagues on their goals and any achievements made by them.
For instance, if there are three stores X, Y, and Z, which have contributed to a gross total of £120, the bonus will be distributed in accordance to the percentage of sales they have made. For example, let store X have a record of 50%, store Y with a record of 30%, while store Z with a record of 20%, the bonus will be £60 for X, £36 for Y, and £24 for Z. However, if the sales per store had been contributed to by different champions, like two or three, the store’s bonus will be distributed in accordance to the days that they work. For instance in the store X, there might be three champions A, B, and C, who contributed to the net bonus of £60, having champion A worked for 3 days, B for 2 days, and C for 2 days as well. As a result, champion A will get 3/7 of £60 that is £25.71, B will receive 2/7 of £60 that is 17.14, and C will get 2/7 of £60 which is 17.14 the same as for champion B. For the remaining stores, their calculations will be just the same as those in above but with the exact figure for their champions.

Analysis of the results

Based on the above objectives and methodologies, we are sure to have a fully equipped and functional project that will create the awareness to all parties both in the local region, regional, or internationally. However, the champions should be educated on the rules of the bonuses that are promised to them as they might work out of the circle they are required to so as to increase sales. Such rules may include payment of the bonuses that had test results, payment to the person initiating the screening booking, sound recording of the champion’s name on the screening book, and proper naming of the records.
After a certain period of working, let give it a month, the effectiveness of the project should be determined through the review of the performance posted by the champions. The areas that will need proper review include the awareness and sales sectors as they are the most crucial sectors of the project. If there is no recorded change, more stress will be imposed on the champions to work harder as well as increased advertising in creating awareness through the social media and other advertising agents (Shah et al. 2013).
However, the numbers of clinics that we are able to offer largely determine the weekly targets that we shall be offering. For instance in the trial week, we shall set a daily bonus of £1500 per a single clinic and in case Jaoa offers 5 clinics in that particular week, the daily bonus will increase five times and become £7500. Afterwards, when one of our team members James tests the clinics and result in having a positive outcome, the daily bonus will increase by £1500 in every single clinic. The bonus pot looks as the following as it determines the bonus depending on the number of sales made.

The number of clinics

Figure 1.0: The bonus pot


There are assorted perspectives that should be considered when setting up a hearcare project including the employees who will be working on it, how it will be operating, the number of outlets for the project, the number of required leaders, and the reward given to those employees who perform successfully. A plan must be available as well that will show the operation of the project, its mission, objectives, and methodologies too. In conclusion, all these quoted factors or aspects have been covered in detail in this whole project.

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