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Wellness Assessment

One of the areas that I scored highest in my wellness assessment was in risk prevention, in the second part of my analysis where I got a total of 4.61 points. This was not a surprise particularly because of my upbringing as a young adult in the Middle East, a country that places a strong emphasis on morality and good social standards and relationships. My parents as well as the community where I lived in made sure that I grew up to be a responsible citizen, free from the excessive use, addiction and reliance on drugs like cocaine, alcohol and marijuana. Sticking to a drug free lifestyle has therefore not been a difficult path to follow especially because I am also aware of the catastrophic side effects of some of these drugs like crack, ecstasy, meth and heroin. I therefore always make sure that I either abstain from excessive alcohol or drink less than 5 alcoholic drinks for every college party I attend. I take prescription medicine only under the instructions of a medical doctor and practice safe cooking habits that limit my exposure to health risks like cancer that are associated with certain cooking methods like warming foods in plastic on the microwave and using non-stick pans.
I am proud of my performance in risk prevention both as a student and an employee because the results indicate how I have been able to concentrate more on my studies and my work than on drugs which in essence negatively affects school grades and work output. By limiting my average alcohol intake, I have been able to reduce my dependency to it as well as the other drugs and hence this has helped me to not only stay sober but also to keep me healthy and free from the negative influences of peer pressure from friends who smoke and drink. I have realize that I am more active and productive at work and at school as a sober individual compared to some of my friends who usually show up nursing hangovers and lack of enough sleep from too much drinking and smoking.
Since I am engaged, I am similarly proud of my relationship status performance as I hope to maintain a steady habit of engaging in personal protection practices by using birth control measures like condoms and abstinence in my romantic relationship with my fiancée. This will help us to prevent any cases of unwanted pregnancies before we get married.
Perhaps the most surprising section of my wellness assessment was in the health care section where I scored the lowest mean sub-total of 2.31. Although I always have my blood pressure checked every two years, I realized that I have neglected other similarly important health check-ups like cancer screening, dental unit visits, as well as medical checks for my cholesterol levels and the normal annual medical examination that ought to be an important part of my wellness routine. The results are therefore very significant and helpful as I now intend to have an established relationship with a healthcare provider who will help me when I have questions on a variety of health issues. I furthermore intend to a have a solid partnership with my healthcare provider and increase my visits for massages and body work so that I can be able to improve my wellness.
If as a student and an employee I am unable to maintain a good health status, then there is a high chance that I will not be in good health to duly and diligently perform all of the responsibilities that are required of me. Concerning my relationship, I am glad to be on track to improve my health status because it will help me especially since I am almost getting married. It will be easier to communicate and understand my fiancée as we make plans for the future when I have full knowledge of my health status. My relationship with my friends and family will also be more open and approachable.

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