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4th of March 2015

Rich Dad, Poor Dad book
There is a story of two "Fathers" of author - his own father, a classic civil servant and best friend of his father, "a rich man in Hawaii", according to the Kiyosaki. The book is a story about how the experience of these two such different people had an impact on the future life of the author. Two principles of education, two different approaches to the accumulation of capital, the two polar views on financial investments. And after much deliberation, reflected in the book, Kiyosaki chooses the path of the Rich Dad. The story of how to gain financial independence, it does not simply to become a rich man, because a person has to change the whole approach to life. Money it is not evil, money this is the tool that defines the surrounding reality. However, in the book there is no universal recipe of how to become rich overnight. Tips and recommendations are given in the form of life stories, anecdotes, aphorisms. The whole book by Robert Kiyosaki is built in the form of short stories from the life. There is no clearly derived theories and plan lessons teaching. The book simply and tells us about any incidents in the life of Robert, but conclusions from what happened the author offers readers to choose on their own. That this is the technique of Kiyosaki.
The book reveals the secrets of financial literacy of the wealthy: The rich people do not work for money, money is working for them. Acquires assets, dispose of liabilities. An asset is something that adds money in your pocket, a liability is something that takes money out of your pocket. Author repeating that person, who is going to accumulate wealth have to remember about assets, because more profitable to have a business that does not require your presence. You know everything about it, but it is controlled by other people. For making additional income you can have shares, bonds, public funds, real estate, generating income, IOUs and royalties from intellectual property. A person should think about own business, should know all the details about it, know who is working in your business and if it is smart to trust this person. Kiyosaki tells that more than important to develop financial literacy such as accounting, investment, marketing laws. You do not know when it will be useful for you, but you will know your business better and maybe later you will find some wise solutions how to double your income. It is well as for personal development and for career growth as well. The next important point is to organize your work that would have to learn how not to work for money, you have to make the money work for you. There are a lot of overcoming obstacles, for example, fear, cynicism, laziness, bad habits and so on. If you decided to be the rich person, you have to do as much as you can decrease the number of it or organize everything that it will not slow down your growth.
The most important thing for me was the realization that all our efforts were aimed at making money, instead of seeking how to make money work for them. The whole point of psychology. Requires an effort of will that would abandon a big payday today and send all the strength and energy to the increase in assets over the long term. I would like to confirm that I totally agree with the writer. His idea seems to be interesting and it is easy to understand and implement in my life. He was leaning on his faults with the help of the Rich Dad and he got so deep knowledge about business. I have created my list how to gain the wealth, when I was under the impression of the book: 1) learning as much as I can, paying attention to free courses and seminars. 2) Define what is interesting for me to work in. 3) Make the people and money working on me. So, I will have needed knowledge, I will have a team working on me, I will have money working for me. I will be able to have enough free time for myself, for family, for traveling. Plenty of time to dispose of my money right. Another great lesson from the book for me was not to spend my money for more expensive flat or house. Understood it is a common mistake. Some people who have gotten better jobs, higher salary made a decision to change their flat for more expensive. But they do not realize, that they are spending the same part of money for rent again. As a result, nothing changes, part of money for rent, part of money for more expensive food or restaurants and cloth, and no money to save for the future, no money left for making dreams come true. I know it is good, I have read about it and realized that, because I could be the next who is doing the same mistake with thousands other people.
As the book is full of funny stories, based on author’s life, as it has a lot of interesting and impressing information, it was easy to read the book. I have read it very fast and I was recommending it to my friends. I believe that it van be helpful and it will be helpful in my life. This book is really worth to read and it would be not wasting of the free time, it could be even the first step for accumulating wealth.
It is the second most important book for beginners in business (as Internet says). At the beginning of the book is really very exciting, which tells about the training of two boys - a wealthy businessman. True story takes place in the middle of the 20th century in America, but I think the basics of doing business - the same everywhere. The second part of the book - for me was less interesting because was essentially concerned with the investment of money in securities or real estate. A big plus of the book that the whole storyline was very motivating idea about the "active" and "passive". I really liked the fact that the author talks about the education system of the school. Many may think that Kiyosaki invites children drop out of school. Not at all. It encourages us to think for themselves and do not believe in standards. The education system is structured that pupils tend to get a high grade, rather than knowledge. Knowledge is impaired. And it was the knowledge helps us to make decisions in our life, to gain the success. This book is useful to read for parents and for their kids as well. Both has to read and learn from the author. Maybe after that parents will be more attentive to what their kids doing. In my opinion, parents have a great influence on selecting the way of living by their kids.If parents will know what does this book tells, they will be able to organize their time to help kids start studying, not only gaining the high grades.
In my opinion, author of the book, Robert Kiyosaki has made a great job, he gave us a lot of information to think, a great base of knowledge to change our lives. I was thinking that the best time to find this book for yourself it is time, when you are graduating from school and selecting the university, selecting the path for future job or when you understood something goes wrong in your life.
I think,each person who read the book, was thinking "Am I doing right?”. I can confidently say that for me it was not in vain. I am on the right track.

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