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Problem Statement

The National Marketing Council (NMC) does not have knowledge on the purchasing patterns of the consumers across the nation. It creates the necessity for the Council to have adequate knowledge about the marketing activities. It was thus that NMC requested a research to understand the purchasing patterns of the consumers across the nation.

Audience Analysis

This writing has the primary aim of addressing the National Marketing Council and explains to them the outcomes of the study on purchasing patterns of the consumers across the nation. The information will be of benefit to NMC in terms of implementation of new policies. Other companies affiliated to NMC have knowledge on this issue. The company and its affiliates have the knowledge of our research and are interested in looking at our findings. The research helped discover the consumption habits and patterns of the population. These include housing, clothing, personal care, medical care, recreation, reading, education, transportation and others. The population age range was between 20 and 80 years.


The NMC Research delegate authorized the collection of data pertaining the patterns of consumers across the nation. The data collected showed the consumption patterns such as clothing, recreation among other expenditures. The research data is as shown below in the following report table:


The history of the research was to identify purchasing patterns across the entire nation.
Also, the study would involve identification of shortcomings of the current research data.
Shortcomings of the Research Data
The data obtained from the research was not overly comprehensive. It only showed trends in consumption based on percentages and no other variations. For instance, there is no sufficient explanation to support the differences in the spending habits unless assumptions are made based on past knowledge.

What Was Done

It was necessary to carry out a research to know the trends in purchasing by the consumers all over the nation. The basis of the study was on the expenditure of the primary provider in a merit of the age in a family of four. Categories according to age groups such as 25-34, 35-44 were designed so as to come up with a broader data source. The expenditure types used included transportation, clothing, and education among others.

Why Was It Done

The research was done to come up with data that could aid in planning in production processes. Also, the data could be used in product promotion whereby the marketing teams could use the data to target a specific age group based on their different spending trends. The research also would help the council members informed on the current marketing trends. The data obtained was very comprehensive in showing the trends amongst the given age groups

Areas Investigated

The areas considered include the purchasing trends nationwide. The other one was the industries in the nation which included the education industry, transport industry among the rest. These provided a basis for the research.

How Was The Information Gathered

The Council provided a particular task to guide the entire research process as well as the reason.
Contacts with the industries in the mentioned categories were established; these provided essential information such as their target groups.
Other cases involved sending questionnaires via emails to given addresses to inquire on some of the holders’ spending trends.
Collection of information was also through emails from volunteers and distant interviews (nationwide)
Various websites also provided useful data
Criteria for Decisions
The findings from the research formed the basis under which the Council and the affiliates would make decisions affecting marketing.
The problem of discovering the trends and identifying the categories for the study
The broad scope of the research (nationwide)
The research should take a sample from a region rather than the whole nation
Preview of the Report Contents
The report comprises of tabulated research data, analyzed and applied to current trends in purchasing patterns of consumers nationwide.
The data is comprehensive and gives the members ideas on what they can employ into their marketing strategies.
Information Gathered
Information Analyzed
The analysis of the data was as follows:
Expenses for housing were the highest and those under 75 and over had the highest expenditure.
Expenses on food were the second highest with the biggest lying in the category of those aged 75 and over. Transportation was the third largest consumption group. Under this category, those under 25 spent the highest and those in 75 and over had the least transport expenditure.

Clothing came in next, and those in the group 35-44 had the highest spending.

Medical care came in carefully and was recorded to be highest among those in the category of 75 and over.
Recreation was the next. The young group under 25 had the highest expenses while the elderly ones under 75 and over category had the least.

Expenditure on reading was the lowest.

Expenditure on tobacco and liquor was similar to the age group 20-64 and the lowest for 75 and over. These expenses were relatively small.

Personal care expenses were at an almost equal level for all categories.

Other expenditures were the lowest for those under 25 and highest for those aged75 and over.
Suggested Course of Action
The findings show that the affected companies should aim at those with the highest spending tendencies. Also, the categories of basic needs (food, clothing and shelter) comprise of the largest spending which means that marketers should focus their attention there.
Investing in the basic needs would give higher returns. Education has a subtle expense magnitude. It means that either the education if provided freely or the people don’t have value for education. It can open a new marketing strategy.
It is our joy if the report is helpful. We look forward to hearing any feedback from you. Inform us of any questions, and it is our pleasure to assist where we can.

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