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A moral dilemma is a circumstance under which one has to choose between one or more actions and also to have a very valid moral reason for rejecting one and choosing the other. It may be so hard to make a moral decision because there is no any human being living in a vacuum. In making moral decisions in moral dilemmas, the decision made is not based on the political, religious or economic background of a person. The moral of dilemma in the war and economic equality is very tricky and needs a lot of attention and therefore in coming up with a moral or ethical solution needs to be done. Different countries and communities have got problem in economic equality since the inequality within this sector leads to war in most cases (Gerson 12). Economic equality is the position taken in this case. Economic equality is a case of an equal or leveled playing field where every member has equal access amenities and have the same wealth. Most of the people normally think that equality and inequality in wealth are because some people work harder than others, this is not the case since it’s not a must that if you work hard you will achieve everything you may want. Not all wealthy people got the wealth because they have worked hard nor do poor people poor because they want to be (Walzer 34).
In comparing the moral dilemma between war and the economic equality, one will be much convinced to go for economic equality as the best alternative. Economic equality is not easily achieved since there are a lot of underlying factors that are expected to be placed in an orderly manner for it to be effectively realized. At any given time, there is no way by which this will be achieved since there are people who are richer than others at any given time and through this people can easily cope well in the society. The disparity between the two cases is what people and most of the governments are trying to fight in leveling the ground for the majority (Walzer 44). In recognizing this ethical issue one, the moral problem should first be conceptualized correctly and through this the Moral Reasoning Strategy tries to help and is a template that categorizes considerations to generate a decision.
In resolving this moral dilemma, there are various issues and strategies that need to be put forth. Much of the resolutions are built around exploring significant case involved and is developed in response to reflective moral dilemmas. At the beginning of getting the solution and addressing this problem, there is need of emphasizing the importance of the development of a system for moral reasoning in the appearance of such challenges. There are five steps involved in coming up with the solution to the stated moral dilemma. They include the definition of the problem for better understanding the two issues involved. In this case, we get to the root course of the problem, are they affected by religious differences or cultural differences. In this case, the issues of controversies are clearly understood and defined. Secondly, before thinking of the solution, there is the need for the collection of information about the problem (Gerson 18). The main task is to get an accurate and comprehensive information at the same time it is important to understanding religious, economic, personal and religious beliefs that are the main context of the conflict.
The third step in coming up with an appropriate decision is the identification of principles and values in the people involved. The beliefs are endowed in human beings and therefore highly charged with emotions. Beliefs do have a legitimate place in the process of asking decisions. In the diversification and the equal distribution of resources, the fact remains that the resources should be distributed equally, and hence all people should have equal wealth (Wogaman 67). Personal intentions and motives are also involved in the making of the decision. By asking the question “why," the motive is already expressed while by asking the question “what” the intention is expressed. The two questions are both relevant in the decision-making and in choosing the best decision out of the rest. Finally, the making of the responsible decision and reflecting on the conflicting values. Deciding not to make a decision also in this case have a lot of consequences (Walzer 34).
In every society, all the minority group always aspire to economic and social equality. They always long for equal rights and same opportunities at every level of life. The dilemma here is that no one is supposed and deserves to be marginalized at this is not practiced, and every given person always think for themselves forgetting about the other. At the same time if the resources were to be distributed equally and people within the society to have equal wealth as defined by economic equality, there will be a lot of negative impact on the economy as people will be fighting each other (Wogaman 67). I get to choose economic equality and equality at large since compared to creating crisis between people, there is better need for economic balance between individuals of the society where there are no poor people and no people considered rich as everyone will be equal.
The consequences when one cannot achieve economic equality through employment is very predictable. At this time when one has no employment, the person will not have income, they will not be able to afford meals, houses, good healthcare services and all the things considered necessities in maintaining the good standards of living within the society. Lacking the necessities in life leads to desperation, and the act of desperation by a person makes them have desperate actions and behaviors that may not be welcomed by the society. There is no one in the society who deserves to be denied their right or to be marginalized because of who they are, their economic status or on how they express themselves. Everyone in the society deserves social and economic equality that includes both lived equality and even the legal equality (Gerson 22).
In general, everyone in the society should be able to be economically stable and be warranted the chance of working hard and building a good life in pursuing their dreams. However, what most of the people have failed to realize is that most of the marginalized and economically unstable personalities can never achieve anything without economic equality. Therefore, economic equality should be embraced. It is the strategy that should be applied by the community in improving the way of lives of the people of the society.

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