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Networks are an important asset to organizations. It enable organizations to get access to networks and will ensure that there is an understanding of the issues that are available in a network. Network enhancement is a requirement in order to gain more from the network that has to be assessed and enhanced. Wireless networks are becoming popular because of the popularity that have come with mobile devices. This paper will focus on enhancement of the current network to wireless network.


The network that is used at the moment has some components. The components include three computers, a fiber switch, cables (CAT6 UTP), printer that will be shared, cable trunks, and a fiber optic link. There will also be a router. The network will be wired which is less interrupted by weather variations and conditions.
Shared printer – will be required in order to enable the managers to share the printer and thus reducing the costs that will be associated with the network. The shared printer will be configured so that the uses will use the network to print some important documents (Mane, Mohite, & Jadhav, 2012).

Cable trunks – they will be used to cover the cables when running from one point to the other.

Router- the router will be used to direct and control the traffic that will run on the network. The traffic will have to be directed from one point to another. The router will be used on the wired network.
Fiber optic link – it is a device that will be used to connect two points of a fiber optic network. It is the connection between the organization and the outside world. It is the point of reference that is used by the organization.
Fiber switch – it is used to connect the cables in a given network together. The network switches are useful when network subnets are done and enabled. The use of network cables and issues will be an issue of concern and will ensure that there is an understanding of the
UTP CAT 6 cable – these are the links that will be used to connect the computers in the network. The cable will be used to connect one computer to the network through the switch.
The IP addresses that will be used in the case will be that of and The subnet mask is and the router IP address is The protocol that is used on the LAN is that of HDCP. The server will be used to assign the IP addresses for the desktop computers. All the IP addresses will be used to assign the IP addresses and will get the required information from the IP pool.

Part B

Project justification
The need to have a wired LAN network is because there are many benefits that will be achieved. Some of the benefits of the wired network include better configuration of the network. It will also enable security to be easily managed. The security will be managed from one location. It will also enable the network to be expanded in the future. When there will be a need to expand the network, it will be achieved well and on time (Halsall, 1988). With the use of the fiber optic cable on the network, it will be possible to have a network which has enhanced speed for the achievement of the goals of the network.

Goals of the network enhancement

The goals of the network improvement include:
The need to have a faster modem which will enable faster internet access while using the network.
Installing line filters on the analogue devices which will enhance the speed of the networks.
Project goal
There are main goal of the project is to improve the accessibility of the network through the use of wireless networking technologies. There is a need to have a wireless network that will be used to get mobile computing devices to the network. Wireless networking will be achieved when there are new devices introduced to the network. The new devices will include the wireless router, and switch (Rezazadeh, 2012).

The cost

There will be costs that will be associated with the wireless network. The costs that are associated with the project include:

Wireless router (Linksys E3000) - $200

Cable modem - $65
Wireless printer - $138
The cost of the new wireless network will be included in the initial costs of the project.
Advantages of a wireless network
Having a wireless network will enable users to access the network with their computing devices like mobile phones and tablets. The initial cost of setting a wireless network is cheaper when compared to a wired network. These benefits will be achieved in the entire process of the network management and enhancement. The wireless network will make it easier to access the network with the use of computing devices.

Some of the disadvantages of a wireless network

There are some of the disadvantages that come with the use of wireless networks. These include the fact that the issue of security will be of concern. The security of the network will be hard to achieve and manage (Gelvin et al., G2014).

Proposed solution

The solution that will be proposed in this paper is to have a wireless network which will enable the users be able to use their mobile devices while they are in the network. The solution will ensure that the user will be able to access the company infrastructure and be able to get the required access to the relevant information that will enable them to use their devices for official work.


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